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  1. Hi .

    I am Aamna and I am handling Affiliate activities at OMG Singapore http://sg.omgpm.com .
    We would like to advertise with you on your website .We promote Cost per Sale, Cost per registration campaigns on commission basis.
    Looking forward for your reply so that we can discuss in details.
    Many Thanks,

      • hi,i am class 3 i want ask u about price for class 3?and i already see my doctor he say me need doing surgery bone but i do not want doing hv other plant for treatment my class 3?

      • I am only gonna do the braces which I blogged about. Mentioned that the price quoted was $4.2k and $300 for retainers in the future when the braces are removed. $4.2k excluding the $300. Jaw surgery and braces will offer a 100% success rate in order to solve the underbite class 3 jaw problem, but braces alone won’t. However, as I can position my teeth edge to edge, my dentist told me that I may stand a high chance to ‘jump’ the bite, so that the top set overlaps the bottom set the natural way.

        It’s either you go for the jaw surgery + braces, or take a chance and gamble, like me, settle only for braces and risk not having a 100% success rate in jumping the bite 🙂

        Good luck! 😀

  2. Hey Jean , I sought treatment for my class 3 tooth this jan too , haha, what a coincidental . Did it at Alexandra Hospital , i thought bout my tooth since 16 years old , and i have seen over 6 private clinic or orthodontics. All the price come close to a whooping 40k++ ( including surgery ) , !8 this year , and regretted that i did not start treatment earlier . I can position my teeth edge to edge but the result is long and not guarantee . Now i am at a loss cause i am up for surgery this coming August. That’s folk , see ya . If interested in my result after august , i do a blog cover . Peace out **** !

    • Hi there! Great to know you are brave and financially capable to go ahead with the surgery, for me, I don’t. Even if I had that kind of money, I would rather spend it on something else 😛
      You’re only 18 this year, that’s waaayyyy younger than I am! After putting on braces, I too can position both upper and lower sets of teeth edge to edge too. Every now and then, I will try to apply more pressure to force my upper set to overbite the bottom one, but it’s straining and my patience is kinda thinning, even though this is only my 3rd month on braces. Haha!
      I know that results are not guaranteed for braces when you have a class 3 jaw malocclusion, but surgery + braces is definitely 100% as advised by 2 orthodontists I’ve seen so far. So I’m quite sure if you go ahead to do both, your case will be solved. All the best and hope to hear from you soon on your case! 🙂

  3. Hi babe , you did the eyebrow Embroidery nano coloring .. May I know what is the different between the coloring and the 2D Embroidery? Are they using the same technique ? Hear from you soon (: thanks

    • I did the Korean 3D Eyebrow Embriodery, I’m not too sure about the differences. You may want to contact Irene personally. Thanks!

  4. Hi there,

    I wondered if you could help me with reading korean ingredients on a mizon product I have.

    It’s called the acence mark x blemish after cream by mizon.(http://www.mizon.co.kr/product/product_detail.asp?v_page=1&prod_num=4076&search=mark-x)

    I have tried to locate the ingredients but I have had no luck finding the English translation and translating them. On mizon website it’s all in korean I think. The product makes my skin very tight sometimes if I use after exfoliation or abrasive treatment and I want to know what it contains.

    Many thanks

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