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Introspective reflections on blogging for the past 1 year…

Photo 18-07-2013 03 43 32 PM

Apart from advertorials and reviews, I would also like to include some of my personal moments on this blog which may also serve as a better platform for you to get to know me better. That is if you want to. 😉

July 2013 marks a significant month for me in relation to blogging. I have had 2 other domains, from raves-and-rants at weebly to jeangan.wp to this – at MY FAT POCKET!

The transition was a swift and impromptu one because as a perfectionist, I always strive to get hold of the best one. if not better than its predecessor. That was why I switched from weebly, to wordpress and to the curreny MFP platform which runs on wordpress as well.

Collating all these months mark a 1 year anniversary for my blogging experience thus far. Compared to other ‘pioneer’ batch of bloggers, of those I have seen and come to know about in this blogosphere or at media events, I am seriously a nobody. And I don’t wish to be a somebody too.

I don’t wish to gain popularity because that comes with a hefty price to pay.

Money, sponsorship of products and popularity didn’t make it to my bucket-list when I first started blogging proper (not including blogs which I created when I was younger).

If you would have recalled, my intention was just to share whatever experience I have with others and my first topic-content blog entry was on Bare Aesthetics on IPL for underarm hair removal. Speaking of which, they have recently ceased operations and I was quite upset because not only that my appointment is due in Aug, I found that their service and quality rather awesome as well. So it’s really quite a pity 😦 Plus, I’d only paid $88 for UNLIMITED sessions via Groupon.

A little on this IPL experience thus far :

  1. Hair growth is now much slower
  2. Underarms are much fairer

I mean after 6 sessions of IPL, although the hair still grows back (at a much slower rate), I think I’ve achieved much from it! 🙂

Now I’ve just gotta keep a lookout for other beauty salons… 😦

So yup, the reason why I had created a blog and started blogging was simply to share my reviews!

And then one thing led on to another…

And here I am, blogging on MFP as a resident blogger as well as its beauty editor 🙂

It’s not all airy fairy with pink fairy dust that comes along with blogging, and I think I have learn some stuffs that I want to share with you guys 🙂

1. You need to be sociable, or at least have great PR skills

As an introvert (yes don’t be shocked), I am not a very sociable person by nature. I mean I do have friends but most of them are my bf’s friends and since we have been together for quite some time (approaching 5.5 years *gasps*!), they have somehow naturally became my friends too. I don’t mean that I go out with them alone with my bf or at least very very seldom, but somehow I’ve clicked and have been joining in their group outings too.

I have a very very few friends who I try to make much effort now to meet up/catch up face-to-face/whatsapp every now and then. They are those whom I can click very well and pour out my problems too, although I am still quite a very private person, keeping some stuffs to myself, except for my bf. He’s the one I tell EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to.

It was really really awkward in the first place, and still is currently at media events when everyone knows everyone else except me.

Moreover, I do not have a friendly face (one of my good friends just commented that I look even more unfriendly now with my red hair) because I seldom smile. Sometimes it means something but most of the times, it does not. I am just like that and that is how I’ve often ‘offended’ people without knowing it and I try not to fake a smile when I don’t feel like it.

But being a blogger has taught me how to interact with people more often and basically, how to be friendlier. My bf don’t have a problem with that because he’s very friendly. Yes, and so they said opposites attract, isn’t it? 😉

It was a little awkward too when I told another fellow blogger that I’m actually an introvert and she was shocked to know that because that’s like against the blogger’s code of conduct. If that is so, I am almost faulting at non-compliance.

I don’t really agree very much on the definition set by Wikipedia :



  1. A shy, reticent, and typically self-centered person.
  2. A person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things.

For me, it’s more of :

Introverts are generally good listeners, and though they are known for having fewer friends, the friendships they do keep are typically very strong. You know, quality vs quantity. I don’t desire carlsberg world of friends whereby nobody understands me or are close to me or they are just purely acquaintances.

