Ten Things to do to take charge of your body, life and heart

How do you lead life to the fullest with minimal sacrifices and be happy?

You can’t achieve everything that you yearn in life, be it in whatever aspect, so how to do you reap opportunities to maximise your happiness?

What is happiness?

Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

Here are 10 things to do to take charge of your body, life and heart, to help you look and feel better, because when you feel look better (in your perspective) you would inevitably feel better, isn’t it?

Health (Physical/Psychological)


The importance of health need not be further emphasized. Regular exercise not only helps you to shed some kilos (provided you are doing it the right way with balanced diet and all), but it is beneficial to your skin as well as your heart. With regular exercise, blood circulation flows better and hence, pumping more blood in your blood vessels. Your skin will show if you are lacking in exercise.

In addition, exercising fights fatigue and in turn improves your mental health.


You should check your family’s medical history and take note of these issues in your life. Go for regular health check-ups (I am guilty of not doing so myself, oops) so you have a better perspective of what is in for you in your health.

Feeling emotional for no apparent reason? Or maybe you don’t know what is bothering you? Counsel a professional and seek help.

Don’t live alone.


This is not referring to ‘going on a diet’ kind of diet. I know it’s a girl thing and I am guilty as charged. I am weighing at 43-44kg and yet still complain that I am fat every other day (although weight and BMI is not necessarily an accurate benchmark).

Incorporate more ‘health’ food into your diet. Veggies, fruits and water are your best friends.

Eat well and live well.

These ‘health’ food are also beneficial to your well-being in totality.

Be positive

Having a positive mind can change your day, or even your whole world.

Learn to reject all negative influences in life, be it a friend or even a family member. You can’t choose the latter but you can choose your friends wisely. “Birds of feather flock together”, even if you are not like them, as time passes by, influences will bound to creep in.

Say ‘No’ to things that causes you discomfort. Of course, do it practically.

Boss just threw a fit and gave you more work? Be positive and treat it as a learning journey. The more you do, the more you learn. Even if it’s somewhat a no-brainer task, work towards your efficiency.


If time permits, pamper yourself with beauty services or even aesthetic treatments. Go for a relaxing facial or spa, or beautify your nails with manicure/pedicure services. As aesthetic services and treatments are currently trending, why not consider temporary ‘modification’ to your appearance if plastic surgery is not your cup of tea?

You may explore the world of cosmetics. If you are already a make-up enthusiast, research and watch videos of make-up tutorials, and try stuffs which you haven’t try before.

Lastly, don’t forget the importance of maintaining a good skincare regime after all those piling up of makeup. The basic 3-step approach (cleanse-tone-moisturise) should never leave your sight.


Are you the type that likes challenges? Want to climb the corporate ladder? Yearn to win the rat race?

Show your boss that you are an asset at work, to him and to the whole company as a whole! Be proactive. Learn more, expand your portfolio, volunteer to help out. Upgrade yourself by attending workshops and going for courses.

Most jobs require experience. With the knowledge equipped from school, together with experience, comes wisdom.

Jobs that require on-the-job training like mine, as a Legal Counsel, make sure you know your work well, which you can help yourself by reading up. I am doing just that.



Show your appreciation to your loved ones. Don’t take them for granted. Cherish them while you still can and not regret later when you lack the opportunity to.

Think about how you would feel if someone shows their appreciation towards you. You will feel whatever sacrifices you have to do or done will be all worthwhile.

A simple gesture of appreciation can be carried out through compliments.


Women. Most of us tend to be the one yakking away non-stop (I think it just runs in our feminine blood, ain’t it?) while the men listen. Or try to.

Take a step back, give your men the chance to voice out his thoughts and inner feelings. Most men do not like to share stuffs and tend to keep within themselves (runs in their masculine blood – sometimes just known as ‘E-G-O’, as opening up to their inner world may portray their weaknesses). So what you can do is to encourage your man to speak up. Pay attention to what he say to say and don’t interrupt unnecessarily.

You will find that this helps in the flow of communication and create better understanding between you two.

Make this a habit. Not just with your partner, but to your friend or family member.

Ask them how is their day and mean it by listening to whatever they has to say.

Make time for each other

Been too busy lately that you cannot even recall when was your last date?

Overwhelmed with work or studies?

Too many other commitments?

Then you will need to reflect on your priorities and time-management skills.

