[Beauty Review] L’Oreal – False Lash Architect 4D Fibre Effect Mascara Waterproof Formula

As mentioned in my previous beauty review of Love Alpha Mascara, I’m currently using another Mascara which claims to lengthen and volumise at the same time. Definitely what I need for my short and sparse eyelashes!

My natural eyelashes are extremely short and it’s that short till whenever I try to curl, I’ll either press onto my own eyelids (OUCH!) or that the eyelashes cannot even extend to the point where it can be seen.

Don’t get what I mean?

Just take a look at the pictures below.

Photo 30-5-14 8 11 11 am (1)


Photo 30-5-14 8 12 17 am

Yeah, hello fine lines 😦

So yes anyway, that is after curling… pathetic isn’t it?

But after using eyelash serums (yeah I’m using 2, damn kiasu right?), which I will blog about in my upcoming post, my natural eyelashes have grown – lengthened and volumised! More new lashes have been sprouting out too. 🙂

Really happy about it and I thought that maybe it’s time I can try and abandon my fake eyelashes, and I have not been using them recently, unless I’m really really lazy to apply mascara and remove it after that or if I really want a more dramatic effect for events like clubbing (which I hardly go now)?

And…although many have commented that my fake eyelashes are quite natural looking, some even thought I applied mascara on my own eyelashes, I don’t like the label of being ‘fake’. And what is more amusing is that, after I have stopped using them and decided to wear them on again, I felt that my eyelids were heavier.

It’s really strange, isn’t it?

I thought that I should have already gotten used to the feeling which I really did after wearing them for so many years, and when I didn’t use them for a short while, I couldn’t get used to it. -_-”

Anyway, I read online that if you have short lashes, you should look out for those with fibre that help to lengthen your eyelashes. And if you have sparse ones, you need to volumise them.

But if you are kiasu like me (my eyelashes are actually more of the ‘short’ kind in relation to the ‘sparse’ kind), I got a mascara which consists of both functions – lengthening and volumising! Short and sparse eyelashes – I guess most Asian girls face this problem.

Oh and did I mention that even my bf has longer eyelashes than mine?!


And we’d always joke about getting them curled by me which he agrees without any hesitation (not sure if he’s joking?!).

So anyway, here is how the L’Oreal – False Lash Architect 4D Fibre Effect Mascara Waterproof Formula looks like :

Photo 30-5-14 10 10 40 am

Photo 30-5-14 10 10 10 am

Photo 30-5-14 10 10 19 am

The wand is a straight wand and not the curved one, which I prefer.

After application of 1st layer of coat :

Photo 30-5-14 8 16 32 am

Haha, don’t ask me why they look so unbalanced. This picture was really taken after the 1st layer. I guess it must be the difference in volume of eyelashes for my both eyes. My left eye’s eyelashes are more sparse and lesser than my right eye’s 😦

After 2nd coat :

Photo 30-5-14 8 18 48 am


I know it still looks unbalanced despite the same number of coatings 😦

If you are wondering why didn’t I apply properly at the inner lashes, well that’s because they are too short to be curled! I am always having difficulties trying to curl my lashes, especially the ones near to my inner eyes 😦

A before and after comparison :


Let’s see what I like and dislike about this mascara.

Pros :

  1. Lengthens my eyelashes
  2. Volumises my eyelashes
  3. Does not clump easily! I really like this mascara for the fact that it hardly ever clumps! Unlike the Love Alpha Mascara, but I must say that because of the natural fibre from Love Alpha Mascara, the lengthening effect it can provide is definitely better than this L’Oreal – False Lash Architect 4D Fibre Effect Mascara.

Cons :

  1. Lengthens with limitations – does not provide fake eyelash/dramatic effect. However, I’ve seen reviews that it works very well for other girls 😦 It may be because they have long eyelashes to begin with? Or perhaps they applied a thick coating? But I’m not keen in applying so many layers on my eyelashes because it looks too fake and also because…read my next point
  2. It is difficult to remove! Because it’s waterproof (which you can now tell its pros and cons), it makes it difficult to be removed. I have been using Biore Makeup remover wipes to remove them and it always takes a long time to remove them completely, compared to having fake eyelashes on. Amazingly, Love Alpha Mascara is easier to remove but I guess that’s because it may not be waterproof?
  3. Volumise with limitations as well
  4. May be pricey to some – if I recalled correctly, I got this at Watsons for around close to S$30? Love Alpha Mascara  only cost me $11.90 (without postage fees) from Qoo10, although authenticity cannot be 100% guaranteed.