Introverts are also known for having better attention spans and focus, making them more effective at staying on task when working on involved projects.  Some studies have also suggested that introverts have better long-term memory than their extroverted counterparts.

Extracted from here.

I can be friendly, but only when I want to and am comfortable with you. I admit that I do take a long time to warm up to people, but once I am all warm, hot and fuzzy, I can assure you that I will be your good friend 🙂 I hope my handful of good friends would agree to this, ahem ;p

Of all the bloggers I have met thus far, they have superb PR skills. I mean some people are natural, while others could be faking it… but I guess I will just have to keep improving on this. I mean having PR skills are helpful in every and any aspect in life, be it in school, social events, work place etc…

Now that I am working towards a better smile with the help of my braces, I need to constantly remind myself sub-consciously to S-M-I-L-E more.  I mean first impressions count, don’t they?

So please don’t judge me from my unfriendly face which I’m always telling others that that is actually my face at its ‘default’ mode. And being a thinker, most of the times I get overwhelmed and swallowed by my own thoughts, hence that serious face.

If you do happen to meet me on the streets, don’t stare at me like I’m some weirdo (because I will get offended lol), just come up to me very gently (please don’t give me a scare, my weak heart won’t be able to take it, as I am quite a jumpy person) and say hi! 😀

Besides smiling, I think I have loads to work on in keep conversations going. Most of the times it’s awkward because I have no idea what to say and sometimes I seek help from my social-butterfly bf. LOL 🙂

2. Blogging does not equate to creating a blog and write

This dawned upon me only when my sister commented on some of the bloggers’ work which her co engaged to advert on the co’s products.

Yes, with all the perks of being a blogger, it too comes with a hefty price too.

No doubt, you get free things (of which some I don’t use that is why I am giving them away – read here on my recent MAJOR BEAUTY GIVEAWAY if you havent alr! ) but you will need to return them a favour by blogging. And it’s not just cutting and pasting, or by just uploading some blur pics (sorry for those blurred ones I have uploaded ahem) and insert some sketchy filmsy lacking-in-content-quality paragraphs or worse still, few liners.

And if you’re not a full-time blogger, which I am not and don’t think I will ever be (some have asked me this, and my answer is quite simple, then why the hell am I studying so much for ?! I don’t know about u, but it just doesn’t feel right. My parents would most prolly disown me as well, nah I’m kidding, not till that extent… I HOPE) you need very good TIME-MANAGEMENT SKILLS.

Advertorials have deadlines or either that, you know you owe others a blog post if the event/date of receipt was eons agooooooo and that can only happen if you take your work seriously and take pride in it. You would be nonchalant if you aren’t serious about being a blogger.

With that in mind and what my sister told me, I felt that my blogging style needed some change. I admit I don’t have a flair for writing and I am constantly being reminded of my (already) limited vocab and grammatical errors when I blog. My English was good back in primary school but plummeted all the way when I was in secondary school. Even up to JC, I was struggling with GP while others who ate more potatoes than me on a daily basis (for that I must reckon potatoes meant reading) could easily tackle it.

As a result, my results for English weren’t fantastic.

It was only when I read law that my English improved tremendously. And it’s true. It is difficult to ‘study’ a language besides gaining a wider vocab knowledge and remember all those ‘skills’ and ‘rules’ but reading, speaking and listening really does help.

Check the dictionary whenever you come across words you don’t know of. That was what my mum used to tell me when I was younger, and what I told my students when I was tutoring. Now, I am imparting this ‘skill’ to you too. LOL.

Google is your best friend. Well, at least to me. It’s a friend and a teacher. I google almost everything I don’t know of. Listen more to BBC etc or read more.

After awhile with consistency and diligence, your language would improve, that I can assure you.

I mean if you’re a consistent reader of mine, you would see how much more effort (and time!) I devote to each and every blog post now compared to last time. And I also realised that top bloggers such as XX, QQ, BunBun etc tend to write lengthy blog posts too, even when they are inactive for awhile (XX) or active (QQ).

