My second birthmark removal treatment session

As you can tell from my first treatment session to remove my birthmarks, results have been very promising, especially for the 2 small ones! I was scheduled for my second treatment session some time back and here is an update on the progress thus far!

Because I needed some time for the results to be seen, I had to blog about this after few weeks to allow the skin and scabs to peel off. I say this because I have been receiving queries regarding my treatment sessions and its results, so thanks for your patience!

The smaller birthmarks have been reduced and lightened. The white indents will also fade away with time.

However, as for the huge birthmark on my thigh, it would require more treatments due to the size and the pigmentation is very deep into the layers of the skin.

This is also the reason as to my general advice to queries because it really depends on the type of birthmark, the size and how deep the pigmentation is. Every birthmark is different. Hence, it is best that you consult your doctor to have your birthmarks or pigmentation problems (since this laser can treat other pigmentation problems too) assessed.

*For pictures, please email me or leave a comment, or simply ‘like’ and follow me on my Facebook page! 🙂

Ten Things to do to take charge of your body, life and heart

How do you lead life to the fullest with minimal sacrifices and be happy?

You can’t achieve everything that you yearn in life, be it in whatever aspect, so how to do you reap opportunities to maximise your happiness?

What is happiness?

Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

Here are 10 things to do to take charge of your body, life and heart, to help you look and feel better, because when you feel look better (in your perspective) you would inevitably feel better, isn’t it?

Health (Physical/Psychological)


The importance of health need not be further emphasized. Regular exercise not only helps you to shed some kilos (provided you are doing it the right way with balanced diet and all), but it is beneficial to your skin as well as your heart. With regular exercise, blood circulation flows better and hence, pumping more blood in your blood vessels. Your skin will show if you are lacking in exercise.

In addition, exercising fights fatigue and in turn improves your mental health.


You should check your family’s medical history and take note of these issues in your life. Go for regular health check-ups (I am guilty of not doing so myself, oops) so you have a better perspective of what is in for you in your health.

Feeling emotional for no apparent reason? Or maybe you don’t know what is bothering you? Counsel a professional and seek help.

Don’t live alone.


This is not referring to ‘going on a diet’ kind of diet. I know it’s a girl thing and I am guilty as charged. I am weighing at 43-44kg and yet still complain that I am fat every other day (although weight and BMI is not necessarily an accurate benchmark).

Incorporate more ‘health’ food into your diet. Veggies, fruits and water are your best friends.

Eat well and live well.

These ‘health’ food are also beneficial to your well-being in totality.

Be positive

Having a positive mind can change your day, or even your whole world.

Learn to reject all negative influences in life, be it a friend or even a family member. You can’t choose the latter but you can choose your friends wisely. “Birds of feather flock together”, even if you are not like them, as time passes by, influences will bound to creep in.

Say ‘No’ to things that causes you discomfort. Of course, do it practically.

Boss just threw a fit and gave you more work? Be positive and treat it as a learning journey. The more you do, the more you learn. Even if it’s somewhat a no-brainer task, work towards your efficiency.


If time permits, pamper yourself with beauty services or even aesthetic treatments. Go for a relaxing facial or spa, or beautify your nails with manicure/pedicure services. As aesthetic services and treatments are currently trending, why not consider temporary ‘modification’ to your appearance if plastic surgery is not your cup of tea?

You may explore the world of cosmetics. If you are already a make-up enthusiast, research and watch videos of make-up tutorials, and try stuffs which you haven’t try before.

Lastly, don’t forget the importance of maintaining a good skincare regime after all those piling up of makeup. The basic 3-step approach (cleanse-tone-moisturise) should never leave your sight.


Are you the type that likes challenges? Want to climb the corporate ladder? Yearn to win the rat race?

Show your boss that you are an asset at work, to him and to the whole company as a whole! Be proactive. Learn more, expand your portfolio, volunteer to help out. Upgrade yourself by attending workshops and going for courses.

