Food Review : I wanna get stuffed

Are you looking for a quieter environment when dining with your loved ones?

Are you more of a heartland area person?

Does the hustle and bustle of the city life prevents you from winding down after a long day at work?

Most importantly, do you want to be served by cheerful friendly staff and settle at a warm cozy cafe that serves yummy food but yet is affordable?

Have I gotten your attention yet?

This is not an advertorial or sponsored food review but I would like to share good deals with you! 🙂

So the bf brought me to this place known as ‘I wanna get stuffed’ and boy, were we really stuffed… with food! 😀

These were what we ordered :

Photo 07-08-2013 07 56 38 PM

Potato skin with bacon bits!


Photo 07-08-2013 07 58 32 PM


Photo 07-08-2013 08 02 00 PM

Bf’s grilled fish

Photo 07-08-2013 08 06 44 PM

My carbonara!

I consider the standard of the food quite satisfactory, especially for the price paid! My carbonara was less than 15$? And even though most of the times I’m not able to finish my creamy pasta because they are too jerlat, I still opt for them anyways. Haha!!

The rest of the food were okay, but the potato skin were not that crispy as expected. On a further note, just my 2 cents, don’t order another carbo-ish side dish because we couldn’t finish our food but had to still force it down our throats LOL.

The mussels tasted quite good too, chewy and succulent, topped with cheese 🙂

I won’t mind patronizing the cafe again, it’s really a great deal 🙂

I wanna get stuffed

801 Tampines Avenue 4
6785 4690