For now, I’ll continue using the Loreal mascara and at the same time, religiously apply the eyelash tonic serum and patiently wait for my natural eyelashes to grow more and longer.

*crosses fingers*

4 stars

If this could really lengthen and volumise further, I’ll definitely give it a 5 star!

10 useful tips to achieve an au naturale make-up look which men adore!

Less is more! Too much make-up piled on may backfire your plan in ‘beautifying’ yourself. Enhance your features, not conceal them, save for blemishes, that is. Here are 10 of my personal tips for the au naturale look.

I used to apply thicker and heavier make-up when I was younger and when I first explored the magic of cosmetics. I used to apply eyeliner on my waterline and then slowly ditched it and moved on to applying mascara on my lower lashes instead.

However, it has since been some time that I’ve decided to go light and easy on my make-up as I grow older. Despite that, my bf’s affirmation of beauty has helped me achieve greater confidence with lighter make-up.

On days when I’m merely heading to work and back home, I’ll have my specs on with minimal make-up on my face, which only includes the basics such as foundation, concealer (for my horrendous dark circles), eyeliner as well as light blusher on. Of course, my brows would have to be drawn too.

On days when I’ll be heading out after work, I’ll change into contacts, stick on falsies and add a little shimmery pearl white eyeliner at my tear ducts and lower eyelids. Of course, blending it well for a gentler and lighter look, but yet still able to brighten up those tired eyes.

You will only see me with heavier make-up if I go for the dope/rockchic look or for outings such as clubbing, but not always. It depends on my mood and time constraints, if any.

Other than that, I’ve learnt to discover that LESS IS ALWAYS MORE!

Don’t believe? Ask the guys! And I’m sure many of them would admit that girls with lesser/lighter make-up that looks closest to natural is more attractive than those with dramatic and heavy make-up.

Unless you’re gonna headbang and be rocking ur ass off like a rock star everyday, I suggest to tone down your make-up.

Here are 2 tips to achieve a natural look with make-up :

1. If you have great skin, try to skip the foundation and opt for a tinted moisturiser instead. And if you have blemishes, just pat the concealer lightly over them.

2. But if you must, do remember to choose the appropriate and right colour shade for your foundation. Those with wrong colour shades which can obviously be seen by comparing the face and the neck or arms would tell you that they do not look natural at all. I have seen so many girls with a shade too light from their natural colour skin, especially in photographs where the background is dark and flash lights are required. A major turn-off.

For more useful tips, read my beauty article on MFP here! 🙂

Before I forget, I know the ulzzang trend is piping hot right now and girls now dig having dark and thick eyebrows. But if you’re gonna go for the natural look, consider going easy on the tone and shade of the brows! 😉

Have fun reading! 😀

How has make-up affected me?

Hello! Here is another personal entry that is closer to my heart than just reviews and advertorials…

A short introduction on how I’d picked up make-up.

Like all of us, before entering into the world of make-up fantasy, I was a geek too.

Okay, maybe not like a geek-geek but less attractive than now and of course, fatter and tanned then. I did not have long luscious hair as well. That was in my late teens and early 20s and was also when I had met my bf. Recalling how I’d looked does really crack us up sometimes, but with my rolling my eyes at him, mocking my fashion sense, or the lack of it and how I look so different from now. Of course, he was also part of the reason why I turned to makeup and ways to keep myself looking great! 😛

Use some imagination because I don’t think I’ll post pictures of me previously. HAHA.

But if you know me personally or seen me in person, then…. good for you! 😀

So, how has make-up affected me?