Most jobs require experience. With the knowledge equipped from school, together with experience, comes wisdom.

Jobs that require on-the-job training like mine, as a Legal Counsel, make sure you know your work well, which you can help yourself by reading up. I am doing just that.



Show your appreciation to your loved ones. Don’t take them for granted. Cherish them while you still can and not regret later when you lack the opportunity to.

Think about how you would feel if someone shows their appreciation towards you. You will feel whatever sacrifices you have to do or done will be all worthwhile.

A simple gesture of appreciation can be carried out through compliments.


Women. Most of us tend to be the one yakking away non-stop (I think it just runs in our feminine blood, ain’t it?) while the men listen. Or try to.

Take a step back, give your men the chance to voice out his thoughts and inner feelings. Most men do not like to share stuffs and tend to keep within themselves (runs in their masculine blood – sometimes just known as ‘E-G-O’, as opening up to their inner world may portray their weaknesses). So what you can do is to encourage your man to speak up. Pay attention to what he say to say and don’t interrupt unnecessarily.

You will find that this helps in the flow of communication and create better understanding between you two.

Make this a habit. Not just with your partner, but to your friend or family member.

Ask them how is their day and mean it by listening to whatever they has to say.

Make time for each other

Been too busy lately that you cannot even recall when was your last date?

Overwhelmed with work or studies?

Too many other commitments?

Then you will need to reflect on your priorities and time-management skills.

Everyone has 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You write your own story.


With that, comes the trust.

Trust is very easily broken, especially so when it has been broken repeatedly.

If you have broken someone’ trust previously, learn how to rebuild it.

Be patient and understand your partner’s feelings, thoughts and actions.

As the saying goes, “Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair.”

Always be faithful to your partner and provide them with utmost assurance and security.


Phew, I cannot believe that I wrote all of the above by myself.

*pats own back*

And for that, I’m feeling accomplished and happy! 😀

My first birthmark removal treatment session

*For pictures, please email me or leave a comment, or simply ‘like’ and follow me on my Facebook page! 🙂

In my previous post, I talked about how my birth marks have affected my self-esteem and reduced my self-confidence, so much so that I avoided wearing shorts for some time. Even when I do wear them now, I am still very conscious about its presence.

Getting rid of my unsightly birthmarks has been what I have yearning for, and I am excited about my treatment at Astique Clinic!

I made some enquiries, and found out that for birth mark removals or other pigmentation problems, Astique Clinic offer laser treatment for hyperpigmentation, via the Medlite C6 laser from HOYA ConBio®, the latest in Q-switched laser technology. The Medlite has been studied in many clinical trials and is approved by the FDA for the successful treatment of pigmentation disorders including birthmarks.

Depending on the size and extent of your birthmark pigmentation and the treatment level of your sessions, you may need anywhere from 2 to 6 sessions. The treatment may be repeated every 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the type, extent and severity of the pigmentation. After the procedure, there will be mild redness at the treated area which usually resolves after a few hours. More obvious localised redness lasting a few days may occur with intensive spot treatments for more resistant pigmentation.

Before the treatment began, I had a further consultation with Dr Matthew Yap to further clarify my doubts.

Here are some useful tips and questions which you may wish to consider during the consultation process :

  • What type of birthmark is yours? (Assuming you are removing your birthmarks)
  • Is it 100% safe?
  • What is the downtime for recovery?
  • Can you resume your normal activities after treatment?
  • What food/drinks to avoid?
  • Will it recur?
  • What is the pain factor?
  • How many treatment sessions are required?
  • Is there a need to apply any lotion aftermath?
  • How long will it take to peel/scab?

I did my own research and read up more on my type of birthmark which is Cafe-au-lait spots. These birthmarks are brown and flat, and also I had to confirm with Dr Yap on the recurrence as I have read about it online too. It is difficult to gauge the possibility of recurrence and depending on a case-by-case basis, it is possible that these Cafe-au-lait spots recur.

