Braces (for underbite) Journey Updates

I can’t help but feeling excited in sharing this piece of good news with you guys!

My previous post regarding my braces in June saw me wearing braces for my bottom row for the first time, after putting on braces for the top row of teeth for about 5/6 months.

After putting on braces for the bottom row, in about 2 days’ time, I was able to ‘jump’ the bite and as days go on, my jaw shifted, teeth moved and my bite became better and corrected eventually.

It’s mid July now and here’s a little update on how my current set of teeth looks so far :

Photo 18-07-2013 04 50 37 PM

You can see that I have almost completely jump the bite with my 2 top front teeth overlapping my bottom one. My recent visit to my orthodontist saw me changing to thicker wires with the top row held with a 16mm wire and the bottom with a 14mm one.

Each visit gets my teeth tighten with thicker wires. As from June, I have been instructed to put on the elastic bands to align and shift my jaw.

It was quite a terrifying moment when I noticed that the elastic band on the bottom left actually caused one of my tooth to be pulled backwards. Consequently, leaving a gap between my teeth!

If you would recall (or you may just refer to my picture below), my bottom row of teeth doesn’t give me any problem, in fact, the problems that I had faced and also the reasons why I decided to wear braces (at such an old age!) was because firstly, due to my underbite and secondly, to straighten out my top row.

My bottom row has also been blessed with straight teeth.

So can you imagine how I felt when I saw the gap between my teeth?!

I was so afraid that I decided to stop wearing the elastic bands for 2 days!

Even with that, I knew I couldn’t live without it for long because I need to shift my jaw with the help of these elastic bands. Moreover, I was told by my friend who is also wearing braces that she once removed the elastic bands for awhile and caused her teeth to move and position crookedly.

I definitely don’t want that, so I put the elastic bands back on after 2 days.

However, when I told Dr Lim about the gap, he delightedly told me that it’s actually good and said something along the lines of being able to have “more space” when the jaw shifts even more.

As a result,Dr Lim changed the wires into a stainless steel one so that he could bend it for me to hook on the elastic bands.

If you refer to the picture above, you would see that there’s 2 circle wire hoops at the bottom. Yup, he bent it so that I can hook on the wire instead of the small hooks on the teeth brackets, so that it would shift my teeth again.

Although I have not achieved the perfect smile and teeth yet, I must say that I am really elated at what I’m looking at now, comparing to what I had previously before braces (see 1st pic in Jan)

So it may be true that those with underbite can be cured with only braces which can help you jump the bite.

The only worry I have now is that I still cannot smile properly and naturally, which could be due to 2 reasons.

Firstly, because of the restrictions caused by the braces and elastic bands and secondly, because the length and width of my jaw are still the same. So I would still look weird smiling with my teeth shown.

With chin augmentation/reduction, this would solve all the problems. But I chose not to.

Nevertheless, here’s the comparison for my teeth throughout the braces journey so far…

braces jan to jul

Psst, feel free to ask me about anything here : 🙂

Braces Journey for a Class III Underbite Malocclusion

Finally, I am now a complete braces wearer, after about 5-6 months.

Erected them on my lower set of teeth (which are already straight originally) and hooked 2 elastic bands on the side to control and correct the jaw movements.

The bands are quite difficult to wear and I am so afraid of them snapping on my fingers, face and inside my mouth. My friends have warned me that they might snap when you yawn or open your mouth too wide for whatever reason.

My orthodontist is trying very hard to convince me that jumping the bite (i.e. correcting an underbite) can be done with just braces, not needing any surgery.

He has shown me some pictures of other patients who managed to jump the bite and they seem really good. One thing I was more concerned is the age of the patient. As underbite involves skeletal structure of the jaw, the older you are might prove difficulty or at least takes a longer process for the shifting to occur.

But I am quite satisfied because after putting on the braces on the bottom row, I quite strained my upper teeth a little forward to overlap a teeny bit of the lower teeth.

Photo 14-06-2013 04 47 20 PM

Not sure if you are able to see it though. Cant strain too much because it hurts as the bottom teeth is still trying to adapt to the braces.

The overall picture and comparison thus far :

Photo 14-06-2013 04 17 44 PM

Photo 14-06-2013 04 52 31 PM


I think these 2 pictures above is clearer in showing the front teeth overlapping the bottom 2.

Photo 14-06-2013 04 17 54 PM

Sorry that I cannot open my mouth too big due to the elastic bands at the side.


By comparing the results monthly, you can see that my upper row has straightened out and the gaps are slowly closing up. On top of that, you can also see that I am slowly approaching to jumping the bite as well by looking at the 2 front teeth.

I am thus one step closer to achieving that perfect smile! 😀

If interested, my orthodontist is Dr Lim from Bedok Q&M Dental. He runs around to other clinics too such as Bugis, Orchard and Bukit Batok. His schedule is quite packed though. I find him still acceptable and friendly, although careless at times, but hey everyone makes mistakes right! 😉

*Pls note that this is not a paid advert or sponsorship. Undertook this on my own and is paid for by myself.