Dian Xiao Er + Sungei Buloh

Hope you guys had an enjoyable weekend again!

By the way, there’s a long weekend nearing with Good Friday falling on a… Friday?

I’ve no plans as of now, but I guess I will have to start cramming up for my upcoming exams! 😦

Nevertheless, celebrated 2 friends’  bday last Friday at Dian Xiao Er. For those who know, Dian Xiao Er is famous for their duck dishes.

There were 11 pax of us and we ordered Family Set for 10 pax.

Ap0logies for the size of the images. I have no idea what went wrong. Resizing doesn’t help either. 😦

I had a hard time chewing on the duck, especially on the skin and the ribs due to my braces. The fish was quite tasteless as well. The veggies were alright but the prawns were not fresh. But this was the branch at Tampines 1.

Overall rating :

Dian Xiao Er

10 Tampines Central 1,
#04-07/08, Tampines One,
Singapore 529536
Telephone: 6783 6068


Bf wanted to participate in my company’s event to Sungei Buloh. It was not sponsored and neither was it compulsory as well.

I guess it’s a different experience from the usual dating all together 🙂

Thank god for the nice weather. It wasn’t hot and sunny in the morning but started to be when approaching 12 noon.

Monitor lizard. I squatted to get near to it for a close-up. How brave I was.

Several fishes. Wonder why the croc doesn’t eat them?

Okay, this might sound silly. I could actually see the little bird up in the tree when I snapped this, but now I can’t even find a single thing in this picture! :S

That’s my beloved adjusting his camera settings 🙂


Hidden croc.

Close-up. Submerging in the river.

Croc went up to us real close. Of course it was few metres away above the bridge where we were. Our guide, Allan who is 65 years old and a friendly guy, told us that this is the first time he had encountered the croc coming so close.

He has been a guide for the past 20 years by the way.

A little while bird.

This is Allan. He’s 65 and still as hearty as ever. He arranges trips to Malaysia as well and is very meticulous in looking out for creatures and plants in the wild nature.

Can you spot the frog?

Some artwork by kids.

Pencil roots.

I love these scenic views.

Spotted a huge mud skipper.

I’d thought the signs were interesting.

Very hot as it reached 12nn, couldn’t take it so had to tie up my hair.

Us 🙂

Monitor lizards swimming ard when we were abt to return.

And they were resting. 2 of them fought over the resting raft.

The view back. Say hello JB!

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Met up with my good friend while the bf was out for his friend’s stag night (groom-to-be).

Thanks for reading! 🙂