Warmth you had filled my life with

is now long gone way before we knew it

A straight path we have tried to writhe

Memories buried down the pit.


Why? You would often ask me

Furthering heights of disappointment

An escapist wanting to flee

A constant spiral silly movement


Perhaps it was all that denials

Heartlessly wrenched our hearts

and painfully burst our bubbles

Could this just be the very start?


The beginning of the very end

Dreadful days of darkness not to spend

Not a single moment we can still pretend

Perhaps this could only be godsend.



Shed its leaves it has no heart

But feelings it has

Left unwarranted

Granted it was taken for


Grants it wished everyone

Constant giving

Unjustified kindness


of constant cadence

Who would remember it when it’s gone?

Buried would only be the memories, and only perhaps.

Yet they are still yearning for more.