So I am really crossing my fingers here.

There will be peeling and scabbing occurring and during 2 weeks post-treatment, and some itchiness will be felt which is normal. Scratch the areas around the treated area if you really need to scratch. I was also prescribed antiseptic cream to apply twice a day after the treatment. The area might also be sensitive especially after treatment, so do take extra pre-caution. You may avoid wearing tight fitting clothes, like how I wore shorts for the next few days to prevent any abrasion and it is highly recommendable that you moisturise the area with your usual body moisturiser as the area would dry out when the skin is preparing to scab.

Most importantly, AVOID any direct contact with the sun and slap on your usual sunblock lotion as tanning might cause these areas to darken further.

I am very pleased with the results thus far although I know that the biggest birth mark would still require further treatment sessions to completely reduce/remove it.

I am really looking forward to flawless skin with this laser treatment!

*For pictures, please email me or leave a comment, or simply ‘like’ and follow me on my Facebook page! 🙂

Physical features/areas I would like to improve on

Before you judge, I am not advocating that plastic surgery is right or wrong. There is no right or wrong per se and each to his/her own choice and decision.

If you’d asked me, I am still quite easy going on getting aesthetics treatment done (I had mine done on my face – Read here!) but am still trying to digest the reality of a full-blown plastic surgery.

I strongly believe that everyone has their own choice but the issue is what is meant by ‘having to cross the line’? And who sets this imaginary line?

An obsession with trying to improve one’s physical appearance is more than often due to a lack of confidence, lack of self-esteem, over-conscious of self-appearance and what some of us call it a psychological problem.

The growth of plastic surgery reaching out to the current society is overwhelming (thanks to main contributing factors such as KPOP craze) and it’s actually quite scary how Korea is reacting (overreacting) to the issue of plastic surgery.

One of the recent news that captured the over-obsession with plastic surgery in Korea was documented here where rewards from parents have shifted from sweets, holiday treats, cash to now – plastic surgery.

And before you criticise girls for being vain or plain crazy, guys are also now hit by the plastic surgery craze. Maybe this is more prominent in Korea as compared to our local counterparts, but I won’t be surprise if Singapore is slowly taken over by storm as well.

Whether you are getting fillers done that are non-invasive or if you’re brave enough to take the risks and beautify yourself with a full-blown make over, both would still fall under the overarching umbrella of ‘plastic surgery’.

So okay, debate on plastic surgery issues aside.

What are my physical features that I dislike or would like to improve on?

Psst, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and is extremely subjective, so perhaps girls withe double eyelids are deemed to be prettier but there could be some who think that those with single/monolids are gorgeous.

Whatever it is, this is gonna be based on my own personal preference (duh!) so think twice before you disagree 🙂

1. Single eyelids

That’s a very recent pic of me taken after bf and I finished out Standard Chartered Marathon 2013!
Totally bare face with NO make up at all!
Look at how beady my eyes are 😦
Also, pls pardon the weary look. I had only 3 hours of sleep before running 10km….

I have single eyelids due to genetics and would love to get my double eyelids surgery done, perhaps some time next year. I am more inclined towards opting for a non-incisional method – suture method but as we know, you can’t have the best of both worlds, this method has its cons too as compared to the incisional method – cutting.

Suture method

Pros : Claimed to be reversible, lesser downtime, faster recovery time and less swelling. Cheaper than cutting method.

Cons : Have read news that this method is not 100% permanent and that eyelids flip back to single eyelids within 2 to 5 years? Not as lasting as the cutting method.

Cutting method

Pros : More lasting than suture method, in fact, it’s permanent.

Cons : More expensive, longer downtime, much more swelling.

Whichever method it is, double eyelid surgery compared to other physical areas are seen to be extremely common now. There is lesser ‘shame’ in admitting that one has undergone the knife to achieve double eyelids.