Cliche as it sounds but I’m sure you have heard of this saying that “There is no ugly women only lazy ones” isn’t it? But a rebuttal of “Beauty is only skin-deep” also comes into mind and those rely on make-up to boost their confidence and ‘feel’/’look’ prettier/more appealing and attractive are condemned as being superficial.

Whatever it is, I don’t see why make-up is seen in such negative light if it makes one feel good about themselves. With confidence, you feel good on the outside and inside as well, no? Okay, to be fair, you may be an ugly monster inside whose heart is as black as charcoal etc but let’s keep that aside, shall we?

I feel more confident with make-up on and definitely feel more attractive (I’m not saying that I am…). Feeling and really is are 2 different issues altogether.

But that also brings me to the next point of losing confidence, without make-up on.

I think most girls might feel the same way as I do since make-up helps to ‘beautify’ your features and improve your appearance (not considering the fact how some girls ‘uglify’ themselves via poor makeup skills and concealing their features instead of enhancing them).

And then some people end up looking like this :


Because I’m so used to putting makeup on, there was even once I had to even doll up myself when I merely had to head down to bf’s house neighbourhood. And then bf was quite annoyed by the fact that I dolled up for no apparent reason.

Then it hit me.

Why am I feeling so insecure?

Reason being, makeup really does strip you off your confidence when you don’t wear them.

We were all born naturally without any makeup or aesthetics done, so why feel ashamed or ugly without makeup?

Of course, main reason for most girls is to look beautiful and perfect infront of their bfs, and hopefully receive praises and compliments.

Who doesn’t like receiving them, especially from your loved ones, right?

Apart from being a nincompoop at times (I mean who doesn’t? Nobody’s perfect!), the bf really did touch my heart and boost my confidence each time he compliments me when I have no makeup on.

And I believe he praises me from the bottom of his heart.

Like when I just woke up with slightly oily face (combination skin) with the retarded ‘forever-not-enough-sleep’ kinda look, together with my ooh-lala breath (you mean you have sweet-smelling breath like frangipanis?!) and my unkempt mane… He’s still able to see the ‘beauty’ in me when this image is a gazillion times much worse as compared to looking fresh, smelling fresh (after bath and brushing of teeth), with neatly combed hair, but with no makeup on.

And so they said, ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ 🙂

So I have been trying to come to terms with myself and decided that I should not bother dolling up if I was going to some nearby place, although there’s still some degree of insecurity lingering inside of me, especially when there are beautifully-dolled up girls around. At times like these, I just feel like burying my head into the ground and I can’t bring myself to look at strangers in the eye…. :'(((

Yes, I must admit that I do feel ugly without makeup on, exposing my uneven skin tone, blackheads, stubby nose, single eyelids and dark circles to the world. But thank god for eyebrow embroidery, it did raise my confidence level by a tweeny bit 🙂

But what really affects my confidence or areas on my face that I’m unhappy with are :

In this order – Single eyelids, Stubby Nose, Wide jaw/chin (underbite corrected with braces but somehow I don’t feel my jaw completely corrected) and then my sunken cheeks.

I’ve not touched on this topic before but…. I am soooo tempted to get my double eyelids done, like really really tempted so I don’t have to keep sticking fake eyelashes just to create them. Having nose fillers and derma fillers (for my visible laugh lines) have also been lingering on my mind recently. And for my sunken cheeks, I know the only way to solve the problem is through fat-grafting (transferring fats from other body parts – I HAVE ALOT TO SPARE to your cheeks).

Okay, shall save all these ‘plastic’ talk for another time.

Back to topic.

So yes, if you see me looking geeky or all auntie-like, don’t get a heart attack ok? Beauty bloggers have their own set of problems too, you know? 😉

Bottom-line is :

And for that, I’m still trying.


Addiction does not refer to building your makeup collection from this :

To this :

Although the amount of makeup (and counting) evidently portrays your addiction to makeup and there are so many girls who have uncontrollable threshold in buying makeup stuffs…thank god I’m not one of them (yet?) 😉

But this next point further highlights the previous point on confidence. Over-reliance on makeup, which may be due to lack of confidence without it, may also cause addiction towards it.

Some people just cannot leave with makeup on and I try not to be one of them.

