Happy Bday to me! Part 1

So I turned a year older abt a week ago and as you age, I guess it’s nothing glamorous anymore. Unless you’re like what, 60-70-80-90ish?

So anyway, the sweet bf planned a romantic Italian dinner for just the two of us 🙂

He knows me best. I prefer celebrating with a small crowd like him alone, with my family or gather a handful of friends.

He did his research and decided to bring me to Enoteca L’Operetta and we dined the alfresco style so that we can savour our delicious Italian cuisine and enjoy the breezy scenery at the same time.

Enoteca L’Operetta is located at Boat Quay area and it is walkable distance from both Raffles Place MRT and Clarke Quay MRT, if you’re not driving.



What we ordered :


Ocean Trout with Wild Rocket



Scallop all the way from Hokkaido






Pork pasta



Signature pizza with ham and egg



Wine for us 🙂


And the scenery :



68776A41-BEBD-4767-BA61-01552C4A240A_zpsbsni6mkp (1)



We headed to 1-Altitude after our dinner for some romantic chillax-ing, hehehe.

I swear it felt like Genting Highlands because it was sooooooo cold, which must have been the prime culprit that caused my terrible flu the next day!

As with many areas in Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, Raffles Place vicinity, there were many foreigners chilling at 1-Altitude as well.

The view at 1-Altitude was even more breathtaking as you could almost capture the whole of Singapore in front of your very eyes!

Priceless view (pun unintended) since entrance fee was $30 per pax after 9pm.


E75C8525-AFA9-43D1-A6D8-3A65D60B01DF_zpsz5e11tmr (1)

D208715A-CB15-4B03-BB2C-8EF6C459C046_zpsusdxs9vg (1) 76A6DD5E-10AE-435D-98B5-937F829A2EF5_zpstzgm1zvl


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The next day saw me celebrating my bday with my family at Yu Cuisine Restaurant at Marina Bay Sands 🙂

What we ordered :








And my iPad mini with retina that bf got me! 😀


Looking forward to post-celebration with the girls tonight!!!

Happy TGIF! ❤

Stay tuned for Part 2! 😀

Psst, sorry for low reso pics, didnt have the time to transfer the pics in my SLR to my comp…on a side note, maybe I should consider getting Toshiba Flashair?

Food Review : Food for Thought (National Museum of Singapore)

Last week was the bf’s bday and we decided to take a day off from work to enjoy the day with each other 🙂

We had brunch at Food for Thought at the National Museum of Singapore. Okay, it wasn’t exactly brunch timing, more like a super late lunch period…

We actually thought of other places to dine in but settled with FFT.

These were what we ordered :

20130909-032712 PM.jpg

I was kinda disappointed that they didn’t have eggs benny so I’d settled with this instead. I really loved the fried potato balls because they were so crispy and yummy! Sauteed mushrooms were good too and so was the scrambled eggs. But I guess both of us were too hungry till we became full. You know that kind of feeling? And I felt so guilty when I saw a Caucasian lady (bigger size than me of course) ordered the classic set (bread with scrambled eggs only but the scrambled eggs was like quite alot too anyway) for the all day breakfast whereas greedy me ordered the biggest full set. -.-”

Of course I struggled and struggled like mad. Actually, both of us struggled to finish whatever we could.

Oh yes, I didn’t really like the bacon because it was filled with fats! Like lotsa of them! It’s like 99.9999% were fats instead of meat. I know bacon contains fats but this has got to be the fattiest bacon I’ve ever seen!

For all of you who do not know, I’m trying to eat healthier now (besides of course for weight loss/fat loss purposes), I finished all the yucky veggies. I said it’s yucky because unless you’re ok with the raw veggie salad taste, you wouldn’t like it. So nowadays, whenever there’s veggies, I would force myself to eat them and of course, have bf’s share too. He doesn’t like them anyway.

Another thing is, the tomatoes served were quite disappointing. They were quite over-riped and mashy. 😦 Anyone would prefer crunchy tomatoes anytime anywhere!

I didn’t finish the bread (as usual) because I was really exploding.

This was what bf ordered :

20130909-033946 PM.jpg

The portion is really huge. My jaw literally dropped when I saw how huge the curry chicken cutlet was! Which you can’t really see from this picture. And because it was too ‘breaded-ly crusted’, it was a little jerlat for bf to have the below side dish of fish fingers as well. We didn’t know it was gonna be crusted in bread crumbs. 😦

20130909-033940 PM.jpg

This fish finger side dish was a waste of money.

Firstly, we were already struggling with our own mains.

Secondly, as per above, it was crusted in bread crumbs as well.

Thirdly, it was $6 for 3 pathetic pieces! That’s like $2 for 1 piece?!


20130909-033953 PM.jpg

Mocha has got to be my all-time favourite coffee when I’m out at cafes. Unless I’m really in need of strong caffeine to keep me awake for whatever reason, I would then order black coffee. I prefer iced ones of course, but the ah pek bf loves his drinks to be hot.

My iced mocha was a little disappointment as well.

Firstly, I’d expected a sweeter version since mocha is a mixture of coffee and chocolate? It was quite bitter, should have perhaps asked for some sugar syrup 😦

Secondly, I’d only managed to finished half of it? And pushed myself a little further and finished approx 3/5 of it. LOL. I guess I’ve only got to blame myself for this. Ordered waaaayyy too much or either that, was too hungry till the appetite was gone. 😦

20130909-033957 PM.jpg

Bf’s hot mocha.

