Updates on my life

Hello everyone!

I know I’ve been MIA-ing for awhile only because of some recent changes and events that took place in my life recently.

My new job

I left my previous company which I had worked for 2.5 years and took up a very challenging role in a new company. It’s challenging because I will be the ONLY legal personnel there and this comes with pros and cons of course. One of the pros is that most of the times, subject to CFO/CEO’s approval, I have the final say to most legal issues and the cons, it’s a heavy responsibility to shoulder.

Apart from that, the scope of my work increased tremendously as I am now required to oversee all my company’s subsidiaries locally as well as overseas. Furthermore, I was also tasked to look into analysing the business of the company besides my legal role.

So you can tell how busy I am and will be even more in the near future. I hope I’ll be able to manage my time well so as not to neglect this little humble blog of mine.

Although ranting about the workload almost on a daily basis, here’s a little secret about me.

I’m actually a workaholic because I simply love the sense of achievement and satisfaction after I’m done with my work! It’s like clearing  a check-list and I LOVEEEEEEEEE that feeling!

I know, I think I’m psycho too sometimes.


I’m finally done with my education…I mean my further education that is.

I’ve completed all 16 papers for my Masters course, although technically completed since results are not all out yet. Sat for my last 4 papers last week and unfortunately, some were terrible. It’s about a 50-50 chance? Hopefully, everything would go through smoothly and I’ll be able to graduate officially then. Am also contemplating about heading over to London to attend the Graduation Convocation next year sometime in March but not sure if I’ll be able to take such a longggg leave from work. 😦


Guess these were the 2 main things that got me quite overwhelmed recently and thought it would be good to just fill you guys in.

I have a few articles to write, few beauty and food reviews to blog as well as my beauty giveaway which I have procrastinating for the longest time!

I am also considering and looking into creating vlogs, especially for makeup tutorials since it’s more feasible than snapping pictures….but I’m kinda shy….wahaha!

Heh, so stay tuned and watch this space okay?

In any case, I’ll be updating more on my Facebook page, so do ‘like’ and follow my page ok? 🙂

And before you guys forget how I look and before I bid goodbye…..






Hello you! Here’s a little update on my current life right now. Previously, I’d mentioned that I will be going on a hiatus for awhile due to exams and yes, I’m still having exams which would only end this Friday.

For those who don’t already know, I’m currently pursuing my Master of Laws… So yes, I’m taking a postgraduate course. I feel flattered that some people still thinks I’m an undergrad because it only means 1 thing, that I still look young right? And that I’m still able to pull off as an undergrad. HAHAHA. Self-denial.

So anyway, I’ll be updating this space more often once the nightmarish days are over. Nightmarish days – how ironic, heh. Will be updating on food and beauty reviews so stay tuned! 🙂

Nevertheless, thanks for checking back on this little unpopular dusty virtual space of mine, really really appreciate it 🙂


Back to the main topic – WIN PRETTY APPARELS!

Been single-handedly managing my online shop – GOLDEN FERRIS WHEEL and currently, we are giving away free outfits from our latest collection!!!

Here’s how!

collection 2 banner

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Yeah yeah, it’s that simple 🙂

The clothes are super pretty and exquisite! Oh and did I mention that they are exclusively imported? So you wouldn’t see much of the same clothes around……

Heh, the clothes are really gorgeous that even I couldn’t resist and bought some for myself =x

Do lend your support and participate okay?

Love you guys and thanks a bunch! 😛



TGIF and Food Galore!

Finally… The day we have all been waiting for – FRIDAY!

I find it so amusing that our daily mood is greatly affected by the day of the week. It automatically gets elevated nearing the weekend.

I hate working life seriously but neither do I like a student’s life.


Did some DIY manicure on my own and it didn’t turn out as disastrous as before. I mixed gelish and normal nail polishes together since I’ve read many reviews that they do work together to help preserve the ‘life’ of the nail polishes.

Removed my previous gelish nails and applied the gelish base coat, normal polish (2 coats) and gelish top coat.

Not sure what brand this is but I reckon it must be from SaSa?

