[Beauty] Have you heard of ‘Botox’ for your hair? Fluff Hair Room

I have been dyeing my hair for years till date and it is no wonder my poor mane dries up easily and quickly due to the chemicals used.

Photo 19-4-14 6 14 53 pm

I realised that using hair treatment products at home such as hair conditioners, be it wash-off or leave-on or even hair mask do not work exactly well.

This brings me to my main topic of ‘Hair Maintenance’ and you should consider pampering your tresses approx once every month with hair treatments by notable hair salons.

Just last week, I dropped by Fluff Hair Room (what a cute name, isn’t it?) to have my hair treated.

Photo 22-4-14 12 15 16 pm Photo 19-4-14 5 49 47 pm

Photo 19-4-14 5 49 59 pm

The products which were used :

Photo 19-4-14 5 54 03 pm

Left : Erayba Professional Line Hydraker K11 Keratin Hair Botox

Intense Keratin and Argan Oil therapy, absolute moisturized and renovated hair.   Paraben free, salt free, sulfate free and hypoallergenic perfume. For damaged hair that needs special care and deep moisture. Enhanced hair reconstruction from inside out, hair protection, natural shine, nourishing and smoothing effect. Combine the HydraKer series for different therapy rituals and bring back your hair´s youth and natural beauty.

A deep moisturising shampoo with Keratin,thermal lipid-complex, Argan Oil, Vegetable proteins and Karite Shea Butter.

Right : Erayba Professional Line Hydraker Total Repair K10 Keratin Total Mask

Intense Keratin and Argan Oil therapy, absolute moisturized and renovated hair.

Paraben free, salt free, sulfate free
For damaged hair that needs special care and deep moisture. Enhanced hair reconstruction from inside out, hair protection, natural shine, nourishing and smoothing effect. Combine the HydraKer series for different therapy rituals and bring back your hair´s youth and natural beauty.
I trimmed my hair and fringe as well as my last trim was during cny period!
The aftermath results :
Photo 19-4-14 7 19 27 pm
Photo 20-4-14 1 10 31 am
Photo 20-4-14 1 11 52 am

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Fluff Hair Room

14 Scotts Road, #05-84 Far East Plaza

Singapore, Singapore 288213

Phone   : 6836 0468

Email    : fluffhairrm@gmail.com

Pamper your hair with Headlines Hairdressing!

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If you have been following me on my Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram, you would have known that I have dyed my hair to red!

I got bored of the usual brown and opted for red this time round.

Before pictures :

Photo 13-07-2013 05 17 08 PM



And a close-up of my previous brown hair :

Photo 01-07-2013 04 40 13 PM

Headlines Hairdressing is now officially my hair sponsor, so you will be seeing more of me getting my hair pampered and cared for by them!

HH logo

My hair stylist is Charles Tan who is also the Creative Director of Headlines Hairdressing 🙂

Entrance of Headlines Hairdressing :

About Us

Credits to  Headlines Hairdressing ‘s website.

A little brief info on Headlines Hairdressing :

Gary Lee

Gary founded Headlines Hairdressing with the intent to provide this industry with a salon that catered to the delicate needs of clients using state-of-the-art techniques. Besides being a hairstylist, Gary is also an educator who has attained great renown in Singapore,  Here, the client is listened to, patiently guided, educated and most importantly genuinely befriended.

It is a known fact that with the constant dyeing and redyeing, alot of damages are actually harming your hair through these chemical treatments. It is difficult to maintain your locks by yourself without professional help, even with regular application of hair treatments bought from off-shelves counters.

As extracted from Headlines Hairdressing‘s website, one of their many goals is actually empowered with a motto of “Walking through the doors, each client will be empowered with the ability to unlock and sustain the natural beauty and radiance hidden within. ”

I couldn’t agree more. 🙂

Truth be told, it is not how stylish your hair looks, whether you have straightened it, permed/curled, dyed in whatever pretty colours, that rates our hair appearance. All these would not be achieved in perfection if your hair is not healthy.

You can have pretty long curls dyed in milky brown, but without radiance, your hair would look ‘dead’ and limp.

As much as your skin needs to stay healthy, the same goes for your hair too.

And so apart from nutrition consumption internally, external maintenance is equally important too.

