Sponsored Beauty Review – ISZO CIRCLE LENS

Are you looking for comfortable, affordable and long lasting contact lenses? Do you find contact lenses sold at optical shops too expensive and only carry daily/monthly usages?

Then you definitely have to visit ISZO CIRCLE LENS !!! 🙂

ISZO CIRCLE LENS offers a wide variety of coloured contact lens which are guaranteed safe for usage.

I’m wearing Popc Light Blue (Candy Magic King) in this picture 🙂

Without flash

Under natural sunlight as I was facing the windows…

With flash

With flash

I bought some Maxi lenses on an urgent basis because I ran out of lenses (actually because I tore 1 side of my last pair 😦 ) from the optical shop and honestly, the lenses from ISZO CIRCLE LENS is so much more comfortable! I wore the brown one from Maxi lens and brought this Popc Light blue lens from ISZO CIRCLE LENS to my recent Genting trip and the former caused me so much discomfort as well as dryness and blurriness of my vision. So I’d decided to switch to the Popc Light Blue lenses for the rest of my Genting trip 🙂 It even works fine with strong cold winds when I was outdoors at Genting Highlands! 😀

Like you, I am skeptical of wearing contact lenses sold online especially after the banning of online sales by the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore due to fake contact lenses sold online, but seriously lenses from ISZO CIRCLE LENS is really comfortable and gentle on the eyes!

Of course, some of eyes who have smaller eyes are not suited to wear lenses that are too big in diameter so besides checking on the water content, do take note of the diameter as well. My advice is not to get too big ones such as 18mm as you would look like Furby and a little gross with such big eyes that cover almost the whole of the white eye! :S

I have also been sponsored with another brown pair i.Fairy Hanabi Brown by ISZO CIRCLE LENS but havent gotten the chance to wear them yet 🙂 Will upload pics of them when I get to wear them 😀

ISZO CIRCLE LENS is not a blogshop/online shop based in Singapore but in Malaysia, so they do not violate any laws/regulations by the HSA in Singapore. Rest assured when you purchase from them! 🙂

They carry other brands of contact lenses such as

as well! 🙂

What’s more, ISZO CIRCLE LENS is also giving out these cute contact lens casings!!!

Check out mine!


For latest updates, do check out their Fanpage too which is proudly supported by more than 12k fans!! 😀

Say HELLO to big dolly eyes today with ISZO CIRCLE LENS !!! 😀