Used the UV lamp behind to dry the gelish nails. Am thinking of getting a LED lamp because the UV rays hurt my nails. Tried some LED lamps before at nail palours, some did sting while some worked perfectly fine for me. And it’s perfect for impatient people like me! It only takes 30secs to dry the nails while UV lamp requires approx 2 mins? Sometimes even longer.

My nails are soft and brittle, not sure if it’s due to genes or poor nutrition and that is why it would hurt under UV lamp.

But LED lamps are cheap as well. Heard that it costs around $300+?

I love art and crafts and designing, basically. But painting on your own nails ain’t easy, especially when you have a retarded left hand. I have shaky hands too. 😦

Used the Acetone remover behind to remove the previous set of gelish nails, together with the aluminium foils behind.

Have done up a step-by-step tutorial on removing gelish nails. You may read it here if keen 🙂

I got the Gelish Harmony nail polishes from D.Y.O.N International at Scape. They have a facebook page too, you may check it out for updates 🙂

I am not paid/sponsored for the nail polishes. Bought them on my own, together with another pinkish-red gelish nail polish and costs $80 in total. Gelish nail polishes ain’t cheap you know. I’ve also gotten my China Glaze nail polishes from DYON too 🙂 Sold quite cheaply. 3 for $20 🙂

Regretted painting the glitter snow globe over because it was kinda dried up and was clumpy. 😦

This was 2 days after application. You may not be able to tell that it has uneven clumpy areas but sadly, they do 😦

By the way, these are my real nails 🙂

The sides of some nails have chipped, but so far so good.

So yes, I guess getting gelish and normal nail polishes applied together do work. But may not turn out as effective and long-lasting than using all gelish nail polishes.


Had Ajisen Ramen for lunch yesterday and Bak Kut Teh for dinner on the same day.

I’m not really a fan of Ramen because firstly, being a small eater, I usually can’t finish the noodles. I managed to finish about 2/3 yesterday and that was when I’d forced myself to gobbled some more noodles more than I could take. Was extremely stuffed after that. Secondly, Ramen noodles is the same as maggie noodles to me.

But, I do love their soups. I am a soupy kind of person! 🙂

Bf and I had these for dinner yesterday and we ordered one too many dishes. Felt that the cereal chicken was quite pricey – $8 for small and $10 for big portions.

We couldn’t finish much of the dishes.

The bak kut teh soup was so-so only. I preferred those with the pepperish taste.

Saw on a food variety show that bak kut teh with the pepperish taste is the Singaporean style while the non-pepperish with a twist of sweetness taste originates from Malaysia.

I guess I must be a true blue Singaporean then 🙂

We patronised the shop at :

Sin Heng Claypot Bak Kut Teh

439 Joo Chiat Road

Tel: 63458754


Last Saturday, bf and I decided to have our very own home-cooked steamboat for dinner 🙂

Steamboat is easy because there’s not much oil involved, not much cooking to be done (I suck at this!) and it’s rather healthy too! 🙂

Plus, having steamboat for 2 eases the competition of food-snatching!

Bf went to tabao Fried rice as well because he said that rice is essential. :S


A lazy Sunday tea break at Zam Zam.

No prata was available – totally loathe it when this happens because I usually get pratas if I’m dining at Muslim stores. Unless I’m really famished then I would order fried noodles.

Am not really a fan of other races’ food as well – but no offence, I’m not racist. 🙂

Just that most of their food are spicy and I can’t take spicy well for nuts.

I love how the photo frame is so apt! 🙂

Singapore Zam Zam Restaurant

697 North Bridge Road

Tel: 62986320


Because I didn’t have the mood to blog recently, the following pictures are post-dated.

Birthday presents for mom 🙂

Almost everything was Spicy at Muthu’s Curry.

As mentioned, I’m not a fan of other races’ food and spicy food, so I didn’t really ate much and enjoy the food 😦

This was meant to celebrate my mom’s bday on the actual day. Not to be confused with the upcoming pictures below because sis and I decided to throw her a surprise bday celebration together with her siblings – my uncles and aunties on Sunday.