When I was first introduced to the fantasy world of makeup, I merely explored eyeliners and fake eyelashes.

Okay, fine. Maybe concealers were the first makeup product I own back in sec/jc days, introduced by my sister. You know how puberty were still at a high during that time and pimples were popping out before you can even scream P-I-M-P-L-E-S!!!

Nah, I’m kidding. I mean I’m kidding on the exaggeration.

I am blessed with good skin though not a perfect one so I’ve never had a face filled with Rudolph’s nose(s), except when I was stressing over O-levels which I could remember so vividly. Other than that, it was more of a 1 to 2 pimples popping out at the same time during hormonal change due to menstruation or exam periods.

So I can say that I am quite lucky. I don’t have to battle with acne-prone or sensitive skin issues.

But, because of makeup and my daily usage, unless I nua at home the whole day during weekends, it becomes an addiction and somehow placing an over-reliance too.

So yes, my face is constantly painted and I feel the need to have makeup on when I’m out (save for neighbourhood areas) – which explains the overlap between the lack of confidence and addiction.


From this :

And because of makeup…


To having poorer skin condition :

It is because of the frequent constant usage of makeup, I realised that my skin condition is poorer than before compared to the days when I was still playing masak-masak instead of checking out makeup tutorials on YouTube (although quite rarely).

After exploring eyeliners and fake eyelashes, I explored deeper and got to try out other ‘essential’ makeup tools such as compact powder (tried liquid foundation once for a period of time and hated it), blushers, highlighters, more concealers, more eyeliners (from pencil to crayon to gel and now I’m in love with liquid ones), to eyebrow pencils, to shimmery eyeliners, to eyeshadows (still trying to master this perfectly), to primers (currently only own 1 Red Earth eyeshadow primer – I’ve never used a foundation base primer before) and to the recent what is known as – CONTOURING MAKEUP TOOLS (for my stubby onion-like nose).

The more stuffs you put on your face, the worse your skin condition gets. And it’s true because LESS IS MORE.

I didn’t have that many blackheads on my nose compared to the times when the word ‘makeup’ seems like a distant relative of mine.

Now, it’s like it has become a PART OF ME. :O

And there was also another incident where I broke out due to makeup, in particular, the short period of time when I was trying out liquid foundation, as mentioned above.

I am quite sure that I won’t be using liquid foundation anymore. And I have never used BB/CC/DD/ABCDEFGHAKSHWIRHGCKSZXXXX creams too.

Apart from the hassle and mess they create, since you need to use your fingers (I prefer using fingers over sponge because of the better control and blending skills), such creams clog your pores even more.

On top of that, not forgetting to set the liquid foundation using loose powder (the more stuffs added onto your face , the more your pores suffocate!).

I recall my mum commenting that my makeup is so thick because I was using liquid foundation. That’s something I don’t wish to hear because thick means… ugly and possessing wrong/bad makeup skills! And looks like a wayang/geisha.

So I’ve converted back to a compact powder user and I’m using Chanel’s Matte powder if you must know 🙂

Apart from clogged pores, I noticed my pores are bigger than before too. But to be fair enough, makeup might just be one of the contributing factor to big open pores, besides genetics, age and sun damage and me occasionally trying to squeeze out those blackheads squatting on my nose…

What Causes Large Pores on the Face? thumbnail

This is not me.


Although makeup helps to conceal your flaws, what is more important is the underlying skin beneath the layers of makeup.

The worse situation is to get yourself thinking you can fool the world with tonnes of makeup but deep down within yourself, you know you don’t possess that flawless perfect skin.

Plus, makeup can only conceal that much of flaws.

You can hide, but not forever. 

So, are you a makeup addict?

How has makeup affected you?

Feel free to leave me comments! 🙂

1-Day Acuvue Define Vivid Style Contact Lenses

First and foremost, I must apologise for those who have been keeping a lookout for my beauty posts and reviews because I must admit I haven’t been writing up much on beauty-related stuffs.

As my sis is working in an optical shop in the marketing dept, I’d got the opportunity to try out 1-Day Acuvue Define contact lenses! I was given a choice to choose 2 different types of contact lenses and I chose Vivid Style and Natural Shine.

