My Valentine’s 2014

I know this blog entry is kinda backdated but nevertheless, I’m itching to blog so…here goes!

As mentioned previously, we ‘celebrated’ our Valentine’s Day together like most couples. I inserted the inverted commas because it was merely a simple dinner at East Coast Park Lagoon where we stuffed ourselves silly and had a romantic chillax session by the beach shore.

Before we decided where to head down to on 14th Feb, I already had this idea of dining at ECP and then sitting by the beach, enjoying the cool sea breeze and romantic ambience with the man.

Boy, was I really surprised that he was the one who suggested this idea without any slightest hint! I really love times like this where the man knows what’s on my mind and what I want. This unexplainable telepathy simply swoons me and melts my heart! ❤

Whenever we patronise ECP Lagoon, we will always choose this stall which sells yummy salted veg and duck soup! I recall the times when my family often dine there too when I was young and they are still operating until now! It’s more than a decade old!

Our simple vday dinner of the night :

photo 3 (27)

This salted veg duck soup is a must have! The most delicious one I’ve ever tasted! It even includes chillies for the spicy taste!

photo 5 (23)

The man chose chilli crab and as I was feeling adventurous, I agreed but only regretted after that. It was too spicy for me to take, but overall the meat was satisfactory.

photo 4 (27)

The sambal stingray dipped a little in its standard and towards to end, it become a little dry.

photo 2 (33)

This ‘orh lua’ was from another stall and as it was our first dish to arrive, while waiting for the other dishes, our grumbling tummies took every bit with nothing to spare on the plate. Oysters were pretty decent in its size, but if you can’t take on its strong taste, do dip into the chilli to ward off the smell and taste.

I didn’t get the man any pressie because we had an agreement that it would just be a simple vday since our anni is nearing (more on that soon! can’t wait!), however this silly boy went the extra mile to brighten up my vday by sneakily getting these pressies for me!

photo 1 (33)

When he presented the 1st pressie which was the musical box, I was already surprised. So you could imagine my feelings and expressions when he told me he had a 2nd pressie for me. OMG.

We actually chanced upon this musical box on one of the weekend afternoons and while I was as curious as a cat, trying to figure out how it operates and was impressed by this little innovation, the man had something else in mind, of which did not even cross my mind until he told me.

It may be a simple musical box standing on one of the push carts in a mall, trying its best to impress potential customers (well it sure did for me!) with its sentimental midi song, but what melted my heart was what my bf said to me.

He simply said in a sweet one, “It reminds me of us.”


Immediately, tears welled up in my eyes which even he doesn’t know. You know the feeling whereby your mind is off somewhere, like in my case, trying to figure out the technicalities of this little machine and then boom, in comes sweet words from your loved one.

I was a little taken aback and not knowing what to do, I just smiled and laughed along, and I never thought much about it from then on.

And fast forward 5 days later, this musical box belongs to me. :’)

Descriptive words can do no justice to showcase how sweet this musical box is, so here’s a little video recording to better and accurately illustrate what I’m describing :

[embedplusvideo height=”270″ width=”480″ editlink=”” standard=”″ vars=”ytid=-Qk0MEoqqLE&width=480&height=270&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=1&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep9254″ /]

And I on the other hand, sticking to the ‘simple vday’ principle, trying to save up for better presents for our upcoming anni, merely made a ‘cookie cake’ for him.

I called it a ‘cookie cake’ because firstly, it was supposed to be a cookie but I used a heart-shaped baking tray so…it become a huge thick cookie like a cake.

photo (10)

In all honesty, I am not a great cook. It was only recently I picked up the interest in cooking and even more recently, baking (I’ll be baking my 1st cake tonight with my new toy! Fill u guys in on this later~!) and so this little ‘cookie cake’ which I air-fried using Philips Airfryer (after few trial and error attempts) is somewhat a little achievement to me, even though it may not be of any value in your eyes.

But when the bf presented to me 2 pressies, the value of this ‘cookie cake’ suddenly dipped while the guilt skyrocketed like nobody’s business.

I know it’s the thoughts that count but still…..

I was really really guilt-strickened and till now, we havent had the time to go shopping for his vday pressie! And I’ve some plans on my mind for our anni apart from our Phuket trip! 😀

Speaking of that, back to planning for our short getaway! ❤

photo 2 (34)