Mom was a little upset because we usually celebrate bdays on weekends rather than weekdays due to work and time-constraint. However, my family went on a vacation to Aussie the week before the actual bday, so we couldn’t celebrate an advanced bday for her. But did so on 2 days – actual weekday and a belated one on Sunday.

Muthu’s Curry (Race Course)

138 Race Course Road


Tel: 66028022Fax: 63921382


The surprise birthday dinner was held at Pu Tien.

Attended the dinner with a partially-filled tummy, so I didn’t eat much either.

Bro-in-law said that Pu Tien is famous for their mee sua which was not the usual thin noodles. Tasted so-so only. I’d preferred it to be saltier and richer in flavour. A little to bland for me.

The fried yam pieces on the 2nd last picture was my favourite because it was coated with honey and even though it’s wet, the crisp was still well-tasted! 🙂

Didn’t try the bittergourd. I am so not a fan of it!

We bought a bday cake from Rive Gauche!

It was quite nice and had crispy biscuit-like parts! Totally different from the usual bday cakes we have.

Pu tien @ Marina Square 
6 Raffles Boulevard, #02-205
Singapore 039594


Tomorrow marks a very significant and meaningful date for us.

It’s our 5th year anniversary! ❤

We’ve made plans and even booked reservations at a romantic dining area.

I’ve even planned on what to wear which has to accommodate 2 different locations. 🙂

I can’t wait for tomorrow, I’m sure it would be filled with lots of love and laughters! ❤ 😀

Hope the updates are sufficient to compensate whatever lack of posts and personal touch I have on this blog! 🙂

Trying to act cute, act younger, act feminine.

I hardly cam-whore and act cute la, so give me the benefit of the doubt, will you? 😉

By the way, I will be sharing with you guys on where I get my contact lenses from. I’m extremely disappointed with the ones I have gotten from optical shops – Freshkon and Maxi lens. Encore ones are still alright. But the 1st 2 really cannot make it! :@

The $$ I spent on contact lenses I got from optical shops could have been spent better elsewhere or stock up from online shops!

So if you want comfortable lens that are priced reasonably that are safe for usage as well as to allure and enhance your sparkling eyes that melt hearts, do stay tuned! 🙂



I’m still here

A million apologies to all my ardent readers who regularly check back for updates which I haven’t been doing so since my last entry post on V day.

Several things happened recently, but actually it’s only 1 issue that caused much adversity in my current life.

Just 1 fking issue that brought my whole world crashing down.

I shall not divulge anything but just know that I am dying inside and am at the lowest point of my life, other than death.

Nevertheless, I am still here.

Just that I have nothing happy to blog about.

But will do so soon, I hope.

Valentine’s Day Celebration!

Phew! It has been quite a busy week for me with all the CNY and Valetine’s Day celebrations. So much so that my dark circles are getting the better of me. In actual fact, they are taking over my life. 😦

On a cheery note, let me recap on what’s in for me on V Day 4 days ago! 🙂

Bf reserved a table for two at Beach Cabana (location stated in the menu below) early this Feb during  1 of his friend’s bday celebration.

I would say it’s quite value for money! 🙂

Here’s the menu :

Bf took the steak while I had the fish. 2 reasons for my choice was because firstly, I’m more of a fish over steak person and secondly, I can’t chew well with my braces.

The food tasted acceptably well and satisfactory.

Ambience-wise, it was ok. Located at East Coast Park, you can expect sea breeze and dining in an outdoor experience. Only thing was, it was raining. I mean almost the whole of Feb was pouring and still continuing to do so! It’s really a hassle when you intend to head out during this CNY period as well. And worse is, CABS ARE ALMOST NON-EXISTENT!!!

Back to topic, we witnessed a toad hopping around the cafe, but it was alright because it seemed harmless and it was about 1m away from us.

We were welcomed with a bouquet of roses at the table.

Bf didn’t get me any flowers because not all girls expect them on Vday, you know? Moreover, he did present me a bouquet of blue roses for our V day last year 🙂

We think that it’s such a waste of money because they don’t last and usually, keep dried flowers attract icky insects and eventually they would have to be thrown away. Totally not worth it.