I must also disclaim that this is NOT a paid/sponsored advertorial but based on my own personal experience. If you have been following my blog and observant enough, I would clearly state that an advertorial is an advertorial at the start of the entry post. But nevertheless, even sponsored/paid advertorials are based on my own personal experience and opinions and are in no way biased or prejudiced. I believe in providing constructive and useful reviews and feedback on the products because I understand how important reviews are when an interested and potential buyer is on the lookout for them – simply because I am just like you are! Shop smart because money is difficult to earn. Learn and read more about products that you’re gonna spend your hard-earned money on and spend only if you think it’s worth buying.

Okay, let’s not digress any further. I shall leave my naggings for another day (signs of ageing) 😦

And this is me wearing the vivid style lenses.


Tied up hair 🙂

A close up :

A comparison of the size of an eye wearing the lens and the other without :

For the benefit of others who are interested in 1-Day Acuvue’s daily lenses, here are some of style which they have to offer.


I remember my 1st pair of contact lenses were coloured ones from Fresh Kon and were almost the same colour as Vivid Style from Acuvue. Fresh Kon ones are monthly disposable type compared to the 1-day Acuvue which is daily disposable.

I decided that monthly ones from optical shop are rather expensive compared to those yearly ones. Do note that yearly ones are encouraged to be worn 6 to 9 months only and extra hygiene and care has to be taken because dirt and residue are more likely to remain.

For my saline solution, I use Bausch and Lomb because firstly, they are cheap! Mostly sold in twin or triple packs in Watsons and so far, so good. No problems. I use those specially for sensitive eyes too.

My review on 1-Day Acuvue Vivid Style :

Pros –

  1. Colour-wise, very simple and appropriate for work or formal events. I have come across girls who stick on to lenses which gives a more natural look rather than those coloured ones.
  2. Creates bigger looking eyes

Cons –

  1. I’m not sure if I’ve sensitive eyes or what, but some contact lenses do sting. However, if I were to rewash them again, sometimes they become perfectly fine again. I’m talking about newly opened lenses and wearing them on my first attempt.
  2. I find them quite drying after awhile. Usually at work, I will stick to my specs, because you know how easily your eyes tire out after staring at the computer screen for few hours and what’s more, my job as a Legal Counsel requires me to read alot because I have to vet and review legal contracts and conduct legal researches as well. I would usually print out the documents so as to reduce the time spent staring at the computer screen.

Honestly, I expected much more from contact lenses sold in optical shops, because they are supposed to be safer and provide more comfort, right? However, I am a little disappointed with this 1-Day Acuvue lenses, but I will give it another shot soon to provide a more holistic view since I mentioned that they are alright after cleansing. I will try on another fresh new pair again to see how it goes. Hopefully, they don’t pose anymore discomfort and drying.

Also, I don’t usually put eye drops because of a silly reason – it causes my falsies to drop because the adhesive from the glue doesn’t stick anymore. Hence, I try to reduce the number of times wearing contact lenses and restrict to times when I need them – After work if I’m going out, i’ll bring a pair along. I’ve a bottle of saline solution in my office drawer, so it’s okay. Either that, mainly reserved for TGIFs since we get to dress down and wearing a pair of specs just ruin my whole image. HAHA. Over the weekends, definitely contact lenses if I head out.

Another brand of contact lenses which turned out to be a huge disappointment is Maxi lenses. Most optical shops that carry Maxi lens offers a promotion of ‘Buy 2 get 2 Free’ which is extremely tempting, especially for those who are frequent users. I bought 4 pairs in total as a result, violet, blue, grey and brown (these are my usual colours). However, the 1st pair I worn caused much discomfort as well and subsequently, so did the 2nd pair. I’m still left with 2 brand new pairs lying on my make up table. 😦

The most comfortable ones are ironically the ones I get online such as Geo lens. If you are looking to achieve bigger eyes, my advice is to get those with black outer rings as they enlarge the pupils and are more prominent.