I do receive comments like, “Thank you for the detailed write-up”, and by that, I know my work, effort and time is very much appreciated by some of my readers.

But then, “detailed” may also mean “lor sor” la and I don’t deny that I am quite “lor sor” when it comes to words. I type more than I speak. 😀

So it all boils down to :


That’s very important.

As I have mentioned previously, I do not have a flair for writing. I am not born a writer by nature, like how some of my friends are.

But I try.

And although it’s has always been a battle of quality and quantity, nevertheless, always remember this, quality is quite impossible if quantity is not there. I’m not debunking this notion of “quality over quantity” but think about it, if there is no substantial length, how can there be quality content?

As I’ve said, I’m quite “lor sor” with words, so that is one reminder I have to take note of and try not to digress so much by inserting uncountable brackets here and there (AHEM! Oops! =x).

Check and recheck. Save it as draft if you’re sick of typing and tired of reactivating your brain cells once you are done with your blog post. Come back to it when you’re feeling better/in the mood/full of inspiration and improvise.

I should really stop here, for I would be shooting myself in the foot if I’d continued any further (stop being “lor sor” and stop it with the brackets! :O)

If I can type so much, you know understand what I meant that I am consumed by my own thoughts sometimes? 😉

And I try to practise what I preach, so that was also the reason why I invested in a better camera… but photography skills is another matter altogether, heh.

3. Don’t always believe what you read

Pfft, this seems quite illogical like as if I’m getting you not to believe whatever I have painstakingly noted down thus far.

I don’t mean that.

But this is in relation to sponsored advertorials.

I know how it feels to get a shittified product/service via sponsorship and how you are always more inclined towards providing a positive review other than a negative one.

I am actually undergoing such experience right now as with other bloggers, but… I can’t spill the beans yet. At least not now.

And recalling back the time when I had actually given a product 3/5 stars, I was questioned by the sponsor as to my reason for doing so.

Sometimes, it’s not that bloggers merely want to enjoy free stuffs/discounts or other entitlements and thus, blog up a positive review, but you need to understand the difficult position we face too.

It’s not that we want, but sometimes it’s more of feeling obliged to and I admit, that’s kinda sad and unfair 😦

That was also the dilemma that Bunbun was facing in her recent horrible experience with a sponsored facial treatment. I didn’t really follow through so am not sure if she did eventually reveal the name of the salon. I just know that she has been refusing to divulge which salon it was.

4. The power of social media

I own accounts in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pininterest and have a Facebook page as well.

But the only main social media I have been using was only Facebook.

I was very active on Twitter and IG in the past but soon got bored of it and MIA-ed for some time. Don’t worry, I am back! 🙂

As much as popularity may not be one of the goals to achieve when I started blogging, popularity also mean EVERYTHING to a blogger, in relation to the numeric figures of readership. That is how companies find you to get you sponsored or decide if you are eligible (i.e. worth wasting $ on or not) and some would outrightly ask you for the numeric figures for your blog readership, twitter and IG followers and fb page likes…

Like money, it’s all about the NUMBERS.

I must admit that it is a little disgusting to self-promote (yes I do that, I mean, who doesn’t especially when you’re just starting out vs a well-established blogger?) but that’s the kind of ‘skin’ you need to have.

A very thick one.

Even when I share on my own personal FB account, I feel extremely embarrassed (IF YOU NEVER KNEW, NOW YOU DO)!

I don’t need to go into details on how important social media platforms are in the current era but it seems a little too overwhelming for me to be active on all of them all the time.

It’s like after publishing a post, you will be like, “Oh I have to repost on my Facebook page too” or “Shucks, I forgot to share this on my IG” etc etc…

Yada yada yada, but I’m trying my best… :’)

5. The market is extremely saturated

Similar to blogshops, the blogosphere for bloggers is as saturated as well.

Everyone wants to own a blog shop, everyone wants to be a blogger, albeit a successful one.

Being a blogger is similar to being a product. How you market yourself is extremely important and how others perceive you despite you trying to market yourself in a certain way.