Double eyelid stickers, fibre stickers or glue. You name it, I’ve tried it. Although not consistent I must admit and I don’t have the patience to wait for results to be achieved.

I’ve a few friends and have heard many girls who achieved double eyelids by religiously sticking the double eyelids tapes.

One thing about these tapes is that they are extremely obvious, no matter how you try to ‘conceal’ them. Worse thing is, they hardly stick well and it gets embarrassing when people notices.

Fibre sticks and glues are another worse lot to consider. They create a very fake crease on your eyelids and your eyelids get ‘stuck’ together which is very obvious too. Glue creates a white sticky residue as well.

So all these methods are no-no.

My single eyelids make me look more sleepy, less alert and somehow less feminine.

Again, these are based on my own preference and mentality.

2. Nose

As with many other fellow Asians, a slim nose with high-bridged is very rare.

I have a stubby nose and the bridge is not high enough. But I’m thankful it’s alot better than those with extremely flat noses with almost non-existent bridges =x

grey Look younger with Sculptra treatment!

3. Sunken cheeks

This is the area where I have done something to improve by undergoing a Sculptra treatment with Celevenus Wellness and Aesthetic Clinic where I was put into safe hands of Dr Dylan Chau 🙂

I have gone for my 2nd treatment this afternoon and am looking forward to a ‘fuller’ face with a reduction in my laugh lines. Can’t wait! 🙂

Will be blogging about my 2nd session soon so do keep a lookout! 😀

4. Birthmarks

Little known to many, I have 3 birthmarks on my body. 1 which is very light on my right outer thigh, 1 on my left elbow and 1 huge one on my left inner thigh.

The last one obviously, bothers me the most.

I am extremely self-conscious whenever I wear a short dress, mini skirt or shorts.

Birthmarks, whether they are a symbol of good luck or not, are still unsightly. I mean who would yearn for one?!

Am also trying to target this problem but I know that laser is gonna be painful and would require many sessions to remove, though not completely. And might even left scars.

I’d recently bought a highly-raved cream, claimed to be effective for pigmentation problems, including birthmarks known as Meladerm®. It’s expensive, especially with the shipping but I’m just hoping it can help lighten my birthmark significantly. Keeping my fingers crossed.

5. Skin tone

Apart from having uneven skin tone on my face, a fairer complexion on my overall body and face would be ideal.

Have been taking hakubi whitening drink and pills and Fancl drink and pills as well, but seems like it’s true that there’s a limit to how fair one can be.

Have contemplated whitening jabs as well and understand the risks associated, especially with clinics that are not credible.

Still under pending though 🙂

And not forgetting my horrendous dark circles…sigh.

Well, what about you?

Which physical features/areas do you dislike or wish to improve on?

Amazed and very pleased with LipoCryo (fat freezing) !

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Hola! It’s been 3 weeks since my last treatment with Dr Phua on LipoCryo which is fat freezing process, and boy am I super excited to share some good news with you guys! 🙂

Those who are following my facebook fan page would have already received 1st hand updates on this, but I’m still gonna share the results and progress here! 🙂

Here is a comparison on the stats so far :


Based on the above, here are the findings :