And for that, we should leave it to the hands of the professionals and I trust Headlines Hairdressing to do just that – the ability to unlock and sustain the natural beauty and radiance hidden within my hair 🙂

This was taken during the dyeing process :

Photo 14-07-2013 02 06 02 PM

And… Don’t you love my iPhone cover? It’s a Chanel Nail Polish design! HAHA! 😀

Photo 14-07-2013 02 06 46 PM

And this was taken during the hair treatment process :

Photo 14-07-2013 02 44 49 PM

And Charles snipping some inches off my fringe and ends :

Photo 14-07-2013 03 23 55 PM

And tadah! 😀


Photo 14-07-2013 04 23 41 PM

Photo 14-07-2013 04 42 25 PM

Photo 14-07-2013 11 03 51 PM

I think it’s one of the brighter colours I have ever dyed and wasn’t quite used to it… but after receiving compliments about me hair, with even one of them being a MacDonald’s staff approaching me to ask for the colour of the dye, I must say that Charles really did a good job 🙂

I have also taken the plunge to switch my hair parting as I have not done so before (tried a few times and couldn’t get used to it) and it’s important to change your hair parting to prevent receding hair line and balding 😦

There were the products which Charles used on my hair :




Protection of Cuticle

These 3 main elements of CMC reinforce CMC layer which consists of hydrophilic δ(delta) layer and lipophilic β(beta) layer, and improve damaged cuticle, control light diffuse reflection, and create lustrous hair base.

Superlipidure (phospholipid polymer nanosphere) makes 7 layered lamellar liquid crystal structure and pseudo-cuticle to protect the hair, and regenerate hydrophobic surface to make hair smooth, silky, and lustrous.



Emollient CMC Shampoo (Lithe)


This Shampoo contains a lot of cleansing ingredients which are scalp and hair-friendly.

  • CMC Amino element works on the hair, and while maintaining hair condition, remove dirt from hair and scalp.

  • It gives smooth finishing that does not affect hair volume

  • Bubble with soft feeling

  • Refreshing apple peach fragrance

What is CMC? Cell layer compound exists outside and inside our hair, and hair cells stick together so that it is not easy to peel off (noteasy-to-damage effect) and maintain moisture, and prevent it from leaving (to prevent dryness and maintain hair softness). Damaged hair means the so-called CMC substance had left the hair, and many gaps develop inside the hair, resulting in hair winding, which is the cause of loose and dry hair.



Moisture Base for Treatment

Adel contains 4 kinds of ceramides, cholesterol and phytosphingosine included in natural ceramide to recreate same structure of hair’s intercellular lipid, and improves the repair function.

Maltose-based Millet jelly (starch syrup element) and ceramide 1・2・3・6Ⅱ improves hair condition, Adel keeps necessary moisture inside damaged hair, and creates best hair condition for treatment. With its internal permeation typed moisture holding elements, make hair soft and moist before next treatment.



Hair Repair

Brava contains matrix keratin and fibril keratin which make up hair’s cortex as repair components for severe damage, and amino acid which is CMC component for mild damage. Also, with mixing silk PPT which has cuticle repairing effect and pearl proteins (hydrolyzed conchiolin) handles various damages.

Contains amphiphilic reactive ceramide -like substance and 18 MEA-like active agent to penetrate ingredients of “Adel” and “Brava” into hair with the these affinity. Also, penetrated reactive ceramide acts by binding to net-like structure to prevent repair component from flowing, then set it inside hair.

The hair dye which I used is from Matrix products and the colour code name is ‘So Red’.

MATRIX, the leading professional hair care and hair color company in the United States, is part of L’Oreal USA’s Professional Products Division.

Matrix was founded in 1980 by the American husband and wife hairdressing team, Arnie and Sydell Miller. The Millers wanted to provide hairdressers with a comprehensive range of products that would help them grow their businesses and provide the means to take full advantage of their talent and creativity. Now, over two decades later, their original ideas still stand strong and Matrix is committed to the development of the salon professional and offers a wide range of hair care, color and hair texturizing products including: Biolage, Total Results, Vavoom, Design Pulse, SOCOLOR, Color Sync, Wonder.Brown, Logics, Gloss Sync and Opti.Smooth.

Visit website: www.matrix.com

And the hair treatment to repair and sustain radiance is known as Mucota ABC (Avel, Brava and Calore) 🙂

MUCOTA established it’s first beauty laboratory in 1984, since then, MUCOTA’s relaxing hair and treament hair techniques well received in Autralia, Korea and L.A. In 2007, MUCOTA entered Mexico’s market, then to Taiwan & Singapore in 1st quarter of year 2009.

Prime Group (Asia) Pte Ltd is the authorised agent for MUCOTA in Singapore and Southeast Asia since April 2009. MUCOTA is one of the top prestigious hair care products which have been in Japan since 1983, when its first “Perfect Perm” products were released in Japan’s hair care market.

Visit website: www.primegrp.asia

Here I am with my hair stylist, Charles 🙂



18 Cross Street, #01-15
China Square Central.
Telephone: +65 6221 6866
Opening Hours:
Mondays to Fridays – 1030am to 830pm
Saturdays – 1030am to 7pm
Sundays & Public Holiday – 1030am to 5pm

Look for Charles at 6221 6866 or SMS 90251218. , he’s really gentle and friendly  🙂

Charles Tan

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And that’s NOT ALL!

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Tame your flyway wisps and bid your frizzy hair goodbye today! 🙂