Exclusive Media Launch – New Shiseido Tsubaki Shampoo

Exclusive Media Launch

I was invited to this exclusive blogger party for the media launch of  NEW Tsubaki Shampoo! Saw many other bloggers/models and I felt really old……… That aside, was given the opportunity to make new friends too! 🙂



Tsubaki Shining (Red)

  • Infuse volume, sheen, and moisture into fine, dry, or even thick hair
  • The red camellia flower is celebrated throughout Japan for its beauty and its extremely high quality oils. Rich in oleic and linoleic acid, which are readily absorbed by skin and hair
  • New technology* that repairs and strengthens hair from the follicle (*amino acids)
  • The extract of the camellia seed is used to help rejuvenating overworked, listless, and brittle hair

Tsubaki Damage Care (White)

  • Made especially for dry, permed, sun-damaged, colour-treated and coarse hair, Shiseido’s new Golden Repair line is an everyday solution for healing and maintaining healthy hair
  • The hair enriching nutrients in camellia oil in a luscious thick conditioner that heals brittle hair, split ends and dryness
  • New technology* repairs and strengthens hair from the follicle (*amino acids)
  • The extract of the camellia seed is used to help rejuvenating overworked, listless, and brittle hair

Tsubaki Head Spa (Gold)

  • Made especially for hair that needs a deeper clean and a restoration for scalp’s condition, by usingits ultra-cleansing power
  • Removes dirt, sebum and residual hair products from the scalp
  • Reduces scalp sebum secretion for longer fresh




This new series offers the very precious camellia oil addition which has been recognised for centuries in Eastern Asia for its highly restorative and rejuvenating effect on skin and hair.

Camellia Oil penetrates each strand of hair to improve elasticity giving you stronger and healthier hair. Camellia Leaf Essense moisturizes hair strands to the core repairing environmental damages and soothes the scalp. Fruity, honey camellia flower scented.










Sorry for the camwhore pics. Was testing out my new cam – Canon G1x for selfie shots. 🙂

I’ve been using the sponsored Tsubaki shampoo for damaged hair as we were told to pen down problems we have with our hair. With the constant dyeing and redyeing, my hair gets damaged easily and quickly due to the chemicals. I have dry frizzy split ends and more often than not, the damage on your hair is reflected within 15cm from the bottom of your hair ends.

I make it a point to apply conditioner on my hair everyday and while waiting, I cleanse my face and brush my teeth. That is how I make full use of the time, leaving the conditioner on for approx 10 mins, while doing other stuffs. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone. 🙂

After using Tsubaki for almost 2 weeks, I noticed that my hair seems softer with lesser tangles. The ends look healthier too, which reminds me I might have to just snip them off and trim them nevertheless to maintain healthy hair growth 🙂

Available in 3 ranges

Shining, Damage Care, and Head Spa

The 550ml bottles are priced with a slight variation

Shining Shampoo $17.90 – contains Camellia leaf essence
Damage Care Shampoo$18.90 – contains Camellia Repair Butter
Head Spa Shampoo $19.90 – Contains essential oils like Sage, Rosehip, Thyme and of course the Camellia flower extract.

Available at Watsons this coming 4th July! 🙂

Check out Tsubaki’s Facebook Page for more details and updates! 🙂

Beauty Reviews – Shiseido White Lucent Anti-dark Circles Eye Cream

Bought some skincare products online at a real steal!

Mentioned about the highly raved Shiseido White Lucent Anti-dark Circles Eye Cream and yes I went to get 1 for myself. My dark circles are quite bad IMO due to those late nights of mugging, partying and lack of rest now that I’ve entered the workforce. Sleep and rest is never enough, especially when you are working. I’m quite sure everyone would agree with me 😦

Of course, don’t expect any skincare product to contain any magical effect which would produce immediate effect. Changes that place gradually and so do these products 🙂 Unless you are telling me that you can vouch for such products?! Then well, please do share! HAHA 😀

I’ve received my parcel on Wednesday and used the eye cream at night. It has some nice scent and the cream looks pearly white – a very appealing colour to women. Also, I find the packaging of the white lucent range extremely captivating – pearly white and pink. ❤ 🙂


Yes, I’m a little disappointed over the packaging of the parcel. Not professional at all despite being an online shop and not some blogshops. 😦

Yes I’ve gotten Kose skincare products as well and I’m not sure how come the free leather pouch is from Lancome instead of Kose? LOL.




I find the cream definitely richer than those gel and of course, heavier weight than them. So far, no milia seeds whatsoever. I’ve not had them before anyway, so I guess it’s quite safe for me to experience new products. Plus, I don’t have sensitive skin 🙂 And I’m thankful for that 😀

I got it at around $62 whilst it retails at around $80 for just a small bottle of 15ml.

Remember to use your ring finger when applying any creams/gels or any cosmetics (e.g. concealer) because it has limited strength compared to all the other fingers. This is because the skin around your eyes, especially the lids, are the thinnest amongst the other body areas, hence you should take extra pre-caution when applying anything around the eye areas. Try to be as gentle as possible.

I’ve got to confess that sometimes I tend to forget as well because we are too reliant on our other master fingers such as the pointer and middle finger, but well, for the sake of your beauty, try using the ring finger, alright? 🙂

Shall update this space again on its effects 🙂

I pray hard that this shall be my holy grail for my dark circles… 😦