1. My body fat % reduced from 25.1% to 24.3%, although my desirable fat % still ranges from 17-24%!

2. My fat mass reduced from 12.2 to 11.4!
3. The circumference of my left arm was 10 inches and is now 9.2 inches! A total reduction of 0.8 inches!
4. The circumference of my right arm was 11 inches and is now 9.8 inches! A total reduction of 1.2 inches!
5. The circumference of my thighs remains the same which is most probably be due to my running exercise. Dr Phua also mentioned that the fats on the thighs are more stubborn and difficult to reduce compared to the arms.
These are the results after a 3-week review. Of course, as mentioned on my blog post (, you will need to exercise and have a healthy diet.
Disclaimer : I’ve been trying to reduce my calories and carbo intake but of course, there were days I couldn’t resist yummy food too or pitied my poor growling stomach, and so heck it! I had sweet and fattening food too during these 3 weeks. My weight, although stated as 48kg previously and now I’m weighing 46.8kg is not accurate because the first measurement 3 weeks ago was taken after I had a heavy breakfast from Macs and today, I went on an empty stomach. I do weigh myself first thing in the morning so 46.8kg has been my weight since. No weight loss in kg but I did lose inches on my problematic areas!
I’m now on my second treatment for the arms only because they bother me more than my thighs!
I am of course very pleased with the results despite only undergoing the first treatment and it’s only 3 weeks after the treatment!
*Pardon for the blurred attachment because the ink has faded but you can still see some figures there.
So, yes hopefully after the 2nd treatment, which I had only done on my arms this time round due to time constraint (total duration for both arms is 1hr), my arms would reduce further in size! In the mean time, I would still continue with my cardio and resistance training and try and be more regular and consistent…
Cheers to slimmer and toner arms !!! 😀
*Please note that results vary individually and time taken for results to be effective and visible vary as well.
Dr Phua’s prices for LipoCryo:

$500 per segment, and a package of $400×10 segments.

Consultation is $98 and above.

304 Orchard Road
#05-06 Lucky Plaza
Singapore 238863Tel: (65) 6235 7888
Fax: (65) 6732 9789


LipoCryo – Fat Freezing with Dr Vanessa Phua!

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Posted some pictures up on my Facebook page and received quite a handful of responses from you girls!

I understand that many of you are eagerly waiting for my review, pictures and price packages because weight-loss is a common goal in a girl’s mind… so here you go! 🙂

First you will need to know and understand what LipoCryo is all about. Never attend or pay for stuffs you have zero knowledge on. Even I did my own intensive research on it via reviews and forums. Read up more for your own good and know what you are getting yourself into before complications arise. In other words, be an informed decision-maker. 🙂

You may read here for more information on LipoCryo.

But in short, let me summarize it for you.

LipoCryo is a fat freezing process which helps to freeze fats at target areas, especially where stubborn fats lie, which would then reduce gradually via natural secretion of the body through the body’s metabolism. 

This is not to be mistaken as Liposuction which is an invasive full-blown surgery that involves needles and anesthesia. LipoCryo is a non-surgical, non-invasive and very minimal pain. But I would say it’s more of discomfort than pain.

Also, please be realistic and do not expect miracles to happen, which simply means that patience is required. It’s the same as other weight loss methods (exercising/slimming pills/slimming wraps etc), you need time to lose those fats. Thus, most individuals would have to return for a few more sessions. Even for myself, I will be required to head back in 3 weeks’ time for my 2nd session and a review.

I am standing at 160cm (so short :() and weighing around 47kg. My weight actually hovers between 46 to 48kg.

My BMI is in the normal healthy range but girls being girls, are always thinking that they are fat.

Honestly speaking, I am kinda sick (sorry to say that) of people telling me that I am not fat blah blah blah. It’s not like I’m fishing for compliments everytime I complain about being fat or the flabs of fats that just wouldn’t go away! Although it does feel good to receive compliments on being slim, I am not skinny-skinny and I do HAVE FLABS. Actually, most of us have them too and women often encounter flabby arms compared to men. Not sure why, but most probably due to to biological traits or something.

I have been battling with flabby arms almost all my life. Not forgetting the thighs too.

