Beauty Review : New skin care regime with DRx Clinic!

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Hi all! In my previous post, I did blogged about my new skin care regime with DRx Clinic 🙂 And now I’m back with a full detailed review!

Please note that beauty products do not produce miraculous results immediately. Consistent usage would be the best bet to achieving great results!

However, on the whole, I must say that after using DRx skin products for  approx 1 week+, results are already noticeable!

I was brought to see Dr Yanni (pretty, knowledgeable and young lady) to attend to my concerns. As also mentioned in my previous post, I actually visited DRx Clinic with the intention of removing my birth marks. However, DRx Clinic was very kind to sponsor me with their skin care products, which many bloggers and customers have been raving about. That is because, DRx Clinic do produce awesome results!

As with other customers, I had to attend the consultation session with a bare face. Thank god it was during the haze period where I get to cover my bare face with a mask. 🙂

Despite that, Dr Yanni did complimented about my skin condition. Honestly, I am born with a good skin condition, so lucky me!

Here’s some info on my skin conditions :

1. Combination Skin Type (Slightly oily T-zone areas)

2. Visible pores (That’s what I’ve always felt but Dr Yanni mentioned that my pores are not large and not much of a problem? WOOHOO :D)

3. Comedones (Blackheads and Whiteheads) on my nose, around the lips and chin areas. Comedones are quite a common skin problem for ladies, especially in Singapore due to the hot and humid climate. But thank god generally speaking, our air is not as polluted as other countries (not taking into account of the haze period which is only a one-off incident). This also explains that most ladies in Singapore falls under the combination skin type.

4. I don’t have sensitive or acne-prone skin, except when I use the wrong products and break out as mentioned in HERE and HERE. On top of that, I would also encounter with tiny/huge acnes prior to the menstruation period, which I guess it’s all normal due to hormonal changes? Because of that, I have some acne scars on my skin and was given a lightening cream to dab on these spots (X-cream).

5. My greatest concern is that I am starting to have laugh lines due to ageing, lack of sleep, diet, lifestyle etc! I was also told that due to my weight loss, my face became skinny and have sunken cheeks ever since after I lost weight after puberty – if by any chance I could show you pictures after and before, and now, trust me, you won’t believe they are the same person! HAHA! I have hollow sunken cheeks that sometimes make me look like zombie and haggard-looking 😦

*Please note that I have committed myself to only use DRx products for the time being as using other skin products might affect the accuracy of results intended as well as disrupt the functions of the products. Also, as with any other beauty products, besides for marketing gimmicks purposes, there is also another reason as to why customers are always encouraged to use products from the same series. For example, if you are using Fancl Emulsion, you should also use their cleanser, toner, lotion, masks etc. Or if you are using L’Oreal’s anti-ageing serum, it would also be highly encouraged that you use the other anti-ageing products from the same series as well. The reason is simple, because these products more often than not, contain almost same main ingredients, differing only in those ingredients added/removed to suit the product’s functions. Simply put, products from the same series complement one another. 🙂

If you are wondering the discrepancies of the products I was given as compared to others whom you may have read their reviews, that is because these products are prescribed by a qualified skin doctor to suit your own needs. This is different from getting products off the shelves which may or may not be suitable for your skin. Even if one is knowledgeable and have vast understanding of your own skin, I think it is always best to leave it to the professionals if you want to achieve best results.

Thus, what may work for me may not work for you. This also applies to all reviews as their results are highly based on subjectivity.

These were the products I was given to try :

Photo 23-06-2013 10 57 52 PM

Do note that all DRx products are given simple abbreviations to suit the needs of some customers who might have difficulties in remembering the names of the products. So DRx does place customers as top priority 🙂

*Credit to DRx Clinic official website for the pictures and descriptions

1. Foaming Cleanser (1) 170ml

Clear yellow gel with a faint fragrance that lathers well when worked with the palms.

Foaming Cleanser is a hydrating cleanser for all skin types that contains optimal concentrations of Marine Algae extracts that gently exfoliates for a soothing and refreshing wash. This cleanser promotes natural cleansing and toning, while balancing the pH level of the skin.