In addition, we merely had this simple V Day dinner together and agreed not to buy any gifts for each other. We would rather spend it on our upcoming 5th Anniversary! 🙂

Guess that’s more private, personal and special to us than the commercialised day on 14th Feb 🙂

I had champagne while bf had white wine. Not really a fan of wine. The white wine tasted like a mixture of beer and liquor together. But since bf said wines are beneficial to health, I took some several sips. Haha!

We were first served with our appetizers. Scallops and cream of mushroom soup! You may refer to the menu above for the actual full name.

Both tasted good. Was satisfied 🙂

Close-up view of the scallops!

The only thing that annoyed me a little was that the shell was broken and a piece of its remnant was hidden with the sauce and scallop meat and I had chewed on it. Other than that, they were fine, though too little in quantity, haha!

And before our mains arrived, we toasted and cheered for our everlasting love! 🙂

Here comes bf’s steak with pepper sauce. The beady balls are pepper. I preferred his mushroom than mine.

The beef was quite chewy and was served as well-done as requested. But I had a little difficulty in chewing it completely before swallowing it down.

Portion was alright but don’t expect those thick slab ones.

And this is my main dish.

It was rather small in portion. The asparagus were alright, not too hard in my opinion. My mushrooms were a tad too little for one’s consumption and they were sauteed and dried, instead of those served with bf’s main.

This was the dessert – named Coffee Panna Cotta. This was the main disappointment I faced. It was quite small, though I didn’t manage to finish it. It tasted like mousse cake sort of texture and softness. The brown seed was a coffee seed. I wasn’t very satisfied by ending my dinner with this.

Realised we didn’t manage to snap a picture of V Day but decorated 1 of our CNY pics anyway 🙂

Thank you for the wonderful Valetine’s Day dinner as well as our quality time well-spent! 🙂

I hope your Valetine’s Day was as fabulous as mine!

For all those singles out there, fret not. Don’t rush into any relationships just because you are feeling lonely or left out.

Take your time to understand the other party before committing to prevent complications.

MyFatPocket – Sex & Love section offers a wide range of related topics in their articles which you may want to read.

Here are some of my picks.

Dont be a Victim of Date Rape Drugs

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10 Common Relationship Problems Couples Face

How to Survive Valentine’s Day after a Break up

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Enjoy reading! 🙂



Shopping & Food Galore!

Trust that your weekend was good, thought I know this might come in a little too late, considering the fact that it’s Wednesday today!

Here are some updates of my life over the weekend :

Belated bday treats at Nihon Mura Cineleisure by friends! 🙂

Solo chillax after Group Legal meeting at HQ and whilst waiting for bf to arrive to have dinner together at town 🙂

And we had dinner at Bao Today outside Somerset313 🙂

I decided to eat less only because I gobbled down those sinful stuffs at Starbucks.

And another town date on TGIF and I had Starbucks again… DAMN FATTENING I KNOW!

Impromptu shopping on Saturday… FAT AND BROKE.

There was an ongoing promo at Uniqlo and there were massive crowds!

Long Qs for trying of clothes as well as payment! Gosh!

Got them at a steal. I bought only 1 as I’m not really a jeans fan as I feel leggings are more comfortable. Chose pink because all the other colours (unusual ones) are just weird.

And bf got himself his Samsung Note II like finally! 🙂

2 for $30 🙂

Last minute surprise bday celebration for 1 of our friends at Beach Cabana ECP.

Ordered 4 towers in total, cute little cans of Kirin and another jug of Asahi from Breeze bar ECP (no pic though).

Some kopitiam food :


Sorry for the brief and quick updates. I’m swamped with work and I’ve an assignment on hand from AWARE – Association of Women for Action and Research on Singapore’s law in addressing domestic violence and sexual harassment. Just some brief info on this project :  The World Bank is conducting a project  which is gathering information about domestic violence and sexual harassment matters in Singapore and they have AWARE to give a civil society organization perspective. AWARE has approached me to contribute my part. This project will be published in the Women, Business and Law 2014 report which is a publication of the World Bank Group which benchmarks laws and regulations influencing women’s economic empowerment.

