A pet is forever


A pet is forever. It is a responsibility and a commitment.

Treat them as if they were your own children because their lives are in your hands too.

I regret to see how prominent the recent increase in animal abuse and abandonment cases are now and after watching videos (although I try not to sometimes), I would be fuming mad.

I have had many pets before, ranging from chickens (yes chickens), birds, terrapins, hamsters (okay they belonged to my sis) and dog!

Of course, as time passes by, gradually one by one died or were set free (my monstrous terrapins which could bite till bleed). I am currently left with my dog (thank god!) and 2 canaries (my dad bought them again).

I shall focus on my longest pet ever – My dog, Jingles.

grey Pet Lovers Centre   The Pet Store you should patronise if you want the best for your pets!

She turns 11 years old this year and I am very grateful that she is still healthy and active.

However, there have been lapses when she is just restless (due to age) and sometimes, it hurts me so bad to see her doubling her effort getting up on all 4 legs from her lying down position.

She does not have any illnesses (THANK GOD!) but I know I can’t keep her forever. Even a healthy human will die of old age.

grey Pet Lovers Centre   The Pet Store you should patronise if you want the best for your pets!

grey Pet Lovers Centre   The Pet Store you should patronise if you want the best for your pets!

Although that would be the best preference to die, I am deeply saddened by the fact that time flies so fast that she is already 11 now.

And whenever I think of where am I going to put her at after settling down and moving out of my parents’ house, troubles me.

It’s not that I don’t wish to stay with her, of course I do!!! But I do not wish to house her where 90% of the time, nobody would be home. My future husband and I would be working full-time (most probably unless we strike lottery?) so I feel it’s kinda unfair to chuck  her at a home but with no companion.

Dogs may die of loneliness, just like humans. 

Jingles is my very first pet dog, I’m not sure if I would get another one after her passing. I mean I love animals and I would be elated to have a new pet dog but I don’t think I can suffer blows when they pass on. Each time I think of it, tears would well up in my eyes. 😥

She may not look completely normal (she has a crooked tongue due to nerve problem), she has occasional ticks/fleas but cured already as of now, she may be smelly, may be noisy and may even be mischievous on purpose, but she never fails to greet me with all enthusiasm when I’m home and when I wake up in the morning.

But to me, SHE IS PERFECT. 

Pet Lovers Centre – The Pet Store you should patronise if you want the best for your pets!

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Pet Lovers Centre is not an unfamiliar name when it comes to pet supplies and services. They have been around since 1973  and to date, it is the largest pet chain store within Singapore and Malaysia.

A pioneer in the pet food and accessory retail industry in Singapore, PLC is a household name today, known for its ability to offer its customers the widest and freshest range, coupled with prompt and warm service.
PLC prides itself in being able to offer the widest range of pet products and accessories, and the freshest pet perishables, so that their customers can derive total confidence and peace of mind. Their service philosophy has been encapsulated in their tag line,“All passion, all pets”.

Psst, did you know “The Pet Safari” is own by PLC too?

So of course I was very honoured when PLC offered me a sponsorship of pet supplies from their store! 🙂

The Person-in-Charge, Joyce, was very patient all these while during our email liaison while I inform her of my dog, Jingles’ needs.

For those who don’t know, I have a pet dog named Jingles, amongst other pets at home and she just turned 10 last September. She’s 11 this year and I am very thankful that she is still healthy overall. 🙂

However, sometime back last year or at the end of 2012, she had some problems with her eyes, which is very common for her type of breed. She is a Shih Tzu by the way but I have people telling me that she could actually be a mixed-breed, although I was told that she’s a Shih Tzu from the start. Well I guess unconditional love means that it doesn’t really matter what breed she is exactly, right?

This is Jingles, so precious 🙂

photo 5 (18)

She’s not like other Shih Tzu with long flowy fur because it’s difficult to maintain, so I always opt for short-hair length.
And yes, you can see that her right eye has a white patch. She’s not blind but it’s just a cornea scar that will never go away. Doc tested and said that she still can see.
Her tongue is crooked due to a nerve problem since birth. 😦
But nevertheless, she’s still as precious 🙂


photo 1 (26)

Her cutest haircut 🙂
Sorry for the blur pic, it’s difficult to get her to stay without fidgeting as I was tempting her with her snacks so as to get a shot of her.


photo 5 (19)

She sleeps with me on occasions when she feels like it or after her hair-cut and she feels cold. Snuggling with her are moments that I will treasure with every bit of my heart. Sometimes, she ousts me out from my pillow and I have to adjust her to a position where I would not have to sleep in an awkward position. But on certain days, I would just make do with it even if this means to wake up with an aching back which continues for the rest of the day.
Nevertheless, I still love her 🙂

photo 2 (25)