Also, it’s really gross to see girls with super artificially big eyes. It’s like they are almost covering the whole of their eye-white? Eew. Hence, the best bet is to get something around 14-15mm depending on the size of your eye sockets. I’ve tried 16 to 18mm ones and they just look really really weird. You don’t wanna look like Furby don’t you? Currently, my contact lenses are about 14.2mm and they look just fine on me.

Sometimes, they saying of ‘Less is more’ is true and applies to beauty as well, like minimalising the amount of make up on your face instead of piling tonnes resulting in a geisha or tranny look.

Hopefully my review on 1-Day Acuvue Define (Vivid Style) is of some help to you.

Thanks for reading! 😀


And Happy 58th love ❤




Beauty Review – Want big dolly eyes that sparkle?

Sponsored Advertorial

Geo lens contacts were one of the first few brands I’d tried when I’d first started to wear cosmetic contact lenses! I’m sure they were pretty much everyone’s as well.

Shipped in directly from Korea, GEO Contact Lens is the official distributor of GEO Cosmetic Color Lenses. The prices and quality of the contact lenses are strongly backed up by GEO Medical Co.,Ltd.

GEO Contact Lens has generously sponsored me with 2 pretty pairs of Geo lenses and of which, I will be reviewing 1 pair today! 🙂

I’m wearing GEO Angel Violet (Magic Color)! 🙂

Personally, the colours I would wear for contact lenses are black, grey, blue, pink and violet. I’m not a fan of red, green or other weirdass colours.

The trick to getting bigger dolly eyes is to choose those with a black outer ring, not only does it help to enlarge your pupils, they magically enhance your eyes too, giving them an alluring sparkling look!

In addition, other than proper care and usage of the lens, when choosing contact lenses, try not to get those with extra large diameters like 18mm. I think 16 to 18mm is rather big. I’d tried them on before and it just adds on to the artificiality! Whenever I see girls with overwhelming sizes of contact lens, it’s not only a major turn off but it kinda reminds me of Furby?! That scary looking toy… 😦

The one I’m wearing is only 14.2mm but it looks perfectly fine on me, not too big not too small. Most importantly, it fits the size of your eyes and eye sockets.

Another disadvantage in choosing a over-sized contact lens is that you might feel a ‘cutting’ feeling under your top eyelids. Based on my personal experience, that’s because not all eyes can withstand such huge diameters of the contact lenses. I’ve encountered this before and trust me, it was really a waste of money when you can’t continue wearing them anymore and have to discard a new pair! 😦

So thank god, Geo lens series range from 14.2mm – 15.0mm! And that’s another reason why you should shop with GEO Contact Lens ! 🙂

Last but not least, and of utmost importance, all GEO contact lenses from GEO Contact Lens comes with an anti-fake sticker which provides a 20 digit codes and you are able to check the authenticity of your lenses with GEO Medical Co.,Ltd ● GEO Authentication.

With more than 14,000 fans on their Facebook fan page, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start shopping with GEO Contact Lens today!!! 🙂

For another review of the other pretty pair of Geo lenses, do stay tuned! ❤

Advertorials (Sponsored Reviews) – Ambroxial.com



Was invited to take up this offered sponsorship by Ambroxial.com and to choose an item from their online shop. Being a make up fanatic, I chose cosmetics over apparels naturally.
(It’s actually also because I have an overwhelming lot of clothes! =x)

They are very generous to throw in some cute little stickers as freebies as well. Greatly appreciated! 🙂

Read more on my reviews on BlogshopBuzz here! 🙂 

Sneak Previews on Sponsored Beauty Reviews – Coastal Scents 88 Matte Colour Eyeshadow Palette

Are you tired of mundane colours for eyeshadows and looking to venture and explore with louder, bolder and more vibrant colours?

Well you’re in luck!

Do stay tuned for the upcoming make up tutorials and shares on where to get high quality ones yet maintaining its affordability!!! 

Also, I will be sharing on tips when choosing eyeshadows! 🙂

Here’s some sneak peaks for you! 😀



Ten Shortcuts to get that Perfect Flick of a Cat’s Eye

They say “eyes are the windows to our soul” and more often than not, eye make up can change your whole appearance. Next to other than body parts that are accentuated with curves, men do pay attention to women’s eyes as well They can speak volume, especially with the help of make up.