Don’t believe? Let these pictures do the talking. Time for some unflattering very recent pics of me 😥

Photo 14-08-2013 10 38 26 AM

Photo 14-08-2013 10 38 45 AM

Photo 14-08-2013 10 38 47 AM

Photo 14-08-2013 10 38 56 AM

Photo 14-08-2013 10 38 59 AM

Photo 14-08-2013 10 39 14 AM

Photo 14-08-2013 10 39 34 AM

Photo 14-08-2013 10 40 59 AM

So as you can see, I may look like I have a fabulous figure like this :

Photo 05-08-2013 03 09 59 PM

I’m still trying to hide my fat arms behind…

Or why I chose to stand in this position (thighs look slimmer la)…

 Photo 10-08-2013 03 45 28 PM


And because I am most bothered by my arms and thighs, I decided to proceed the LipoCryo process on them. 🙂

Besides arms and thighs, other common targeted areas include tummy (especially disturbing for mothers), love handles and back fats. Back fats can be seen as those bulging fats spilling out from the sides of your bra. And yes, I have them too. And yes, I have love handles too. 😦

Of course, those who believe in exercising and toning flabby parts may not believe the effectiveness of LipoCryo. But this process works simultaneously with your exercise (cardio/resistance/strengthening regime). It actually complements your weight-loss regime. So, it would be perfect if you inculcate both your exercise regime, healthy lifestyle and undergo LipoCyro process all together.

Don’t be disheartened. The only reason why you still require to watch what you eat and exercise is because LipoCyro works realistically.

Imagine taking appetite suppressants… You starve yourself, feel dizzy with giddy spells, weak, lethargic, insomnia, dehydrate, diarrhoea etc… Yes you lose those kgs and more often than not, the first few kgs are due to water loss, not fats per se, but you still find yourself battling with flabby parts?

You may drop 2-3 sizes…but yet still conscious over flabbing your arms while waving to someone?

Or do your flabby thighs still jiggle when you walk in your stilettos?

You want to look slim and toned. Not skinny/scrawny. Not slim yet jiggly.

So yes, there is no hard and fast rule about it. You can’t look slim, slender, fabulous and toned all the same time if you only indulge in one slimming method.

Before I start, I would first like to disclaim that LipoCryo is not for overweight/obese people, although some have mentioned that they have lost some weight through this. But I won’t count on it and rely on it completely.

It is meant to only target specific areas of stubborn fats. The areas you should target are the ones that are still obvious which shedding the kilos, they still jiggle and bulge out. So yes, these should be the target areas.

I attended my LipoCryo session with Dr Vanessa Phua at Asia Health Partners.

In the aesthetics industry, Dr Phua is not a new face. She has carved out a name in many aesthetic areas such as a range of non-surgical and minimally-invasive forms of anti-ageing enhancements. Her signature treatments are Joie De Vivre Face & Body Contouring and Papillon Revitalizing Threadlift.

More info on Dr Phua here.

The friendly nurse first measured my arms and thighs which is important for record and review purposes.

My master hand (right arm) is larger than my left and is quite obvious.

My right arm is 11 inches while my left is 10 inches. My left thigh is slightly bigger than my right (not sure why?) and they are 20.5 inches and 20 inches respectively.

It has most probably got to do when I was more sporty back in my younger days. Ahem. I used to play tennis, badminton, kickboxing and was an avid Taekwondo player and even worked as a part-time TKD coach prior to Uni.

I was sporty and tanned, but definitely bigger size than now though. And as you know, when muscles are left untrained and unmaintained, they turn into fats and flabs. It may also be due to genetics.

After measuring, I was asked to change into the patient’s robe.

As I was targeting my arms and thighs, I had to remove my shorts only. I rolled up my sleeves for my arms.

Photo 10-08-2013 12 31 02 PM

Of course the nurses are female so it’s less awkward…

This is the LipoCryo machine :

Photo 10-08-2013 11 15 23 AM

During the process, I had to shamelessly ask the super friendly nurse to help me snap a picture while my fats are being frozen.

Photo 10-08-2013 11 10 44 AM

A close-up of my fat arms and the process.

My right arm.

Photo 10-08-2013 11 15 33 AM

And another close-up from another perspective on my left arm.

Photo 10-08-2013 12 10 43 PM

You noticed that the targeted areas are being ‘sucked’ into the transducer  for the freezing to take place. It has pressure due to the suction, so there would be a slight discomfort.

