Dinner date at Doggiestyle Cafe with 2 loves of my life!

Finally….The bf and I have been wanting to head down to Doggiestyle Cafe like for the longest time! Although the cafe is located just a stone throw away from my house, we have been bad bad bad parents to Jingles because we procrastinated 😦

Anyhoo, we finally dined there a few weeks ago!

Photo 3-5-14 9 34 12 pm

Photo 3-5-14 9 33 57 pm

Photo 3-5-14 9 35 38 pm

Photo 3-5-14 9 32 57 pm

Photo 3-5-14 9 33 18 pm

Photo 3-5-14 9 33 08 pm

Photo 3-5-14 9 32 46 pm

Photo 3-5-14 9 39 39 pm

The food was quite acceptable taking into consideration of their affordable prices.  However, the bf thought that the truffle fries were not worth it for its price….

When we arrived at about 8+, there weren’t many customers. Those who were there whom I believed are friends of the owner left earlier than us and we were the last customers to leave.

They had 2 french bulldogs (hope I got this right) there who were friendly.

Photo 3-5-14 8 52 21 pm

And they have 2 cute bunnies too, although I think that white ones are cuter…more innocent with the doe-eyed look…

Photo 3-5-14 8 52 33 pm

It’s great to bring along your dogs for such ‘socialising’ activities because Jingles stay home most of the times and does not get to interact often with other dogs. Consequentially, she becomes quite a shy and timid dog, and she would always come back to me and look at me with those puppy eyes, as if to ask for help. Haha!

Here’s Jingles’ food!

Photo 3-5-14 9 33 29 pm

Photo 3-5-14 9 33 45 pm

Photo 3-5-14 9 11 51 pm

It was served piping hot and I had to smash the chicken pie up and let it cool down first before serving it to Jingles 🙂

Surprisingly, she did manage to eat a little. I recalled the last time we brought her to another dog cafe, she wasn’t even one bit interested in the food. Could be the cause of staying home too frequent….? 😦

Then she decided to stop inspecting the place and rested beside me. I was skeptical and afraid to unleash her because of the fear or what she and the other dogs might do. But my baby girl behaved rather well, except for sniffing strangers and got a little defensive and barked at the owner when he approached her. I guess she’s as wary as her mummy! 😛

Photo 3-5-14 9 43 41 pm

I was a happy mama when I saw she took interest in the pie but was left disappointed in the end because she didn’t finish it. There was still lots left and the 2 french bulldogs have been eyeing on the leftovers for some time but didn’t dare to get close to the dish bowl. The bf and I thought that since Jingles couldn’t finish it, it would be good if other dogs could help to finish to prevent wastage. And we pushed the dish bowl towards them, who approached it cautiously…Their owners did not know after awhile though and scolded them for eating Jingles’ food…HAHA!

Photo 3-5-14 9 32 19 pm

Photo 3-5-14 9 32 09 pm

Afterall, I thought that we quite enjoyed ourselves at Doggiestyle Cafe, in terms of the food, pricing and overall ambience. Oh and the owner was quite friendly too! 🙂

5 stars

Okay, technically ‘buy’ is incorrect but would I be back? YES! Would I recommend to others? YES too! 🙂

Doggiestyle Cafe

496 Changi Road

Singapore 419902

6449 1296



A pet is forever


A pet is forever. It is a responsibility and a commitment.

Treat them as if they were your own children because their lives are in your hands too.

I regret to see how prominent the recent increase in animal abuse and abandonment cases are now and after watching videos (although I try not to sometimes), I would be fuming mad.

I have had many pets before, ranging from chickens (yes chickens), birds, terrapins, hamsters (okay they belonged to my sis) and dog!

Of course, as time passes by, gradually one by one died or were set free (my monstrous terrapins which could bite till bleed). I am currently left with my dog (thank god!) and 2 canaries (my dad bought them again).

I shall focus on my longest pet ever – My dog, Jingles.

grey Pet Lovers Centre   The Pet Store you should patronise if you want the best for your pets!

She turns 11 years old this year and I am very grateful that she is still healthy and active.

However, there have been lapses when she is just restless (due to age) and sometimes, it hurts me so bad to see her doubling her effort getting up on all 4 legs from her lying down position.

She does not have any illnesses (THANK GOD!) but I know I can’t keep her forever. Even a healthy human will die of old age.

grey Pet Lovers Centre   The Pet Store you should patronise if you want the best for your pets!

grey Pet Lovers Centre   The Pet Store you should patronise if you want the best for your pets!

Although that would be the best preference to die, I am deeply saddened by the fact that time flies so fast that she is already 11 now.

And whenever I think of where am I going to put her at after settling down and moving out of my parents’ house, troubles me.

It’s not that I don’t wish to stay with her, of course I do!!! But I do not wish to house her where 90% of the time, nobody would be home. My future husband and I would be working full-time (most probably unless we strike lottery?) so I feel it’s kinda unfair to chuck  her at a home but with no companion.

Dogs may die of loneliness, just like humans. 

Jingles is my very first pet dog, I’m not sure if I would get another one after her passing. I mean I love animals and I would be elated to have a new pet dog but I don’t think I can suffer blows when they pass on. Each time I think of it, tears would well up in my eyes. 😥

She may not look completely normal (she has a crooked tongue due to nerve problem), she has occasional ticks/fleas but cured already as of now, she may be smelly, may be noisy and may even be mischievous on purpose, but she never fails to greet me with all enthusiasm when I’m home and when I wake up in the morning.

But to me, SHE IS PERFECT.