Before her hair-cut, when her furs all messed up, looking kinda untidy. Lying on her own bed, all comfy and ready to dive into lala land!

photo 3 (1)

And at times like this, just by looking at her sleeping position, I can already feel the ache on my neck…

photo 2 (26)

And not forgetting her uncensored moments…

Just like any other dog, Jingles loves getting her belly rubbed too. 🙂

I will ALWAYS make it a point to pat her and bid her goodbye each time before I leave my house, even if it’s for awhile. There was once I had forgotten to do so and I was told by my mum that she went around the house looking for me, in disappointment. :’)

She loves my bf too and everytime he comes over, she forgets about me 😥 and the same thing happened too when he left without saying goodbye to her.

I am very grateful for that fact that Jingles is nothing near a whiny and attention-seeking dog. She’s quite independent and would stray off and wander around the house to keep herself occupied. It’s a good thing that I have a garden, corridor (where she pees and poos) and a backyard for her to roam around.

However, Jingles is not getting any younger and recently, she was having some problems with her right paw. Naturally, I was very upset and worried to see her limping away. She’s very active for her age, jumping up and down and running around at fast speed. Limping did happen a few rare times before. However, she recovered soon, if not by the next day, so I thought nothing much of it.

Unfortunately, she did not recover the next day this time round and being a worry-wart, I brought her to the vet nearby the very next day.

Thankfully, she was not diagnosed with any serious illness. The vet stated that this could most probably be due to rheumatism (due to old age) or may have accidentally sprained it while jumping/running about. She took 2 injections and did not even cringe, just like any other time during her vaccinations. So damn proud of her! 🙂

The vet prescribed some medication and joint supplements for her, and I was advised to continue feeding her with supplements as well as to get food that helps with joint support.

So PLC’s sponsorship came in the right time, when I was considering what supplements and dry food (for joint support) to get for Jingles.

And these were what PLC delivered to me :

photo 1 (20)

(Left to Right)
Pronature dry food (Salmon & Brown Rice flavour), Fish 4 Dogs Sos Salmon Oil, Rogz – Grinz Ball and Trustie Water-proof Carrier.

After discussing with Joyce about the concerns I have for Jingles regarding her joint problem, PLC has very generously sponsored the Pronature dry food (Salmon & Brown Rice flavour) and Fish 4 Dogs Sos Salmon Oil which mainly targets and help alleviate this problem.

Pronature dry food (Salmon & Brown Rice flavour)

photo 1 (21)

photo 3 (19)

I opted for Salmon flavour because Jingles seem to have a change of appetite recently over lamb and rice. She really loves this and couldn’t even sit still and wait for me to feed her! What a greedy girl! 😛

-Fresh salmon is the main ingredient in this nutritionally balanced and highly palatable formula.

    • With brown rice: A whole grain containing key natural nutrients, including vitamin B complex, and an excellent source of fiber, which facilitates intestinal transit. Brown rice is also a complex carbohydrate which is fairly easy to digest.
  • With avocado: Helps prevent cardiovascular disease and other aging-related diseases, promotes weight control, liver function and eyesight, reduces constipation and has anti-aging properties which improve dry skin, in all probability due to its high rate of vitamin E.
  • With organic fenugreek: Reduces blood sugar levels (which may be helpful for diabetes), cholesterol and triglycerides, promotes secretion of milk for lactation and has antiparasitic, antifungal and antifatigue benefits.
  • An optimal blend of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids promotes healthy skin and a shiny coat.
  • A superior blend of green tea extracts, hypersoluble vitamin C, cellulose and spearmint as well as a crunchy texture help promote fresh breath and good oral hygiene.
  • Preserved naturally with rosemary and tocopherol (a source of vitamin E).

Fish 4 Dogs Sos Salmon Oil

photo 3 (18)

photo 5 (17)

This product as you can see, carries many functions. So even when keep joints lubricated and supple, it also helps to keep fur coat shiny!

Our deliciously fishy SOS salmon oil is made from cold pressed Norwegian Salmon oil providing high levels of EPA and providing high levels of EPA and DHA- for those dogs needing that little bit extra care and attention.

Salmon Oil contains high levels of natural Omega 3 Oil, which is known to hydrate dry, itchy skin, aid joint mobility, soothe cracked paws and maintain a lustrous, glossy coat.

Salmon Oil can be to be used in addition to usual food, drizzled over the top or mixed in. It can also help aid the palatability of existing food.