It’s all about marketing, marketing and more marketing…and not forgetting commitment, responsibility, writing skills etc.

I would need to improve on this for sure. 🙂


I hope through these reflections on my experience has helped you one or another, be it if you’re thinking of being a blogger, new to this blogosphere or even an established blogger…

And hopefully, when I’ve become more acquainted with this blogosphere, I would include more useful experience and strike out those I intend to achieve/improve on 🙂

Thanks for reading! 😀


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Tian Po – Hearts On Fire Illa Collection Media Event

Media Event


With 13 outlets islandwide, TianPo should be familiar to most shoppers.

I was extremely privileged and elated to have been invited for Tian Po’s for their Illa Collection by Hearts on Fire! Tian Po is Hearts on Fire‘s exclusive retailer!

I don’t wish to bore you with the factual history of Tian Po and their Hearts on Fire collection, but it is worth-mentioning that the Hearts on Fire became the world’s first branded diamond, the only diamond in the entire world whose diamond is deemed perfectly cut every single time. Hearts On Fire diamonds have a brilliant difference that you can actually see, a perfection seen nowhere else in the world.

Want to find out what makes them tick in their uniqueness and perfection? Check out their video here to find out why they are always the best!

always the best

tp retail


Illa Collection at Tian Po retail shop at CentrePoint Orchard

Illa Collection at Tian Po retail shop at CentrePoint Orchard


As a renowned diamond collection, Hearts on Fire has reached the worldwide arena as well as been worn by many top celebrities!


Janie Bryant in Hearts on Fire

Sienna Miller in Heart's On Fire

Sienna Miller in Heart’s On Fire

Petra Nemcova in Heart’s On Fire
Marcia Cross in Hearts on Fire
Marcia Cross in Hearts on Fire


Elizabeth Banks in Hearts on Fire


Elizabeth Banks in Hearts on Fire
Liv Tyler in Hearts on Fire

Liv Tyler in Hearts on Fire

Together with other bloggers, we were invited to attend an informal friendly meet-the-session talk with none other than, Brian McHardy – Master Diamond Cutter at Hearts On Fire since 1999!

Brian McHardy has traveled worldwide to represent Hearts On Fire and demonstrate the art and science of cutting the world’s most perfectly cut diamond. He captivates audiences with his talent, knowledge and infectious charm.

Me feeling a little shy with Brian McHardy :p

Me feeling a little shy with Brian McHardy :p
And still being overly conscious about my smiles, esp with braces on 😦




IMG_5625 IMG_5632 IMG_5631 IMG_5630

IMG_5629 IMG_5626


I guess this must be one of the simpler types of diamond cutters due to the space constraints.


Here you can see the different process of diamond cutting which I have complied them for your easy reference.

diamond cutting process

We were also passed some samples of uncut diamonds.


Diamond cutting not only involve lots of workmanship, efforts and hard work, to be able to cut a diamond so precisely and perfectly is definitely no easy feat. It takes lots of determination and experience to be able to cut out perfect diamonds that do not even have the slightest flaw. What makes things more difficult and mundane for most laypersons like us, is the technical aspect of diamond cutting, which involves alot of mathematics, physics etc… The thoughts of these subjects bring back nightmarish memories from school days!

We were also very honoured to be able to dress and style ourselves with exquisite pieces from the Illa Collection and are also one of the very first few privileged wearers!


The inspiration for the Illa Collection dates back to Hearts On Fire designer Ilaria’s childhood in northern Italy and her love for the nighttime sky. Characterized by spectacular stars and constellation themed pieces, the Illa Collection is comprised of stunning, unique jewelry that is sure to turn heads. From the Illa Constellation bracelet, which has a whopping 537 diamonds, to the single diamond star Illa pendant necklace, this fashionable collection has a look perfect for everyone. Each piece pairs perfectly with casual daywear or formal evening attire, a convenience considering you’ll never want to take your Illa jewelry off. This whimsical collection is for anyone who has ever looked up and wished to capture a piece of the star sprinkled night sky for themselves. Each and every piece of the Illa Collection is guaranteed to leave you starry-eyed.