Apart from wearing contact lenses that provide big-eye effects and eye shadows, one of the fundamental eye make up would be the eyeliner. Some girls just can’t leave home without eyeliner and here’s why.



Notice how the effects of eyeliner help to enhance the appearance of the eyes? Eyeliners help to create a more deep-set looking pair of eyes.

If you are just starting out with eyeliners, try using pencil/crayon-like type of eyeliners. You would need to first master the curves on your eyelids as well as your eye shape and probably need to get used to applying make up on your eyes before you can advance on.

Once you can the hang of it, you may wish to try out a more challenging task – that is to create the cat’s eye effects!

Forget about eyeshadows, these cat eye effects would perfect the look!


Famous for her sexy pouty lips, Angelina Jolie does make effort on her eye make up as well to punch in more oomph into her sexiness. She has applied a line layer of eyeliner on her eyelids and winged it out towards the end. This is the basic looking cat eye effects that help to attract the limelight without stealing the focus on her lips. This belongs to the milder version of the cat eye effects.

Of course, depending on the choice of look and event, you may also wish to go bold with a dramatic look with cat eye effects by using ultra black eyeliners and thickening the lines drawn, especially on the side of the eyes, just like the signature look of the late Amy Winehouse.

If you are facing some difficulties perfecting that flick, here are some useful tips which you may consider trying out :

1. Using a cotton swab with a bit of lotion in an upward and outward motion from underneath the line will get you the sharp, cat-eye finish
2. Another useful trick is to use a piece of paper or if it’s too flimsy, use a name card instead. Similarly, you may also use this trick for the application of mascara on your lower lashes, preventing any stains. When placing the card on your face, position it at a 45 degree slant.
3. If holding the paper/name card on one hand and applying eyeliner on the other is too much of a hassle, try considering sticking tapes at the side of your eyes. This would provide you with ample assistance with the use of both hands when drawing the eyeliner. Also, remember the 45 degree rule.


4. Bearing in mind that point 2 and 3 would create a straight V-look like Amy Winehouse’s cat eye effects, some ladies would prefer a more natural look by curving out the flick instead. These curves can mesmerise men as well, providing a more sulty and flirty look.

5. You need to balance out the level of the flicks on both eyes and this can be tricky. Besides pasting sticky tapes onto your face, you may also stick the tape horizontally on your mirror of sufficient length for the width of your face, reaching one end of the eye to another. You then position the reflection of your face above the sticker tape so that the start of the extensions with either the straight V-look or the curve effects are on the same level as each other.
6. After you’ve got the start of the extensions settled, the other challenge would be to balance the ends of the eyeliner. Now, this can be rather tricky as well but having a mark which indicates the level you should try until would help as well. Don’t immediately remove the sticker tape on your mirror once you are done. Position yourself at the lower bottom of the sticker tape so that the tape is now positioned above your eye. Balance it out by adjusting your height according to the side that is completed with the eyeliner.
7. If you are using pencil/crayon-like eyeliners, be sure to sharpen them before drawing. This is especially important because the ends of the cat eye effects should gradually decrease in thickness ending with sharp edges. Drawing with blunt eyeliners will not create the cat eye effects as the ends would be rounded instead of sharp.
8. Do not use both pencil and liquid eyeliners or pencil and gel-like eyeliners together as the stark difference will be obvious, although it would be easier to draw the extensions at the ends with a liquid eyeliner. So stick only to one.
9. If you have not mastered the sharp edges yet, don’t fret. Instead, your dark grey eye shadows can now come in handy, creating the smoking eye effect. Since you will need to blend at the ends of the eyes, it would not be obvious if your ends are not perfectly sharp.10. To create the full cat eye effect, you would need to apply multiple coats of black mascara, especially paying attention to the longest lashes at the outer corners of your eyes for a super sultry look that is truly the cat’s meow.

And don’t just stick to the boring usual black eyeliners, go different, dramatic and adventurous with glitters and colours!








Have fun exploring and perfecting that flick! And remember, perfection is all about practice!