This can be used for both dogs and cats and is made of 100% salmon oil! 🙂

Rogz – Grinz Ball

photo 2 (21)


photo 5 (14)

Sorry for the blur pic, this girl really can’t keep still!

I chose this play toy because Jingles loves ball toys! And it’s so funny when they bite on it and look at you, it’s as if they are grinning ear to ear! Really hilarious!


Introducing the funniest, playful ball under the sun! Bounce and fetch toy. Soft enough not to hurt your dog’s teeth, but firm enough to bounce.

Float. Made from SEBS which floats nicely on the water for easy fetching

Treat. Push treats into the hole and watch your dog have hours of fun!

– Bounce and Fetch Toy soft enough not to hurt your dog’s teeth but firm enough to bounce
– Amazing Float Toy which floats nicely on the water for easy fetching
– Treat Ball stuff your dog’s favorite treats into the ball for hours of fun and entertainment
– Bite O Meter of Medium toughness for supervised play
– Fun for the whole family now Fido can smile too

What is also amazing is that you can keep your dog entertained and occupied (or go crazy) by hiding treats inside the ball!

photo 1 (22)

photo 2 (22)


Perfect if you need some ‘me time’ to yourself when you’re busy. 🙂

Trustie Water-proof Carrier

A dog bag carrier always comes in handy when you need to travel with your dog to somewhere, for example, bringing her to the beach for a stroll or to a park to mingle around with other dogs.

Recently, a dog cafe was opened near my place and I have been wanting to bring Jingles along to dine! Am now looking for the suitable day to bring her there so this bag carrier comes just in the nick of time! 🙂

Here’s why I love this bag so much!

photo 4 (17)

You can see that this bag carrier is well-cushioned. Very comfortable for the owner/person carrying it as well as for the doggy! The straps are sturdy enough to withstand the weight of a small dog. Jingles weighs around 5kg. While carrying her, I did not feel any discomfort/pain on my shoulders, so this is definitely a plus point! 🙂

photo 3 (21)

Zipper for extra security in case your dog fidgets alot.

photo 2 (24)

A sturdy board base for extra comfort and support for the dog.

photo 4 (20)

Another unique feature of this bag carrier is that it has an opening made of mesh material which allows the dog to lie down in the bag instead of sitting, and yet still peep out to know their whereabouts! Very cute! 😛

Water-proof pet carrier, made from tough and durable materials with water repellent properties. Safe, soft and cuddly with vivid color design.

Tailored with side and top mesh for ventilation with zipper lock.

This is how you will look when carrying the bag with your doggy inside 🙂

photo 5 (16)

Yay, Jingles and me! 🙂

photo 4 (18)

And another one 🙂

photo 4 (19)

Side view. You can’t see that girl inside because she’s peeping through the mesh on the side!

photo 3 (20)

Looking back at Jingles when she looked at me as if seeking for an answer to clear her 1001 doubts –
“What are we doing, Mummy?”
“Where am I, Mummy?”
“Help Mummy! I am 10 feet off the ground!”

Pet Lovers Centre outlets are easily accessible and conveniently located. You may check out their branches here 🙂

Like-minded pet owners can also post answers and share tips on take care of your pets via their online forum!

As the largest pet chain store, it is not surprising that Pet Lovers Centre offer many other pet-related services too such as grooming services, veterinary clinics, pet training, pet transport to name a few instead of only selling pet supplies.

What is most convenient is that you can always shop via their online store and get items delivered to your doorstep (for purchases $80 and above)! Even before this sponsorship, PLC has always been my one-stop shop for all my pet needs. It’s very worth shopping on their online store because you can easily meet the requirement for free delivery! I always buy food in bulk since it’s for long-term usage so no worries on that!

Catering to customers’ needs and for extra security, PLC Customer Service Officers go an extra mile to put a smile on both pet owners and pets’ faces! After ordering, you will receive a call from them to confirm your order as well as your payment details, and any discounts/membership benefits will be handled during this stage, so it’s totally a hassle-free experience! You just need to make a few clicks and tadah, you’re done! 🙂

With such convenience and wide variety of services provided, why not consider joining as their member? On top of that, members get to enjoy discounts and promotions too!

A committed pet owner would want the best for their pets and since it’s gonna be on a long-term basis, signing up as a member is totally worth it! 🙂

Stand a chance to win a pair of smart phones – Samsung Galaxy 4 and iPhone 5s when you shop at PLC!

Hurry before you miss this great deal! 🙂

“Pet Lovers Centre is where pet lovers can shop with total confidence and peace of mind!”


Pet supplies at affordable prices!

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Are you a pet owner like me?