Illa Comet Pendant

Illa-Comet-Pendant-1 Illa-Comet-Pendant-3

Inspired by the beauty of brilliant stars in the night sky, this whimsical pendant is perfect worn from day to night. Depending upon the size you choose, this Hearts On Fire diamond pendant necklace includes a 16” light weight cable chain or an 18” heavy weight cable chain.
Approx. Total Carat Weight:



18K White Gold







Illa Constellation Bracelet


A show stopping, one of a kind diamond bracelet, you’ll not see this anywhere. Set with approximately 70 carats of perfectly cut Hearts On Fire diamonds in a statement design by Ilaria Lanzoni, this bracelet looks and feels fabulous beyond belief! 7” in length.

Approx. Total Carat Weight:



18K White Gold

This is the whooping $600k++ diamond bling bling bracelet!!! 







Can’t describe in words how extremely over the moon I was to be the 1st few to try on such an exquisite lavish piece!!!

Other lovely diamond jewellery from the Illa Collection!

The Illa Collection

Illa Right Hand Ring


Reminiscent of a shooting star this sparkling ring wraps around two fingers. You truly will stand out from the crowd in this Hearts On Fire diamond ring.


Approx. Total Carat Weight:



18K White Gold

Illa Asymmetrical Pendant Necklace


Who needs symmetry? A piece designed to sparkle with any look, this necklace set with Hearts On Fire diamonds, includes an 18” light weight cable chain.


Approx. Total Carat Weight:



18K White Gold

 Illa Cluster Stud Earrings


Update your wardrobe with these fanciful star earrings! These Hearts On Fire diamond stud earrings work well with any outfit.

Approx. Total Carat Weight:


This unique sparkling band is set with Hearts On Fire diamonds and is perfect alone or stacked with other bands.

Approx. Total Carat Weight:


18K White Gold


Besides the Illa Collection, Hearts on Fire brings you other collections as well such as The Copley Collection, Lace Collection, Beloved Collection and

The Copley Collection

Copley Single Diamond Drop Earrings



These timeless earrings are accentuated by a perfectly cut Hearts On Fire diamond sparkling in the center. Perfect for pairing with your favorite little black dress or your favorite pair of designer jeans!

Approx. Total Carat Weight:


Metal :

18K White Gold/Rose Gold/White Gold

 Copley Single Station Bracelet


Don’t be fooled by the delicateness of this bracelet; the seven Hearts On Fire diamonds encircled in a gold setting are guaranteed to be eye catching. Perfect for pairing with jeans and a t-shirt or a fun cocktail dress!


Approx. Total Carat Weight:


Metal :
18k White Gold/Rose Gold/Yellow Gold

Copley Triple Row HOF Engagement Ring


This solitaire ring is set apart with an intricate gallery that features the ever-popular Copley heart. Perfect for a woman who appreciates details, The Copley Solitaire Engagement Ring is simple, yet has beautiful features that make it a stand out piece. Complimented beautifully with a number of Hearts On Fire wedding bands.

Approx. Total Carat Weight:


Metal :
18k White Gold/Rose Gold/Yellow Gold/Platinum


The Beloved Collection

IMG_5677 IMG_5679

 The Lace Collection





Rings Collection

I’m wearing the Rosette Right Hand Ring 🙂

Rosette Right Hand Ring

A true showstopper. A ring that dazzles beyond belief. The Hearts On Fire Rosette Diamond Ring features a perfectly cut 6.59 carat center diamond surrounded by brilliant pave diamond petals, for a total of 9.5 carats in all.

Approx. Total Carat Weight:

9.20 (includes center diamond of 6.59)




Atlantico Collection 





Guys, if you are reading this, or even ladies, Hearts on Fire extends to couples looking out for engagement or wedding bands as well!

Here are some gorgeous looking blings that embrace the ultra elegance and sophistication!



Transcend Engagement Ring


A diamond halo perfectly frames The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond, creating the brilliant fantasy of a single stone.