This is also my 1st assignment on them and I can’t wait to deliver my research results.

AWARE is Singapore’s leading gender equality advocacy group.

You may find out more about them at http://www.aware.org.sg/about/


By the way, it’s mid-week today and I will be visiting the dentist to get my braces changed to a bigger metal wire. Oh gosh, hopefully the potential weight loss could cheer me up a little somehow.

I have so many things on my ‘To-do checklist’. Hopefully, I’ll be up to task to complete them on time.

But first, I’ll have to get my cuppa coffee now.




Food Review – Cedele

Been having so much good food recently and I think I’m starting to gain those kilos back… 😦

Anyway, met up with my ex-classmate who was very kind to treat me dinner, dessert and drinks! 🙂 Really touched to know that there are actually friends who love you! ❤

We both had Rosti but weren’t satisfied with how different this Rosti looked from others. We were expecting those shredded potatoes, criss-crossed types, you know?

Something similar to this :

For Rostis, Marche did serve awesome ones though 🙂

Anyway, our Rostis were kinda wet and mushy, not crispy at all. I chose sauteed mushroom over sausages for the fear of my braces, although I secretly wanted to have both, but could only choose 1.

Plus, I remembered having All Day Breakfast from Cedele too in the past and enjoyed their sauteed mushrooms. That was at the Greenwich outlet.

The current Cedele visitation was at Raffles City. The area was unexpectedly small and very noisy as well. The scrambled eggs were good as usual.

Friend’s Mango Lassi

My Iced Mocha 🙂

Told you I’m one huge coffee addict! It also because of the lack of sleep the night before. This Iced Mocha tasted quite rich and thick, with lots of thick viscous chocolate at the end of the cup. Was too thick for me despite stirring but I guessed the denser chocolate settled at the bottom of the cup eventually, nonetheless.

Chocolate Banana Something..

As you can tell, I’m quite poor with names, be it people’s names or food names…though I recall faces quite well, but that’s out of the point. Anyway, this chocolate banana cake was awesome! Rich, thick and generous portion of slices of banana were included. Not sure what those bits of stuffs on the cake were, but it made chewing difficult for people with braces.

But still, satisfied with this dessert 🙂

But just a word of caution, IT’S QUITE SINFUL THOUGH!

Overall rating :

But be prepared to face loud crowds, since it’s located at the city area where lots of OMs/OLs settle for dinner.

Raffles City Level 3
252 North Bridge Road
#03-28A Raffles City Shopping Centre
(near Convention Centre)
Singapore 179103
Tel: 6337 8017
Fax: 6337 8019

Opening hours
Daily: 11.00am to 10.00pm

Food Review – Prata Wala

It was a birthday treat from my colleagues last Thursday as I was on a 1/2 day leave on the actual day last Friday.

We had Indian cuisine at Prata Wala!

My Egg + Cheese + Mushroom prata!

Fish curry

Initially, I wanted to order another prata but thankfully, I’m glad I didn’t because I was stuffed after eating 1!

The floor, with the cheese and egg do make you full! The prata was rectangle in shape though.

It was the 1st to arrive amongst other dishes we ordered and I was quite satisfied with it. Ingredients were quite generous and the texture of the prata was just nice. It was quite fragrant too and hence, explains the ‘charred’ parts. Charred but not too burnt.

As for the fish curry, it was a tad disappointing because there were no extra ingredients. Personally, I would be delighted to find ‘stuffs’ in my prata curry as a customer, rather than just the sauce. Well, don’t you too?

I tried the one on the top right. It contained some nuts, not sure what nuts they were. And it tasted not bad and rather addictive too! 😉

Bryani. This accompanied the dishes set above. I didn’t taste this for the lack of liking towards bryanis.

Chickens and Naan.

Sorry for the poor quality images.