But what was more uncomfortable was because of the position the arm was placed in. One arm requires 35mins for the whole process to be completed, so 2 arms would require 70mins altogether.

My fingers were numb because my arm had to be positioned that way for a good 35mins, so it was uncomfortable due to the position and lack of blood-flow. I thought it would be good to pre-empt you first.

So anyway, while I was left alone, I tried to be positive la and snapped a ‘trying-to-be-chio’ picture while I was on the machine.

Photo 10-08-2013 11 18 39 AM

Those who follows me on my Facebook page would have already seen this.

I bet many thought I was resting my arm, doing nothing and slacking while waiting for the process to start, but in actual fact, I was already getting my fats frozen!

And then I got bored…

Photo 10-08-2013 12 09 44 PM

And yes, that’s one of my birth mark you see.

And then while I did my thighs…

Photo 10-08-2013 12 59 30 PM

So okay, there were 2 common key questions which many have asked me since I’ve posted this picture – side effects and costs. There’s even a more burning question on its effectiveness which I would deal with later.

Side effects

  • Redness
  • Minor bruising – this varies individually, especially if you are one who bruises easily, you may want to take note of this
  • Some temporary numbness and tingling in the skin over the treated fat layers due to the low temp
  • Rare side effects are slight dermal sensation disorders, which might remain for a few weeks.

As for me, of course there were redness and bruising.

Not sure if I belong to those who bruise easily, but there were times when I scratch my upper arms, the same tiny red blood clots appear… So I’m not sure the same effects would happen for others too.

Photo 10-08-2013 12 03 20 PM

Photo 10-08-2013 12 05 20 PM


It’s not painful nor scary. So not to worry.

By the way, Dr Phua advised that the bruises are good signs as they mean that the fat cells are dying, and there is an inflammatory response.  So it’s best to leave it alone. 🙂

I did them on my thighs too but as mentioned, arms get bruised more easily than thighs which was also informed to me by Dr Phua.

*Pls dont judge my stretch marks. I was really fatty before puberty okay?!

Photo 10-08-2013 01 50 47 PM

Photo 10-08-2013 01 51 10 PM


Sorry for the blur pics. Not easy to snap pics of my thighs myself. Haha!

So anyway, there were only redness at my thighs and there were no bruises after that as compared to my arms.

A day after the treatment.


Photo 11-08-2013 02 36 08 PM

This picture below depicts a slightly redder part on the right side of my arm which is denoted by the arrow. That’s a comparison on areas which I have applied the ice cubes on and the other part which is darker in red, almost maroon, was when I have yet to.

So please please, don’t be worried. It’s normal.

And I’ve managed to snap some pictures for the current state right now (5th day of post-treatment (incld the treatment day itself) :

Photo 14-08-2013 07 40 12 AM

Photo 14-08-2013 07 40 36 AM


You can see that the bruises are slowly fading away…

You can choose to conceal it with sleeved clothes or throw a jacket over, or just me like me, dont give a heck abt it HAHA!


Dr Phua’s prices for LipoCryo:

$500 per segment, and a package of $400×10 segments.

Consultation is $98 and above.

Duration of the process

This was not asked by any reader but I thought it would be good to include it as well to inform you girls.

Each segment requires about 30-36 mins for the treatment time.

Do allocate ample time if you are planning to do LipoCryo so that it won’t mess up your schedule 🙂

There’s no downtime so you can proceed with your normal daily activities after that, unless you’re embarrassed about the bruises being seen then maybe you would wanna avoid activities like swimming, sun tanning or whatever that requires you to wear sleeveless. Or if you gonna freeze the fats on your stomach, try avoiding wearing midriffs/cropped tees or something?
Haha, you know what I mean. 😉

By the way, results are more evidently seen in approx 3 weeks’ time and I’m only into my 5th day… So will see! Keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂

So stay tuned for my promising results! 😀

And thanks for reading! 🙂