Pros :

  • I am a fan of foaming cleansers! Prior to this, I was using Laneige’s White Plus Renew Foam Cleanser and have been using it for quite some time! So I was totally elated when I got to know that DRx is getting me to try their foaming cleanser 🙂
  • The reason why I’d like foaming cleanser is because it is hassle-free and feels soft and light on your skin.
  • So far, no breakouts or any adverse reactions on my skin from using DRx foaming cleanser 🙂

Cons :

  • You will need to know the ‘optimal’ amount of the cleanser to be mixed with water so as to produce a ‘bouncy’ foam that lathers well on your skin. I have had experienced with foams that were too ‘watery’ and ‘runny’ because I had mixed too much water. 😦

2. Toner (2) 170ml

Clear colorless fluid with faint fragrance that leaves a cool after-feel.

Toner is an alcohol-free fluid with Glycolic and Salicylic Acid to enhance the cleansing process. It contains Allantoin, which helps restore moisture to the skin, leaving the skin feeling revitalized and supple.



Pros :

  • Helps to remove excess and remnants of dirt which make-up removers and cleansers have failed to. This acts as a double-protection and removal of dirt.

Cons : None at the moment

3. Comedone Formula (CF) 25ml

Brown essence with a strong herbal scent that leaves a slightly sticky after-feel, which goes away when completely dry.

Comedone Formula is a natural formulation containing botanical extracts, which work to reduce the appearance of comedones (blackheads & whiteheads). It assists in dissolving and softening comedones and prevents new comedone formation by loosening the follicular plug and also by reducing sebaceous activity.



Pros :

  • This is one of the high raved products by DRx! To be honest, I did feel and noticed visible results after about 2 days of usage! It did helped to clear my blackheads on my nose as well as white heads on my chin! I usually have ‘bumps’ on my chin due to these annoying whiteheads but it’s gone now! 
  • As mentioned, I also have comedones surrounding my lips and these are the ones that are the most difficult to squeeze out as compared to those on the nose and chin areas. Whenever I provoke them by poking or squeezing, they would swell the next day and I would be having visible red bumps on the edge of my lips where they are located at. It is extremely embarrassing and even more so when I am having a cold sore (Dr Yanni gave me a cream to treat this problem as well – please read below). I have also been applying on these areas besides my T-zone areas, and so far so good. No annoying comedones appearing anymore on the applied areas!!!
  • As a result, my skin is ultra soft and supple and there are no more uneven ‘bumps’ – you will know when washing/applying skin care products on your face because that is when you touch your face necessarily. Don’t go touching every now and then because your hands are filled with lots of bacteria and dirt. Also, you will notice the suppleness when applying foundation! It glides over my face smoothly now. 🙂

Cons :

  • As it is made of oil, it is quite difficult to use your fingers to apply them on the T-zone areas. This non-viscous liquid flows rather quickly before you can apply them on. I have no tried using cotton pads to apply though as I was advised to use my fingers to pat into the T-zone areas.
  • Of all the products prescribed and as with what many other reviewers mentioned, this is by far the one with the most pungent smell. In fact, all of their products are not scented as it is made made from botanical extracts and with no fragrance added.

4. X-cream (X)



Pros :

  • I can’t review on its effectiveness yet. I apply this on my acne scars as well as freckles in hoping to lighten them. I guess we will have to wait till the 1-month period is over, before I can compare results.

Cons :

  • It does produce a little redness but subsides after a while. But my skin seems to be peeling now…


5. Max-C (*C) 35ml

Clear, fragrance-free, watery gel that imparts a neutral feel upon application.

Max-C is a potent anti-oxidant formula based on the highest possible stable concentration of Vitamin C. It counteracts free radicals, encourages collagen and elastin production to control the adverse effects of photo-damage, including wrinkling, sagging and other symptoms of premature skin aging.




