Cute Cupcake Nails and Leopard Prints Nails with Beary-Nice Nails!

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Hello girls!

I’ve something exciting to share with you babes! And only because it’s beneficial, hence the excitement! 😀

If you are looking for cozy nail salons with excellent customer service, then Beary-nice nails is definitely the place to patronise and get you pretty nails done in a jiffy!

Honestly speaking, I was a little taken aback when I was welcomed with super friendly faces and smiles when I first entered the nail salon. Simply put, I was treated like an old friend by the manicurists at Beary-nice nails! The girls are extremely friendly and because of that, I felt at home and genuinely welcomed.

Their meticulous skills and their genuine interest in serving customers won me over. I have never encountered such warm and affectionate manicurists before. I am not only saying this because of the sponsorship, I am very certain I would blog the same if I were a paid customer because I have seen how they have handled other customers the same friendly manner as well.

Don’t believe? Head down to their shop and just try and inquire on their services and rates (no harm trying), you will be surprised how friendly they are! That I can guarantee you! 😉

On top of that, I have always been an indecisive customer when it comes to choosing nail art designs. Because I dress as per my mood, sometimes I’m looking girly but other days, I’m in the mood for a little ‘rock-and-roll’ kind of style, so it’s difficult to cater to both ends. But the girls were extremely patient 🙂

But nevertheless, I settled with these cupcake designs because it’s one of the trendiest design for nail art now, all because of the cupcake craze!

I try to avoid 3D nail art because I’m not exactly that demure and most of the time, they drop off easily. You know how ugly your nails will look once the embellishments are off, leaving unsightly ‘dents’ on your nail beds. I’m quite a perfectionist so once the nails, even if one nail is ruined, my mood is ruined and I don’t regard my nails to be perfect and able to attract compliments anymore. (I know, I’m usually quite hard on myself).

But the lady boss (Cecilia) of Beary-nice nails assured me the quality of the 3D nail art by applying layers and layers of top coats and acrylic powder, getting them to be cured by the gelish harmony LED lamp countless times so as to prevent them from dropping off.

Both Cecilia and Joanne were extremely patient and meticulous throughout the whole process and all because they want the best for their customers! 🙂
You know how some manicurists do a ‘shitty’ job, rushing their work through and not offering tip-top quality results? And then your nail embellishments drop off few days later? I know how extremely frustrating it is!

I’m sure this won’t happen with Beary-nice nails, they won’t scrimp and save on their materials just so they can ‘save’ a little bit more.

I was also given a good scrub on my feet to remove dead skin afterwhich my skin felt really soft and supple after that! 🙂

Now… pictures of my pretty nails! 🙂

Cute cupcake nails :

Photo 05-07-2013 12 45 55 AM

Left hand :

Photo 05-07-2013 12 40 33 AM

Right hand :

Photo 05-07-2013 12 41 11 AM

Lovely leopard prints nails :

Photo 05-07-2013 12 46 12 AM

Psst, FYI, all designs were hand-drawn except for the 3D embellishments! How cool is that! It takes a set of meticulous skills and patience to achieve such pretty nails!

So if you are on the lookout for recommendable nail salons, do drop by Beary-nice nails!

They were previously located at Tampines but have since shifted due to the upgrading works (still ongoing) by HDB.

Their rates (at unbelievable prices!!!) :

  • Polish only $ 4
  • Classic mani $15
  • Classic pedi $25
  • Gelish (hands) $35
  • Gelish (toes) $45
  • Xpress gelish (fingers/ toes)
  • $25
  • Acrylic or gel extension $80

*Nail art costs $1 per nail onwards – depending on your designs and type of embellishments – as with all other nail salons 🙂

They are currently located at :

Blk 89 Bedok North Ave 4

#01-87 (look out for this unit number)

Singapore 460089

Contact number : 82459863

Email  add :

(They are located near the famous food centre Bedok Blk 85 which you can indulge yourself in with the delicious food after having your pretty nails done – which I did! Teehee! :p)

Photo 04-07-2013 11 52 34 PM

Psst, and that’s not all!

Beary-nice nails has been nice enough to grant my readers :

10% discount off ALL SERVICES!!! 

Just quote ‘JeanGanMFP’ and enjoy your discount! 😀

And their rates aren’t even expensive to begin with and yet they are able to product such pretty nails! 🙂