There were 3 types of chickens cooked and marinated differently as shown in this set. The naans as commented by my colleagues were too filling and even had black charred parts. I didn’t taste it because I was already feeling rather full having the prata. But I’d tried the chickens – 1 fried one (orangey red) and another 1 (normal roasted) one. I didn’t dare to try to green coloured one because my colleagues commented that they were quite spicy.

Not too sure what was this and which set does it belong too, but I suppose it’s some curry lookalike sauce for the chickens above, most prolly? Didn’t taste this too.

And a collage to end this off :

Overall rating :


Personally, I am not a huge fan of Indian cuisine or Malay ones due to the different taste compared to Chinese, Italian and Western which my taste buds have already been familiarised and accustomed to. However, Prata Wala is a highly raved place for Indian cuisine so if you are a huge fan, this is certainly 1 outlet you cannot miss! My colleagues who likes Indian cuisine likes going there.

Prata Wala

nex@Serangoon Central
T. +65 6634 2910

Food Review – Shin-Sapporo Ramen

First and foremost, I must apologise for the lack of updates on food reviews. Sometimes, I just let the age hijacks the memory system and forget to snap beautiful pictures of the foodies. Plus, I’m always wearing a sheet of thick-skin while snapping away because sometimes, it does look retarded in the public. And also, I must admit that I start eating slower than my meal buddies…which is a little impolite since I take some time to edit and create collages to upload on facebook. Okay, personal issues but nevertheless, am gonna review on Shin-Sapporo Ramen which I patronised at the Century Square outlet with my bf. It was a bday treat from him 🙂

So we had the buddies meal which consisted of 2 main dishes, 2 sides, 2 starters (salad) and 1 complimentary dish. I must first state that we were initially told that we would be given 2 complimentary dishes altogether (we chose chawanmushi) by waitress A but we were only served with 1 by waitress B. That was the only inconsistency we faced.


This was quite pathetic at first because which salad has no GREENS? It only contained 2 sour tomatoes and pale looking lettuces. But I managed to almost finish it because I loved the dressing (FATTENING I KNOW).

My Shoyu Ramen 🙂

I love those Japanese eggs – Tamago! Its skin is extremely soft and smooth, and the watery yolk perfects it (High cholesterol! GASP!) I chose Shoyu because I like salty food (High risk of hypertension and kidney failure! GASP GASP!). I know, I’m unhealthy like that, which sorta explains the poor health last year.

The ramen noodles were thin and chewy. Soup tasted alright. Meat was sliced thinly but was still acceptable. Just thought that there were too much spring onions and onions!

Bf’s main dish which I’d forgotten the name.

I tried his soup and I didn’t like it. It just tastes.. odd. And his noodles were fatter than mine. Haha!

Side dish, some fried mushroom with meat paste inside.

My jaws dropped when this was first served. Their portion and quantity is so pathetic, really. I had a little difficulty chewing this due to my braces.

But overall, the taste was still acceptable.

Potato salad.

Another disappointment. I literally exclaimed in shock when I saw this. I was expecting those chunk potato salad, you know? But this came in as mashed potato (although I’m a real fan but my expectations were not met) with bits of carrots and cucumber. I am so NOT  a fan of either of them. Carrot bits are fine because you can’t really taste the icky taste when eaten and mixed together with other food, but cucumber, its disgusting taste can still be quite strong even when mixed. Ugh, totally didn’t like this dish.

The tomatoes shown in all dishes didn’t seem to be fully riped and was quite sour!

Chawanmushi 🙂

This is a MUST-HAVE in all my japanese meals. Apart from going back on their word on giving us 2 sets instead of 1, this chawanmushi seemed quite okay, except for the fact that I’d forgot to add some soya sauce (I LIKE SALTY, remember?) and it wasn’t that hot when served. This contains gingko which bf ate. I loathe gingko, which kinda explains the poor memory too 😦

Collage :

Bday treat from bf 🙂

Overall rating :

I would actually give it a 3.5.

Century Square Branch

2 Tampines Central 5
#B1-10/11 Century Square
Singapore 529509
T. 6783 6304
enquiry@Shin-SapporoRamen.comOur opening hours:-
11.00am to 10pm

(last order 30 minutes before closing)