My second birthmark removal treatment session

As you can tell from my first treatment session to remove my birthmarks, results have been very promising, especially for the 2 small ones! I was scheduled for my second treatment session some time back and here is an update on the progress thus far!

Because I needed some time for the results to be seen, I had to blog about this after few weeks to allow the skin and scabs to peel off. I say this because I have been receiving queries regarding my treatment sessions and its results, so thanks for your patience!

The smaller birthmarks have been reduced and lightened. The white indents will also fade away with time.

However, as for the huge birthmark on my thigh, it would require more treatments due to the size and the pigmentation is very deep into the layers of the skin.

This is also the reason as to my general advice to queries because it really depends on the type of birthmark, the size and how deep the pigmentation is. Every birthmark is different. Hence, it is best that you consult your doctor to have your birthmarks or pigmentation problems (since this laser can treat other pigmentation problems too) assessed.

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My birthmark woes

Further to my previous blog post on my beauty review on MeladermŸ, I was mentioning about how I have been living with my birthmarks for the past 26 years of my life. I have been affected by their presence and the impact naturally increased as I became more and more self-conscious of my appearance. I used to avoid wearing shorts because of the large birthmark patch on my inner left thigh. Although it is located on my inner thigh, it can still be seen when wearing shorts/mini skirts/dresses and for that, I often lament at how ugly it is.

What are birthmarks?

birthmark collage

There are more gruesome-looking ones on the internet and you may google them if you like. But don’t say I didn’t warn you, pictures are not suitable for the faint-hearted.

As the name suggests, they are blemishes that appear at birth or appears shortly after birth, usually in the first month and can occur anywhere on the skin. I am thankful that it did not appear on my face.

There are two types of birthmarks – vascular (also called red birthmarks) are caused by increased blood vessels and includemacular stains (salmon patches), hemangiomas, and Port-wine stains) and pigmented (moles, cafĂ©-au-lait spots, and Mongolian spots).

My birthmarks are under the category of café-au-lait spots, which delivers good and bad news. I will fill you in later on this.

CafĂ© au lait spot – usually oval in shape, with a light brown or milky coffee color (hence the name). They are either present at birth or occur soon afterwards. As the individual gets older they do not fade. Some people may have one or two, but more are possible.

People with more than four may have naurofibromatosis (a genetically-inherited disorder in which the nerve tissue grows neurofibromas (tumors) that may be harmless or may cause serious damage by pressing on the nerves and other tissues).

I am also very lucky to have harmless birthmarks but for aesthetic and cosmetic purposes, I have decided to undergo laser treatments to reduce/remove them.

There are other options to reduce/remove birthmarks and these include, oral medication, birthmark removal cream (haven’t found one that work so far), laser treatments and surgery.

The cause of birthmarks is unknown though.

This is how my birth marks look like.

On my left inner thigh:

photo 1 (27) photo 3 (23)

It is more obvious when I’m walking or sitting down cross-legged.

On my left arm, near the elbow area :

photo 2 (27) photo 4 (24)

And a small faint one on my right thigh as well but my main concern is the huge patch on my thigh.

So as you can see, birthmarks may or may not be harmful to health, and as for my case, I am very grateful and lucky that my birthmarks are harmless and are located in areas that are less obvious/problematic as compared to those on the face. Also, my birthmarks are flat which makes it relatively easier to remove.

I have started my laser treatment with Astique Clinic which uses the latest technology for laser treatments for birthmarks known as Medlite C6 Laser  from HOYA ConBioŸ, the latest in Q-switched laser technology which is approved by the Food & Drug Adminstration (FDA). It can also be used to treat other pigmentation problems.

So if you are seeking for a solution for your pigmentation/birthmark problems, do keep a lookout on my next blog post for the laser treatment with Astique Clinic! 🙂

Beauty Review : MeladermÂź

I have been bothered by my birthmarks for the longest time ever, other than my single eyelids. I never understood the beauty of having a double eyelids until recently, but the birthmarks… they have caused me loads of embarrassment ever since I was young.

I have about 3 birthmarks on my body, apart from my moles (well, they said ‘moley’ girls are pretty girls, isn’t it? HAHA!).

Actually the main concern is the HUGEASS birthmark located on my left inner thigh.

And because of that, I have tried to avoid wearing shorts, but even during Physical Education (PE) lessons during my schooling days, it was tough to hide it.

Till now, I am extremely self-conscious of this gigantic birthmark although some have commented, “don’t fix what is not broken/it’s not life-threatening what/it’s not ugly what/thank god it’s not on your face” etc.


It’s my body and it’s on me.

You don’t have such a huge visible blemish on you and you don’t experience all the embarrassment I had to all these coming 26 years.

If god permits, how about I donate these birthmarks to you? Pfft.

Anyway, if you had read my New Year Resolutions, you would have known that I’ve miraculously managed to secure a sponsorship stint for the laser treatments!

I headed to get my birth marks laser-ed last Friday and I cannot wait to share the results with you guys! This laser treatment, which is the latest technology available, also helps reduce/lighten freckles/pigmentation problems/tattoos! I shall contain my excitement for now and will be blogging about the treatment soon so stay tuned! 😉

Today’s post is gonna be on some cream that claims to cure hyperpigmentation and yes, it has claimed to have lightened birthmarks (!!!).

Before I managed to secure the sponsorship deal, I was fretting over my birthmarks and how to lighten/remove them using a lesser invasive method that offers no pain at all.

I did my research and chanced upon this website called Civant Skincare which is the official website that sells MeladermÂź and because there seems to be some fraudulent websites going round claiming to sell authentic MeladermÂź, I’d decided to take the plunge to purchase it from Civant.


Also, because the product is from the US, I decided not to take the risk and opted for a secured shipping method which simply translates to more money spent! I opted for USPS Priority International that takes about 1 – 2 weeks to arrive with online tracking. Had to pay an additional amount of $24.99, on top of the $49.99. And mind you, these are all in USD!!! So I had actually paid approx SGD$100+??

Sigh, so much hopes. And like they say, the higher your expectations are, the higher your level of disappointment will be.

And I think it’s true.

Although I must first disclaim that in all fairness to this product, I have not been using it consistently. By that I mean that I have not been applying it twice daily due to forgetfulness (sign of ageing!) or over the weekends where I stay over my bf’s place, I didn’t have it with me (forgot to bring it along – another ageing sign…)

But I have been applying it on several occasions now and I think it’s ready for a review.
Here’s the product.

photo 1 (19) photo 2 (19) photo 4 (16) photo 5 (13)

A small portable bottle with a nozzle.

The texture is not oily or too rich/heavy and I like it that way.The absorbency rate is also quite high, which simply means that you need not wait for a long time before it gets absorbed. This is especially important if you have to apply it on your face before your make-up, so that it does not cake.

There is no weird scent as well but a slight fragrance, nothing too overwhelming.

As for the effects, I am quite disappointed to say that till date, I have not seen any improvements. I had thought I saw some lightened parts but I may be thinking too much. On the whole, my birth marks did not lighten at all, not even for the one which is the lightest/faintest in colour.

But then again, it may not have worked because :

  1. I did not religiously apply it twice a day, daily.
  2. Effects can only be see after long-term usage and by that I mean a few months’ usage as claimed via testimonials on Civant’s website.

But since I have started my laser treatments for my birth marks, I do hope they are removed or significantly reduced which I pin high hopes in because of the raves of this latest laser technology as well as the popularity of the aesthetic clinic I visited. So in the mean time, I guess I can still apply Meladerm on them.

Overall rating :

3 stars