Braces updates

Revisited the orthodontist last night after work.

Dr Lim mentioned that my upper jaw is starting to expand judging from the cavities I have… -.- Not so much of a pretty sight and cheery gauge but still, nevertheless, am satisfied that things are improving for the better.

For those who have no idea, as I have a Class III jaw type, I need to expand my upper jaw in order for it to ‘jump the bite’ as I have an underbite (lower set of teeth overlapping the upper set).

I can now position the 2 sets of teeth edge to edge without much strain as compared to the past. This effect was almost immediate actually after putting the braces on on my upper set.

I was treated for my cavities too last night and I was whooping mad because I wasn’t told that I have to pay for these extra works. The instalment of $150 per month does not cover that and I wasn’t told of the price for the fillings per tooth. The bill turned out to be $469!!! I was extremely shocked, devastated and angry!!!

I understand that it is known that these extra works are charged separately but I preferred to be informed before any works were carried out.

I had 4 cavities filled and each tooth were 70bucks which amounted to 280bucks!!! Adding on the 150, it’s 430bucks excluding GST. So after including GST, the bomb was 469bucks!!!


The best thing is, I still have several other cavities to be treated. I know I’m disgusting because I’ve not been visiting the dentist to clean, polish and treat my teeth for several years now… =x


I totally regretted it now and I’ve to suffer the huge financial losses as well as the physical pain. I almost died when the dentist was treating the cavities because the sensitivity is really disturbing, causing major discomfort!!! And that left side is relatively less severe than my right. I cannot imagine the trauma I’ve to undergo again the next time the other cavities get treated and the $$$!!!

I regretted doing my braces and I regretted starting this journey, if not I wouldn’t have to spend a huge bomb and the bomb just gets bigger each time. $$$ gone and counting.

But I told myself, I’ve only myself to blame.

Should have taken proper dental care of my teeth and gums.

Should have go ahead with braces when I was younger, so that my parents would be paying them for me… HAHA!

Should have done so many things……………..


By the way, just changed into a bigger wire for the braces as well as the rubber brackets. I chose red for this coming CNY! HAHA!

Psst, the other colours are not appealing anyway. Limited choices. 😦

Anyway, this is the comparison of the movement and position of my teeth.

I do see some movements and improvements for such a short period of time – 4 weeks’ difference.

You can see that the crooked tooth of the 2 front teeth is moving as the gap between the top and bottom is now smaller.

Also, the other bigger circle shows that my tooth is moving forward as well, to a better position and alignment with all the other teeth.




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Jean 🙂