[Food Review] Spizza @ Katong

I brought the bf and treated him to Spizza for his commendable exam results recently at the Katong branch. I have been wanting to introduce this awesome eatery cafe because I enjoyed myself there previously with my ex-colleague and ex-boss, who treated me for my farewell lunch but it was at the Jalan Kayu branch.

We made a reservation for 2 and headed down for a TGIF dinner that evening.

These were what we ordered :

Photo 23-5-14 7 31 29 pm

We wanted to order 4 initially but the bf is a chicken-wing lover and so we ordered 6 and totally regretted…Not tasty at all!

Photo 23-5-14 8 10 51 pm

I had carbonara previously at the Jalan Kayu branch but chose this mushroom and chicken pasta, which was quite tasteless 😦

Photo 23-5-14 8 11 02 pm

I can’t remember the name of this pizza (Spizza name their pizzas after women’s names…) but includes sausages, mushroom and I recall that the sauce base is spicy.


Sad to say, I was extremely disappointed with the taste and quality of the food at Spizza at the Katong branch. Totally embarrassed me in front of my bf although there should be nothing to be ashamed of since we are such a close-knitted couple…but still! Gosh!

Perhaps the only saving grace was the pizza which tasted the best and their customer service was quite awesome (staff taking initiative to pull out another chair for us to place our bags and another chair to place the pizza due to space constraint), but still, we left the cafe devastated, especially myself.

My take is to dine at the Jalan Kayu branch. The Katong branch seriously need to reflect on their other dishes other than the pizzas.

Spizza East Coast

217 East Coast Road
#01-01 Tides
Tel: 6440 8300

Overall (Katong branch) :

1 star each for Customer Service and another for the pizza.

1 star each for Customer Service and another for the pizza.

Massage at Feet Haven Reflexology

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I was invited to a massage session at Feet Haven Reflexology and the package which I did was Shiok Basic Blend –  45 minutes of soothing foot reflexology with 15 minutes of shoulder and neck massage. I brought the bf along who I thought needed a good massage after a long-day at work and he chose the same package as me too.

There are many other types of packages as well to accommodate to individual’s needs and preferences. For example, some people would prefer only to have their feet massage after being on their feet for a long day and can opt for only feet massage while some people who are experiencing aching necks and backs may like to opt for neck, shoulders and back massage to soothe and relieve the pain.

For me, if I am not wrong, this is prolly my 1st or 2nd time having my feet massage because I’m not really a fan of feet massage as I find it kinda ticklish, LOL. I have had my back massage a few times because I have an old injury at my lower back. But recently, due to the frequent usage of mobile phones and being strapped with my desk-bound job, both my upper and lower back have started to ache even more so now. I guess this must be one of the tell-tale signs and effects of ageing. 😦

To be honest, I have been told my masseurs and therapists that the muscles/nerves at my back and neck are quite tight. I guess this must have been caused by the lack of exercise as well as sitting down in the office for too long, and also due to the old injury I sustained about 7 years ago during my JC days 😦

So anyway, we started off with getting our feet massaged 🙂


To be honest, personally I’d prefer a female masseur than a male one, call me conservative or what, but I really don’t like a guy touching me you know?

But because bf assured me that most masseurs, especially for feet are males, I decided to just go with the flow and yes, although there were some moments of pain during my feet and back massage, I guess they are still bearable. But if you prefer female therapists, Feet Haven Reflexology does provide them too, so no worries 🙂

And because there are acupuncture points on your feet which the pain would imply something, I was busy checking out which areas I felt pain at.

Reflexology Feet

Reflexology chart for top of feet

Sorry to put up so many images, because I realised there are some differences as to the specific organs affected.

And anyway, true enough, there were areas such as the neck and back where I have frequent aches at, did hurt when given a foot massage. I thought that was quite cool 😛

Bf’s therapist advised that one should have their feet massage at least once, especially for those frequent runners or use their feet very often. It is beneficial to our health 🙂

And because bf doesn’t get sufficient rest most of the times, he felt pain at the head and brain areas. 😦

I was kinda freaking out when I felt pain, fearing that my organs are dysfunctional or at least having some problems that I have totally no knowledge of. But I was rest assured that experiencing pain at particular areas of the foot does not signify that the organs are problematic, it merely implies a kick-start of the blood circulation and perhaps might have some poor circulation around/at the organs. So I guess there shouldn’t be much to worry about. What a worry-wart I am 😦

Due to the stressful lives we lead in Singapore, with such tight schedules and urgent deadlines to meet almost on a daily basis, be it work or school, it is always good to pamper yourself every now and then. The money which you have used your blood, sweat and tears (LOL say until so jialat) shouldn’t just be chucked into your bank accounts you know.

Spend them on yourself, especially when you feel that you deserve it. Of course, I’ll leave the topic on finance management out for now 🙂

Feet Haven Reflexology is a well-furnished little cozy space that accommodates to your tiring day by providing a relaxing and soothing ambience. Dimly-lighted and with soothing classics softly and gently played at the background, giving you every deserving reason to just sit back and relax.


That’s the cozy waiting area, together with the products on display.



Feet Haven Reflexology offers huge well-cushioned seats to allow you to achieve maximum comfort. It was empty when we visited because it was during dinner time but it was packed after dinner time! So it’s best if you could call and make a reservation to avoid disappointment 🙂

The bf and I decided to have our massage first before dinner because we had to rush to someone else after dinner. In any case, I think it’s also more appropriate to have your massage first before dinner, especially so if you are opting for a back massage and when you have to lie on your tummy flat.



Us feeling satisfied after having our massages done 🙂

The therapists were friendly and would check with you before hand should the water temperature be suitable for you, should the pressure applied of a comfortable level etc. I think this is very important because customers’ preferences should be of the utmost priority in relation to customer services.

We really did enjoyed ourselves and given the chance, would definitely head back there for more 🙂

Thank y0u Influencer Network, in particular Dennis for such awesome opportunity and arrangement and thank you Feet Haven Reflexology for providing such awesome services as well! 😀


Feet Haven Reflexology

136 East Coast Road,

#01-01 S428821

Call us at +65 6344 7311 or +65 86062930 to make an appointment or give us your feedback.

For feedback or corporate bookings, you could email us at feethaveneastcoast@gmail.com.