Pros :

  • This is yet another highly raved product by reviewers! I like how light the texture and gel-like products are easier to apply using fingers as compared to oil-based as mentioned above. 
  • I was a little skeptical as to the absorbency because during mornings, I’ll always have to rush to work (Oh how I loathe mornings!) and was worried that it might take some time to be absorbed and that it might cause my foundation to be uneven and ‘cakey’. I totally hate it when this occurs because I’ll have to spend more time to solve the problem! But no, Max-C feels ultra light and refreshing once you apply on your skin! And it has a fast absorbency rate, leaving your skin matte but well-hydrated.
  • Also, I have pointed to Dr Yanni about my concern on my laugh lines and am glad to be prescribed with this Max-C which contains collagen and elastin production to control the adverse effects of photo-damage, including wrinkling, sagging and other symptoms of premature skin aging!

Cons : None at the moment

6. Non-tinted Sunscreen SPF 30+ (5A) 60ml

White-colored cream that leaves a smooth silky after-feel.

Non-tinted Sunscreen SPF 30+ is an advanced non-tinted formula to protect the skin against harmful UV rays, helps prevent sunburn & photo-damage caused by UVA/UVB exposure. Suitable for use on sensitive skin and mild enough even for children and infants.





Pros :

  • As with the previous product, Max-C, my greatest concern about this Suncreen lotion is its absorbency rate and texture – whether it is too rich/thick/oily. 
  • To my surprise, it is well-absorbed (I try to leave it on for some time before applying my foundation) and does not leave any residue.
  • It also remains absorbed into my skin when I apply my foundation. You know how there are some products which causes ‘rubbings’ of the lotion when you apply foundation? Yup, didn’t encounter such a product with DRx Sunscreen lotion 🙂
  • It adds value to my foundation’s SPF which contains SPF 10 (Chanel Matte – Black version) and I recently switched back to the Matte version from Lightening version SPF 25 (White version) because the latter didn’t suit me as it dries up my skin.
  • And simply because sunscreen is ESSENTIAL and IMPORTANT in our local climate. Psst, I don’t usually apply any sunblock on my face (except for my body where I apply Nivea’s lotion – even that I believe it is no as effective as sunblocks) and hence, am totally guilty of this! =x

Cons :

  • I guess the only flaw of this product is the waiting time for it to be absorbed. It may absorbed into the skin within a shorter time than I usually spend waiting, but definitely, you won’t be able to apply your foundation immediately. Perhaps I would try this out, to reduce my waiting time, and re-review again? 😉

Products 1-6 are meant to be applied in that sequence, hence the sequence in this review as well 🙂

7. Strong Lightener



This is meant to be applied on my birth mark areas.

Pros and Cons are the same as X-cream as for now. 🙂

8. Dermovate Cream

Photo 24-06-2013 11 28 18 AM

Photo 28-06-2013 10 24 25 AM

This is meant to cure the flaking, red angry skin surrounding my lips due to my cold sore problem.

Pros :

  • It keeps my lips hydrated – I apply on my whole lips but I most probably shouldn’t be doing this. But since the lips is made of skin, so I had thought, why not? 
  • And guess what? My cold sore hasn’t return ever since. Please note that cold sores are incurable. You may only stop it from appearing but as it is a virus that remains inside your immune system and when activated, it causes sore blisters that produces water. For more info, please read here. Now, don’t judge me because I have had friends laughing because they understand that cold sores are caused by STDs but I’m telling you that I didn’t get it because of that, I have been battling with this for almost over a decade (reason unknown but definitely NOT STD) and only recently, due to my poor health in 2012, it started coming back! 😦
  • I am pinning my hopes on this cream to help solve my cold sore problem because it is realllllyyyyyyyy embarrassing. I look ridiculous with sausage lips!!! *fingers crossed*

Cons :

  • Need to use fingers to apply as compared to lip balms. Not a fan of using fingers or having to wash them every now and then when I want to apply it. A little troublesome as well as it leaves your finger oily but if you’re not calculative (keh gao), whipping out a tissue to wipe it and finding a dustbin to throw it wouldn’t bother you much.  

Despite using DRx products for only 1 week+, I have already noticed visible and promising results on my skin (and lips)! I can’t be more thankful than I already am to be blessed with good skin naturally but seeing the results DRx products have achieved within such a short period of time, I believe I am definitely on the right track towards achieving a perfect skin! 🙂

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