Gardens by the Bay – Weekend Updates!

Aloha! Monday Blues are kicking in I know but thank god mine ain’t gonna be that bad because bf and I are going for a movie marathon after work in town today! Bf won tix to Silent Hill movies (2 of them) and although I’m freaking out, I’m so looking forward to it! πŸ˜€

So anyways, I hope your weekend was fantabulous! Mine was a mixture though, particularly because I was down with food poisoning on Saturday! ARGH! When will I ever be fully healthy once and for all? It’s becoming a weekly affair right now.

Met up with JC mates on Friday for dinner at Song Fa Bak Kut Teh and some booze at Clarke Quay Aquanova. Patronised Rebel awhile before heading back as 1 of them had to work on Saturday morning. I know it’s how shitty to have something on the next day and you can’t fully enjoy yourself.  😦

Anyways, didn’t know what caused the food poisoning, could be the bak kut teh, the drinks or just the mixture of them? My friends were alright except me though.

Had a terrible Saturday morning and afternoon, and only recovered after taking meds and the jab and napping for 5hours. Had something light (Chicken noodle soup) for dinner that night but at a Thai restaurant.

Yesterday Sunday was filled with fun fun fun!

Family, plus bf and I went to Gardens by the Bay and we patronised the domes too! πŸ˜€


6 tix for all! But without my BIL, who went overseas.

Marina Bay Sands

Lovely Singapore πŸ™‚

Inside the dome

The lovely waterfall at the Cloud Dome which is freezing cold!!!


And they have Christmas special! πŸ˜€


Pretty flowers πŸ™‚

More pretty ones! πŸ˜€

KOP-ed this from bf’s cam. Notice the difference in image quality with the rest which were taken with my iPhone πŸ˜›


We were starving so we dined at Pollen @ Gardens by the Bay. Ordered 3 set lunches @ $70 each. The prices there are whooping nuts man I tell you! Don’t ever go there if you want something that is value for money. But then again, expensive cuisine and dining are disproportionate to the value of money and the portion of the food served.

We were still hungry after that despite paying for so much! The sparkling juice ain’t cheap either and I hated it. Ugh.

I mean I won’t be the kind to spend a hugeass sum of money on food and am the kind of person who will just have $3 chicken rice to satisfy my hunger pangs. Am not a fussy eater (unless you are talking about unexpected parsley, ginger and icky stuffs on my food…)

But anyways, pictures of the food looks gooood πŸ˜€ And apologies that I can’t get hold of the names of the food though…

To go along with bread πŸ™‚

Some crab meat starters…

Some veggie starters.

Some fish for main course.

Mushroom risotto


Pre-dessert, lol. Some passion fruit jelly. Didn’t like it.

Can’t make out of it but my family were like saying that the brown stuffs looked like soil and the lemon-shaped thing tasted really like detergent :S

Don’t be fooled by the innocent greenish thing. It actually tasted like cucumber/melon’s skin! YUCKS!

Some sour raspberry sorbet with green tea crumbs…

And a sweet (ahem!) picture to end this post…

I know, the leaves are kinda in the way… lol

I am thankful for all the fun-filled laughter and lovely moments I was blessed with ❀

Sometimes, it is true that money can’t buy such abstract happiness. πŸ™‚