Approx. Total Carat Weight:


Wondrous Dream Split Shank Engagement Ring


A romantic design with our exclusive, patented square Dream diamond set on a beautiful split shank diamond band is the perfect diamond solitaire engagement ring.

Approx. Total Carat Weight:




Enticement Channel Engagement Ring


A delicate band of diamonds set the perfect stage for The World’s Most Perfectly Cut diamond in this timeless design. This engagement ring pairs beautifully with the Enticement Channel Wedding Band.

Approx. Total Carat Weight:


18k White Gold/Yellow Gold/Platinum

Fairy Tale Five-Stone Engagement Ring

A modern take on the traditional diamond solitaire, this striking diamond solitaire engagement ring features a perfectly cut Hearts On Fire diamond set on a four-stone diamond band to create a sophisticated, elegant look.
Approx. Total Carat Weight:

.65 (includes center diamond of .50)

18k White Gold/Platinum

Insignia Dream Solitaire Engagement Ring


This signature diamond solitaire engagement ring features four points of interest, drawing the eye to a stunning perfectly square Dream diamond, our exclusive patented cut.
Approx. Total Carat Weight:

1.00 (includes center diamond of 1.00)

18k White Gold/Yellow Gold/Platinum

Insignia Solitaire Engagement Ring


The perfectly cut Hearts On Fire diamond signature solitaire is a simple yet bold statement.
Approx. Total Carat Weight:


18k White Gold/Yellow Gold/Platinum

Multiplicity Engagement Ring

Perfectly cut Hearts On Fire diamonds are the hero in this dazzling engagement ring. Each diamond shares a single prong and creates a sparkle like no other.
Approx. Total Carat Weight:


18k White Gold/Yellow Gold/Platinum


If you are have already been mesmerised by the different collections Hearts on Fire offer, why not combine them together by mixing and matching for different outlooks for the occasions? 😉

Here are some suggestions on combining these exquisite jewellery pieces from the different collections!

Outfit 1:

tianpo look 1


Pair a simple magenta dress with Hearts on Fire‘s collection – Illa Collection and Insignia Collection! With the Illa Constellation bracelet on one hand and the ever chic Alexander McQueen Skull Clutch Bag in shimmery silver, you would be sure to turn heads! As the Illa Constellation bracelet is one chunky piece that consists of 597 diamonds, the fashion limelight should be shone upon it. Hence, I have chosen to pair it with ear studs as compared to long dangling ones.

If you find that your neck area is a little too ‘bare’, try matching it with a dress filled with embroidery lace around the collar area. Over-accessorising can backfire, and hence, be sure to target only a specific area and that is the Illa Constellation bracelet! A simple single solitaire ring suffices as well. To value-add your outlook with contemporary sophistication, pair it with glass heels for that sleek look!

Outfit 2 :

look 2

Received an invitation to a gala dinner or a hotel wedding banquet dinner recently? Hearts on Fire has always something in for you to suit every occasion! Teaming black and gold this time, there’s no way you wouldn’t appear as alluring as somewhat mysterious. You will never go wrong with Black and Gold. As the main focus is once again on the arms, the wrist in particular, I have chosen Copley Cuff from the Copley Collection to match the Copley Heart Pendant Necklace and ear studs from the  Illa Collection, Illa Diamond Stud Earrings! I didn’t choose a bolder necklace because as mentioned, the focus is on the chunky Copley Cuff that comprises both elegance as well as the edgy look. Secondly, as the dress is a toga dress, it may seem redundant to pair with a huge bold necklace since it would not be that obvious anyway. All hail the next queen-to-be, as I’ve said, you will NEVER go wrong with black and gold. Never ever.

Outfit 3 :


look 3

For all those sweetie-pies out there, you’re in for a treat with Hearts on Fire‘s collections as well! Be it a special occasion, say for example, an anniversary dinner celebration at a posh hotel or perhaps you’ve got to attend a lunch reception at a hotel, Hearts on Fire has everything you’ll need to accessorise yourself! Going for that sweet feminine look might seem to be simple but may not always be that case, especially if you were to combine colours that clash, too loud/bold or over-accessorising yourself too much with too many ‘flowery’ blings.