Everyone has 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You write your own story.


With that, comes the trust.

Trust is very easily broken, especially so when it has been broken repeatedly.

If you have broken someone’ trust previously, learn how to rebuild it.

Be patient and understand your partner’s feelings, thoughts and actions.

As the saying goes, “Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair.”

Always be faithful to your partner and provide them with utmost assurance and security.


Phew, I cannot believe that I wrote all of the above by myself.

*pats own back*

And for that, I’m feeling accomplished and happy! 😀

CNA – What bosses look for when hiring fresh grads

Extracted from ChannelNewsAsia.com :

SINGAPORE: A JobStreet.com survey recently conducted with 480 fresh graduates and 150 employers suggests that the top concerns raised by fresh graduates on job search are uncalled for.

Insufficient qualifications, often the top concern amongst graduates, was not listed as the top three hiring decisions from an employer’s standpoint. 

Instead, employers acknowledged the value of good interpersonal and communication skills as well as a good command of the English language above qualifications when hiring fresh graduates.

JobStreet.com added that among the fresh graduates who were hired, 40 per cent took between one to six months to secure a job whilst 32 per cent required more than six months to get employed. (not very encouraging IMO)

– CNA/ck 

2 issues popped into my head after reading this news article online.

Insufficient qualifications and good interpersonal and communication skills as well as a good command of the English language above qualifications.

Let’s deal each point accordingly.

Insufficient qualifications

What does this mean? The first thing that came into my mind was, ‘What then amounts to sufficient qualifications’ ?

We all know how the story unfolds, that Singapore is so tiny, that we have scarce natural resources, that we have only human resources to rely mainly on, that we are focusing on 2nd tier (manufacturing) and 3rd tier (tertiary) industries, that we are a knowledge-based economy no matter what. It is difficult to move away from this demographics of labour force. Thus, we need brains. Brains that will help boost the economy as a whole. Brains that can assist in research and development. Brains that can bring back more dough. Brains. Brains that work right.

The intense competition in Singapore has never been so stiff compared to the past. It’s either you have it or you don’t. It’s either you are in or out (maybe out of Singapore soon altogether).

Degrees are now merely a fundamental requirement that one should possess when looking for jobs. It is now compulsory. It is now the norm.

Perhaps job application forms may do away the ‘everything up to Bachelor’ option in the ‘Highest Qualifications’ section. No more O Levels, A Levels and Bachelors. Only postgraduate studies (Masters – how many? Doctorates – how many?)

Yes, I may agree with this news article to some extent, that qualifications aren’t everything. Recall the IQ vs EQ inverse relationship, though no absolute.

Fresh graduates would mean ‘graduated with a degree and insufficient qualifications would mean ‘course of discipline/classification of honours/awards)

Take for example, public service jobs. Most applicants are required to have a degree on hand and life is made even more difficult when it states, ‘At least a 2nd Upper Honours’, ‘Must be from NUS/NTU/SMU’ or worse still, ‘Only 1st Class Honours’ need apply. The rest of the crops (perhaps rotten in their eyes – sorry but you are just not good enough) need not apply.

‘Insufficient qualifications’ not their main focus when deciding which applicant to shortlist, hmm really?

Good interpersonal and communication skills as well as a good command of the English language above qualifications.

Of course, from the employer’s perspective, having great interpersonal and communication skills as well as good command of English makes life easier when you are hired and when working together, no doubt. But in my opinion, I think it’s time we come clean about qualifications.

You are judged by your highest qualifications even before you turn up for the interviews and during the shortlisting period. Try printing this new article and attach it with your resume and certs, and see how many employers would actually shortlist you for an interview.

Don’t you think it is rather difficult to judge if one has great interpersonal skills (Definition : Interpersonal skills include not only how we communicate with others, but also our confidence and our ability to listen and understand. Problem solving, decision making and personal stress management are also considered interpersonal skills).

How do you judge this based on qualifications and activities when hiring fresh graduates?

How about communication skills? Notice it is inter-linked with interpersonal skills. Does it mean to say that students who major in communication studies are skillful in communications? How about joining the debate team? How about getting caught for talking in class causing distractions? 😀

Good command of English language? Well, blatantly goes back to grades.

This article deals with situations ‘when hiring fresh graduates’, so, my question again, how do you determine these 3 set of values even before you meet them one on one for an interview?

Beats me, either.