Beauty Reviews – Maybelline Lipstick Color Sensational Peachy Scene

I’m not a fan of lipsticks and because of the hassle to reapply again and again after eating/drinking, I seldom use them. But decided to get one just for the fun of it and because my lips are usually rather pale looking, I think painting some colours would do me good.Thus, randomly gotten one from Maybelline while I was patronising Guardian. I usually get stuffs from Watsons but I couldn’t find a store the other day so just randomly hopped into Guardian as I wanted to get the Nivea body lotions.

Since I’m not obsessed over lipsticks and reckon that I wouldn’t be a frequent user, price factor is a great consideration. Wanted to get 1 from Revlon that has both lipbalm and lipstick functions but the colour of the Maybelline one won me over. I tried out a few lipsticks on my hand before deciding to get this Maybelline one.



There weren’t so many varieties to choose from when I was deciding my take.



Yes it’s my cup of uncle looking kopi behind. The bf and I are such coffee addicts that we still enjoy our coffee even on weekends! Be it brewed or instant packets! 😀


And because I’ve not gotten myself a SLR/DSLR and didn’t have my digi cam with me, here’s a clearer picture of the lipstick I bought, taken with flash to showcase the slight shimmer.Credits to indianvanitycase.com


Red lips, though highly sexy and seductive, are definitely not my cuppa tea. I prefer sweet pinkish ones to match my sweet pink blusher. Perhaps when I’ve decided that I’ve blossomed into a fine mature lady (i.e. older la), then I’ll set my lips to hot striking red. But for now I’ll stick to sweet pinkish shades. Wanted to get a nude colour from Revlon but decided that it would most prolly make me look paler? LOLThough this Maybelline one doesn’t have lipbalm functions, it’ actually quite alright I guess. One of the reason why I don’t usually put lipsticks is because I feel they ‘suck out’ moisture from your lips, leaving it dry and flaky. As it is, I do have cold sore problems, tracing back to my sec sch days (unknown cause), and hence, I would usually smack on lipbalms only.

But before applying lipstick, this Maybelline color sensational allows me to apply it over my lipbalm so that I get to retain the moisture as well. I’m using lipbalms from Maybelline as well. HAHA.

Apart from that, a minus point of this lipstick is that its appearance doesn’t seem as slick and classy compared to others. Its transparent plastic cap causes it to look like some cheapo lipstick. I think the price is reasonable, got it at Guardian for $17.90.

Overall rating :


What’s in my make up pouch?


First row (left to right) :

  • Majolica Majorca Aurora Tear Liner in Blue and Pink 
  • Duo Adhesive Eyelash Glue in Dark Tone (HOLY GRAIL)
  • K Palette 1-Day Tattoo Eyeliner
  • Maybelline The Falsies Volum’Express Mascara

Second row (left to right) :

  • Loreal True Match Concealer
  • Bobby Brown Eyebrow Palette
  • Eyelash Curler
  • Silkygirl Duo Blusher

Third row (left to right) :

  • Canmake Highlighter in White
  • Boujois Liquid Eyeliner in Ultra Black (HOLY GRAIL)
  • Duo Sizes Eyeliner Pencil Sharpener
  • Chanel Vitalumiere Eclat Radiance Comfort Compact Power (HOLY GRAIL)


Here are some of my essentials I bring along with me wherever I go :


First row (left to right) :

  • Contact lens cases (1 to 2) – So that I can remove them whenever my eyes feel dry and tired
  • Mentholatum Therapy Lip Balm – Been using this for almost a decade (GASP!) and I like the minty feel on my lips. I am prone to cold sores (Attracted this several years ago) and it helps to soothe the itchiness. But I’ve observed that I can’t wear this to sleep because it triggers my cold sore when I wake up in the morning, which the reason, is still a mystery…
  • Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm (Smoothing Cherry and Cherry Velvet flavours) – I like the shine it produces which Mentholatum doesn’t offer. Oilier than Mentholatum too. 
  • Contact lens solution – Carry around a small one and I even have a big one at my office too!

Feel free to share what’s in your make up pouch and essentials which you can’t leave home without! 😀