Dogs? Cats? Birds? Hamsters? Chinchillas? Or even reptiles?

Every pet owner has taken up the huge responsibility shouldered upon them on the very first day they bought/adopted their pet.

Animals’ lifespan as compared to humans are significantly much shorter and most importantly, we get them because of they are adorable, act as our companion when we are lonely or basically don’t feel like interacting with other humans or simply, we just love animals!

There can be myriads of reasons as to our decision but one thing that we all have to admit it is that, we can NEVER SHRINK THE RESPONSIBILITY as pet owners.

I am 100% an animal lover. Just because I think they are easier to handle/interact compared to humans at times.

Searching for top-notch quality pet supplies by pet shops that offer free delivery (with a min. spending of 50bucks) is by far the best deal you can get!

Honestly speaking, for pet owners like me, we usually stock up extra pet supplies just to save the hassle. A huge packet of dog food easily cost over 50bucks and there you go, this simply means you can meet the requirements of free delivery that easily!

Plus, it would help you to save costs rather than tugging and lugging the huge packets all by yourself and cabbing home, if you don’t drive. What’s more, it helps you the save petrol fees too!

All the work will be done by KOHE PETS and you just have to choose and click your preferred items via their website! And then just wait and relax for their prompt delivery.

They would even personally contact you to arrange a convenient date and timing for the delivery.

Everything is carried out at your own convenience!

How cool is that?

My dog, Jingles loves the food by Solid Gold.

I’ve to admit it. This brand may not be the cheapest compared to other inferior brands but it promises premium quality.

Extracted from Solid Gold’s website :

Since 1974, Solid Gold has been the forerunner in premium, holistic pet nutrition. Solid Gold specializes in the development of “non-allergenic” products, which work together to enhance total health, boost up the immune system and protect against disease.Solid Gold selects ingredients from around the world to produce foods and supplements, which can be used in conjunction with each other. This promotes a healthful whole body whose systems work in harmony and are enhanced to their maximum potential. The result is increased resistance to disease, relief from pain and an enhanced state of general well-being.

Because I love Jingles like I would with my own child, I feed her premium quality food. 🙂

I’ve also gotten some yummy snacks and treats for her as well 🙂

While I was busy and trying my best to capture awesome shots of Jingles and the snacks…

This was what happened.

Obviously, someone was getting a little fed up…While I’m trying my best to snap a beautiful picture…


So this was what happened…

And these were what I’d previously gotten from KOHE PETS too :

So if you’re looking for a huge variety of pet supplies at pocket-friendly prices which allow you to shop at your own convenience, then you definitely must visit KOHE PETS today!

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Or if you’d prefer to drop by their pet store :


Warehouse Address
(No Walk-In):

26 Sin Ming Lane #06-122
Singapore 573971

Tel: 67554180

“Until one has loved an animal,  a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~ Anatole France

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If you’re not satisfied with your orders, you may even opt for an exchange or returnKohe Pets are passionate and committed, serving customers to the best of their ability, keeping in mind the ‘Customers First’ policy. 

On top of that, you may even pay via credit cards or cash on delivery if you’d like. Online shopping has never been so easy when getting pet stuffs! 

For those of you who have no idea, I’ve a shih tzu named Jingles and she just turned 9 recently! Besides Jingles, I’ve a canary as well. Back in my younger days, my house seemed like a miniature zoo where I had chickens (YES CHICKENS) which I had 5 of them, merboks, canaries, terrapins, fishes……….. 


I managed to chance upon this new flavour from Solid Gold! Jingles loves her dry food from Solid Gold compared to other brands such as Science Diet. Solid Gold foods are more expensive but I don’t mind paying for them since my baby princess loves them! 🙂

I usually get meaty food for her such as Lamb and Rice, Salmon and Chicken! She doesn’t like organic foods and not really a fan of fruits and veggies. So this Chicken Dry Food from Solid Gold suits her best 🙂





Smells really fresh and fruitty! 😀


Yummy snacks in sticks! 😀

It’s so difficult to snap proper pictures of her when all her 200% attention is focused on the snacks I have on hand! Bad choice to lure her to look at the camera!

Yes, you may have spotted that her right eye has this white patch, only because she had some eye infection few months ago and scared the shit outta me! 😥 

I’m just so glad that she’s perfectly well now! ❤ By the way, it’s a cornea scar, she’s NOT BLIND. 


So I had to place the snacks in front of the camera instead to grab her attention! -.-
For affordable prices, free delivery (am quite sure it would be easy to be entitled to this since most of you would order packs of food which would easily cost more than $50!) and great efficient service, do visit Kohe Pets today! 

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