Warning! Images-heavy ahead! 🙂

I was an avid fan of Instagram when it was first launched and joined about 2 years back.

I was basically hooked onto IG and was spending alot of time on it even while I was eating, shopping, studying (oops!) etc…

Scenic pictures are often what my photo gallery consists of and I love taking great pictures of clouds! Of course, the end result is mostly and greatly enhanced by effects which you can get from the Apps store. The interesting part is when you get to mix and match all the effects together and the challenging part is to get them to complement each other! Too much effects overlaying might not always produce awesome results!

Here are some of my works! 🙂

Fluffy clouds! 😀

And some Self-portraits! Heh 😛

Lost all the older pictures… 😦 😦

But anyways, for more pics… follow me at shootingstar18 or via webstagram 🙂

Happy TGIF! 😀


Vanity Trove November 2012

Beautiful surprises come knocking on my door every month with awesome beauty care products!

Pamper yourself with monthly surprise gifts with Vanity Trove! 🙂

Vanity Trove Nov 2012 edition comprises  of :

1)  Za‘s Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel (Sample)

2) Ichikami‘s Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Treatment samples

3) Skin Inc‘s Pure Happy Hand Dew (50ml, full-sized)

4) Mekhala‘s Soothing Tamarind Facial Cleanser (15ml)

5) A pair of Adore‘s sanitary napkins for night and day

6) Uriage‘s AquaPRECIS Moisturizing Refreshing Cream Gel (5ml)

7) Some samples of BRTC‘s BB Creams and gel

8) Discount voucher for Mekhala and BRTC

The first thing which wow-ed me was the Skin Inc’s product because I’ve always wanted to try out Skin Inc’s stuffs for the longest time! 🙂 Plus, comparing the sizes, it’s the only thing that makes the $25 worth while!

But come to think of that, seems like pathetic receiving sample sizes for the rest… 😦

The samples of BB Creams were the least to excite me since I don’t use BB creams/liquid foundations. Compact powder FTW 🙂

The rest are fine I guess, good to try out new products in search of other holy grail beauty care loots 🙂 But not advisable for those who have sensitive/acne prone skin.

I’ve to discontinue the automatic payments made to Vanity Trove which I did for Bellabox since I’m running out of space in my room for all these beauty treats!

Like now.

Nevertheless, enjoy your beautiful surprises! 😀


Sponsored Beauty Review – Secret Key White Pearl Illuminating Series

A box of Secret Key products arrived at my doorstep yesterday and boy was I thrilled to try them out!

It’s difficult to get hold of these Korean products unless you have sources or you or your friends are heading down to Korea, so why not check out GMarket’s Secret Key’s products here? GMarket, now known as Qoo10 is very well-known in Singapore and purchasing from them is almost hassle-free! 🙂

Secret Key is one of the famous top selling Korean beauty care products in Asia!


Check out the tonnes of products sent to me !! 🙂

Many many series of beauty care products by Secret Key! 🙂

Tried out the White Pearl Illuminating series products today! 🙂



This series consists of :

White Pearl Illuminating Skin Booster




White Pearl Illuminating Essence



White Pearl Illuminating Cream


Initially, I was a little confused as to the sequence of the products usage, because I’d thought booster is something similar to essence and I’m quite sure they are meant to be used together in 1 skin care regime, 1 after another.

So after cleansing my face and applying toner, I applied the skin booster followed by the essence and lastly, the cream. I hope this sequence is correct though.

Nevertheless, here are my reviews and ratings.

Skin booster :


  1. It’s differs from the essence as it is made up of thick liquid
  2. Absorbs well into the skin
  3. Doesn’t leave any white residue


  1. It’s a tad too thick and sticky for my skin type
  2. Bottle is made of glass
  3. Difficult to pour it out as it doesn’t have a nozzle spray

Essence :


  1. Lighter than booster and feels light on skin
  2. Easy to carry around and hold as bottle is much smaller than booster’s
  3. Nozzle spray allows easier usage
  4. Not sticky, doesn’t leave any white residue


None at the moment

Cream :


  1. Small open bottle, easy to carry around. Perfect for travelling.
  2. Doesn’t leave any white residue


  1. Kinda too creamy

Overall review : It’s a little too oily for me, perhaps I would try them out separately in the future. Too much stuffs applied on my face. Feels ‘heavy’ on my face. But face looks clarified. Whitening effect not instant so I guess the products must be applied consistently. For those with combination or oily skin type, you may wanna reduce or use them separately, as in if you use the booster, maybe you can just apply the essence. Or if you apply the cream, skip the booster, because these 2 are the thickest liquids of all and logically, richest as well.