Pairing a tube chiffon dress gives the soft feminine look with a tease of sexiness. What’s more is that you don’t bare too much skin as well. Flowery accessories that dangles have always been men’s centre of attraction. Matching Copley Heart Pendant Necklace with Illa Asymmetrical Pendant Necklace lavishes the effeminate dainty look! Because you want to keep things sweet yet simple, Single Row Prong Set Diamond Bracelet is definitely the right choice. It is a bracelet of The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamonds, Hearts on Fire. Styled with a chiffon flower cut-outs heels and silk clutch, don’t be surprise if you attract some ‘bees’ home! 😉

I hope by mixing and matching the different collections from Hearts on Fire, you would see how easy it is to suit every different occasion! 🙂


We didn’t leave empty-handed as well. 🙂




Female bloggers were given a huge jewellery box! Just what I needed, to safe keep my overwhelming collection of accessories 😛






Yummy goodies to satisfy our sweet tooth! 😀




Exclusive vouchers and a huge-ass diamond ring key holder.




That’s not all! My readers will stand a chance to win Hearts on Fire‘s Illa Pendant Necklace worth $1,400 by simply voting for your favourite blogger! And that would be me right? Afterall, I’ve put in so much effort in this post! HAHA 😀
Here’s what you’ll have to do if you want to get your hands on that beautiful necklace :
1.        Readers/Fans will have to like TianPo’s Facebook page and also your blog post which will be posted on the Facebook page by 29th April 2359hrs. Do note that each fan can only “like” one blogger’s post, otherwise he/she will be disqualified.

2.       A lucky voter from the winning blogger will be chosen based on lucky draw mechanics

TianPo will select the winner by 30th April and will announce the winner through TianPo’s facebook page. You will be contacted by TianPo directly on your winning.

Good luck! 🙂

For more info on the jewelleries, please visit :

What is Beauty?

Unlike other animals, humans are the opposite. Males are visual creatures who feed on the appearances of females. Traditionally, females are the ones who beautify themselves in order to boost one’s self-confidence as well to attract the opposite sex.

They said “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” and beauty is only skin-deep.

Let’s put aside that notion and discuss about physical appearances.

So what is beauty?

Beauty as first judged by our visual senses is deemed to be appealing to the eyes. A good-looking person be it on the face or body would keep your eyes come back for more.  And before you know it, you can’t stop yourself from gawking or ogling.

Some of the celebrities I like looking at :

David Beckham

Wu Chun


Jessica Alba

Kristen Stewart – I like the ‘cool’ look ‘half-smiles’ she’ve got. Because I have a similar look as her, my default face is one that will judge as unfriendly and ‘dao’. So please don’t misjudge me if you ever happen to see me on the streets. Plus, with my braces on, all the more I’d avoid smiling.

After getting plastic surgery done, don’t you think she looks prettier? She clinched even more deals as well.

Plastic surgery is very common nowadays and the perception of being ‘plastic’ and ‘fake’ is indeed lessening. We are now able to restructure different areas of our physical appearances through the help of aesthetics procedures.

Similar to many others, initially I was against plastic surgeries but as I read more to understand and as I frequently question myself if I had the chance to look more attractive in my own opinion, would I do so?

And the answer changed from a no to a yes.

Why is that so? The reason is simple.

YOLO – You only live once.

Other than chasing perfections, doesn’t anyone want to look ‘perfect’ in their own way?

There are many physical areas of myself that I am not contented with but I have not done any changes yet, unless you consider having braces on to be part of an aesthetic change.

Nobody is perfect but that shouldn’t stop you from working towards it, and we should put aside cases that illustrate the compulsive and obsessive behaviour towards plastic surgeries.