But one thing’s good about this FFT outlet at the National Museum is that the food was served quite quickly after ordering! So if you’re starving, like we were initially, this would be good! 🙂

Of course, I can’t guarantee that it would be the same for peak hours since we went on a weekday on a non-peak hour.

Spent about $60 for this meal alone.

After stuffing ourselves, we caught the Internship like finally and bf had to attend a school orientation so we couldn’t have a bday dinner celebration 😦

But nevertheless, we managed to save it for Friday last week! 🙂

More to come so stay tuned 🙂

*psst, am also planning to hold another beauty giveaway soon, what do you guys suggest? 🙂

*ps, sincere apologies to those who received their gifts late! 😦

Food for thought

93 Stamford Road #01-04/05, 
T: +65 6338 9887 F: +65 6338 1080
Opening Hours
Mon  –  Sat 
10am to 10pm 
(Last orders at 8.50pm)
10am to 9pm 
(Last orders at 7.50pm)

My (Advance) Bday Present!

Yipeee! I’m so elated with my new gadget which my beloved bf bought it for my bday present in advance! My bday’s is just next week, while part of me looks forward to it (mainly due to the forthcoming presents and it’s a happy occasion), another part of me is dreading it as well for contradictory reasons – I’M GETTING OLD!

Mentioned before that it’s gonna be my quarter-life crisis and while I’m honest and courageous enough to reveal my age, though not explicitly, there’s something pulling me back all together as well. I think I’ve finally understood how other women feel when asked of their age. As you age, you are just not that ready to disclose your age anymore. Come the next year and the subsequent years to come, I’ll just keep my lips sealed tightly… unless you take note of the calculation from now. Haha!

Nevertheless, I had an enjoyable weekend last week, with Friday going to St James (impromptu decision), bought my present on Saturday and stay home on Sunday for movie marathons! 😀

Thank you love! 🙂

Movie marathon with Starbucks Mocha Frappe Venti! 😀

We watched Cold War, Frankenweenie and The Watch ! Honestly, I love stay home weekends like these. Quality time well-spent together, I must say. Plus, it helps us to save money too! Or more particularly, it’s because we are broke already… HAHA!

But yes, we are saving up for our own individual future as well as our future together 🙂 ❤

Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself and by enjoying, I mean away from work, studies and basically stress. When you’re entrenched in a relaxed mood, weekends just fly by, every-single-time. I loathe that.

Recalling that bf is leaving for bkk soon for 5 days, I’ll be missing him then. A weekend without him seems a little meaningless. But on a brighter note, I’ll be going on a shopping spree with my bestie! 😀

And hopefully to get myself occupied on days like these and learn to be more independent, no? 😉

Plus, am looking forward to my bday celebration with him and my family! And CNY! And V day! And our 5th anniversary come March!

Hopefully things will turn out perfectly fine for us this coming new year 🙂

I love you ❤

I think this picture is sooo cute and true! 😀

Food Reviews – 3D Fondant Customised Birthday Cake by Cake Funtasie

As promised that I would review on the birthday cake which I ordered for bf in my previous post on the cupcakes by Cake Funtasie, so here it is.





Got a little lost trying to find the cake shop at AMK after work and when reached, there was nobody mending the shop. I had to ring the bell and only to realised that they don’t accept nets! This really pissed me off because any shop should accept nets. If they don’t accept Mastercard, I understand, but simple basic NETS?

Sheesh, so I had to walk around the whole estate to look for the damn ATM machine because the owner didn’t specify the directions properly.

Her customer service via email and in person was rather bad. She gave that nonchalant attitude and when clarified with regards to the costs breakdown (cupcakes, cake and delivery and after discount), she provided me with the wrong total price and hence, I wanted to know the breakdown of the costs for each individual item. She made it seem as if I was calculative over $2 and said that it’s alright that I don’t have to pay. But the thing is, it’s just $2 yes I know and I don’t mind paying extra if that amount is right. I don’t wish to short change her as well. But her attitude via email was disappointing. Worse still, her customer service in person is even more disappointing as well. It might be because I had provided her the negative feedback with regards to her cupcakes but if that’s the case, she should open up to criticisms. I did not state much but informed her that bf and I weren’t satisfied with her cupcakes.

Thank god the cake tasted alright although a little too sweet. I ordered a 1kg (min size) chocolate fudge 3D Fondant cake and am glad they didn’t taste as bad as the cupcakes. Only thing is, the chocolate fudge looks and tasted somewhat like brownie instead.

Also, when asked how long can the cupcakes and cake be kept refrigerated, she told me that I should have them completed on the same day they are collected, which means we have to gobble down 6 cupcakes on 1 day and a 1kg sweet cake on another. She even told me that they would go stale if they are refrigerated. Odd, this is the first time I’m hearing this, that refrigerating food would cause the food to go stale………….

Anyway, I think she is mending the shop solely on her own because there were no one else beside her. Also, after collecting and paying for the cake, she immediately went to the back of the counter…the same where she came from when I arrived, hence the absence of staff.

I do not recommend anyone to try out Cake Funtasie at all.

Hope these reviews help! 🙂

Overall rating :