Overall rating :

If you have been wanting to try out Secret Key’s products, visit Secret Key’s shop at Qoo10 now! They carry other series such as the the snail+EGF Repairing Series, NEW Stem cell Multi Triple BB Cream,  Nutrition Cream and  Pore Brush as well! Selling myriads of Secret Key’s products which you would definitely be spoilt for choice! 🙂

Happy shopping at Qoo10 with Secret Key today! 😀

Sponsored Beauty Reviews – Sexylook Rejuvenating Duo Lifting Mask

In my previous post, I mentioned that I was sponsored by with 2 brands of masks, namely Lovemore and Sexylook.

You can read my reviews on the Lovemore Pearl Barley & Milk Smoothing Mask here 🙂

Tried on the Sexylook one this time round and am more satisfied compared to the Lovemore mask.

A box of 5! 🙂

Always read the ingredients and functions of the products you are buying.

As it was my first time wearing a mask with ear hooks, I sought help from these simple instructions and am really thankful for such useful assistance. I think it’s a very good idea to have them 🙂

There were remaining essence but mask was not dripping wet 🙂

Quality of mask is good 🙂

I know understand why most masks dont fit around my cheek areas because of my face shape. These areas are sort of sunkened in. Disgusting I know…

Ear hooks! I didn’t bother to straighten up the mask.. LOL


1. Quality of the mask is good. Thick material. Not flimsy.

2. Ear hooks are perfect for people who likes to multi-task while masking. Not recommended to sit up while masking though as your skin will be more prone to sagging. Ear hooks provides security and prevents it from slipping off.

3. Slight instant brightening of skin after the removal of mask

4. Remaining essence can be lathered and massaged gently onto face and neck.


1. Essence a little too rich and oily for me.

2. White residue formed but not sure if it was due to my own moisturiser (AquaLabel) after that.

3. Acne grown at my chin but I must disclaim that although it was already pending to exist before I used the mask, I think the oiliness did aggravate and encourage the growth of the acne 😦 It’s at the chin area anyway, oily T-zone area 😦

4. Face oilier when I woke up in the morning 😦

Overall rating :

Perhaps it’s more suitable for those with dry skin type. 🙂

Unleash your beauty with today! Your one stop beauty shop where you can pamper your skin with goodness! 🙂Besides Lovemore masks, sells other top popular Taiwan beauty brands as well!And don’t forget to check out their Facebook fan page for more updates as well as beauty reviews by other users! 🙂

Secretive FB 
Sexylook FB 
Lovemore FB


A fresh new start, well not really… Weebly vs WordPress


Thank you all for your continuous support by visiting my new site! There are many reasons why I had decided to take this step forward by moving on from Weebly to WordPress! Actually, the reasons are quite generic, just google and you’ll know why.

Reasons :

1. WordPress offers better SEO (Search Engine Optimization)!

2. Although Weebly is more user-friendly as in it’s easier as it’s all pre-fixed, you just have to choose and drag the ‘elements’ (text, pictures, text with pictures, videos, dividers, html codes etc) to your desired location, WordPress offers many more ‘Elements’ or what they call it, functions or widgets.

3. Many have ported from Weebly to WordPress. So, just follow suit right? Kidding :p

4. Silly me went to upgrade to the Pro Account for Weebly just so I can monitor the stats but WordPress offers free stats, including referrers, top pages, top posts, totals, followers and shares, clicks and search engine terms…

5. WordPress is more interactive as it allows other wordpress users to follow and read your blog, or even like a particular post! Weebly does not have such functions and it’s more like a lonesome introvert blog host provider. Hence, wordpress reaches out to a larger audience!

6. Customising the blog appearance and layout is so much easier! Weebly does not highlight the portion, e.g. background html codes when you require, but wordpress has got everything organised. Background, header, colours of texts, positions of widgets etc.

7. You need not pay unnecessarily with WordPress, unlike Weebly.

8.  You can create as many blogs as you want with 1 account whereas Weebly limits to I think, 3 blogs. Anything more than that, I think you’ve to pay.

9. WordPress is more popular than Weebly. Some might not have even heard of the latter. Makes sense?

10. Actually, the main reason why I’d switched to WordPress is because of the ‘Follow me’ widget which Weebly has no recognition of. I had to source for a reliable feed burner html code for that and it doesn’t even reflect the number of followers! This is highly impt for a blogger 🙂

So there, WordPress might not be 100% flawless but it’s better than Weebly. Why not take a step closer to perfection, right? 😉

Thank god I’d decided to move now before the number of blog posts increases. Weebly is so selfish that it doesn’t allow you to port over to other blog hosts unlike Blogger, WordPress etc. I had to painstakingly copy and paste ONE POST BY ONE POST, hence you might realise that some of size of the pictures and overall alignments are nowhere near perfection. 😦

Nevertheless, a huge THANK YOU for your support thus far! 🙂

Lots of xoxo,

Jean 🙂