The immediate effect that aesthetic procedures and plastic surgeries result is the boosting of self-confidence. When you are satisfied with the changes, you will naturally live with more confidence.

And confident women are the sexiest in men’s eyes.

In order to make an informed decision, you must first get your homework done. That means, research, research and more research!

MyFatPocket has launched a new website specially on aesthetics, called Aesthetic Hub.

Aesthetics Hub is a convenient and information-rich platform for your aesthetic and cosmetic concerns.

From Singapore to the Philippines and Korea, Aesthetic Hub covers a diverse range of aesthetics topics; from the most innovative treatments, products and news to local doctor’s directory and How-It’s-Done procedure videos, Aesthetic Hub is your reliable source for information on beauty, inside and out.

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Remember YOLO, don’t live in dissatisfaction anymore!

What you didn’t know about Botox at Aesthetics Hub

Did you know…

that Botox can Treat Acne Breakouts, Eliminate Large Pores, Reduce Sebum Production?

A plastic surgeon in Chicago injects directly into the skin to eliminate large pores, oil production and acne breakouts. He said that Botox prevents the production of the sebum, which in turn starves the bacteria that causes pimples.

Did you know…

Botox May Prove to Be Surprising Ally Against Depression

Botox is a wrinkle reducer. A study confirms that facial muscles do not simply broadcast people’s emotions, but are important for identifying and experiencing emotions which, in turn, interrupts the development and maintenance of negative emotions.

Did you know…
Sweaty Women Use Botox To Smell Good

The bad odour that accompanies sweating also puts a question mark on personal hygiene. Botox selectively blocks the activation of sweat glands and hence no sweat is released.

Did you know…

you can make your Botox Lasts Longer by Taking Zytase before the Injections?

A Houston doctor said that since Botox is zinc dependent – they need zinc to work, he wondered what would happen if he “gave people zinc before their Botox injections. So, he combined a high dose of zinc with a phytase enzyme and Zytase was born. The drug is taken four days before and on the day of the Botox injection. The Botox’s effects last longer – meaning fewer shots and less money spent!

Did you know…

you can inject Botox in your Feet so you can wear super high heels without feeling the pain?

A self-confessed shoeaholic has paid more than £300 to have a “Loub job” — fillers and Botox injected into her feet — so she can wear her favourite designer Louboutin stilettos without feeling any pain.

Do you know…

how I know this?

MyFatPocket has launched a new website specially on aesthetics, called Aesthetic Hub.

Aesthetics Hub is a convenient and information-rich platform for your aesthetic and cosmetic concerns.

From Singapore to the Philippines and Korea, Aesthetic Hub covers a diverse range of aesthetics topics; from the most innovative treatments, products and news to local doctor’s directory and How-It’s-Done procedure videos, Aesthetic Hub is your reliable source for information on beauty, inside and out.

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Best Birthday Present :)

Last Christmas, I was given the best christmas present ever. Scored 1 Distinction and 1 Merit for my law papers 🙂

And this time round, I was blessed to have achieve a Distinction for my Postgraduate Certificate in Law!

Let me explain the procedure and certs here.

This (Master of Laws) LLM course by the University of London offers 3 certs, which is specially for those who don’t qualify for the LLM course directly as they didn’t meet the pre-requisites.

As I graduated with a law degree (LLB), I am able to register for the LLM course directly but giving us a benefit of the doubt, candidates who qualify for the LLM will also receive 2 other certs, Postgraduate Certificate in Law as well as Postgraduate Diploma in Law. Which is a good thing right? They are additional certs to boost your credentials, so why not? 🙂

But of course, the process is the same. All candidates must qualify for all certs and it’s not automatically awarded, of course.

I’ve actually also mentioned this in my previous post, so take some time to read if you are keen ya!

Award classification is at the discretion of the University and honestly, I was expecting to receive a merit award instead of a distinction. But lucky me, I was awarded the latter! 🙂

So happy!!! 😀

What’s even as exciting is that I’m sooo looking forward to my bday cruise trip this evening!

Hope that your weekend would be fabulous too 🙂