Food Review – Imperial Treasure Dim Sum

Dim sum can be considered 1 of my favourite food and my liking for it grew as I age…

Tried the dim sum at Imperial Treasure @ Changi Airport Teminal 3 at Crowne Hotel.

Shall let the food walk the talk.

I didn’t eat this because it’s way to fattening and doesn’t suit my liking.

A picture of the custard inside is a MUST-SNAP for all custard buns. I wasn’t a fan of them initially in general but after realising that there were actually made of salted egg, I grew to like it.

This was rather crispy as encapsulated in this picture. Awesome flakiness of the crust. Might tend to get a little messy when the crumbs fly in all sorts of direction when you sink your teeth into them. If I’d recalled correctly, prawns were filled inside.

This dumpling soup IS DA BOMB.

Initially thought to be like any other ordinary dumpling soup, something similar to those wanton mee stalls, but boy we were SO WRONG!

This is A MUST HAVE if you ever eat here.

It is completely filled with a double-boiled chicken herbal taste! It’s REALLY REALLY GOOD!

The congee tasted quite good. Because of my braces, my interest in porridge/congee grew. I detested them previously.

Wrapped with fresh mushrooms and some veggies which I loathe, it tasted quite alright except for the fact I had to remove the veg every now and then. The skin was just nice, not too thin nor thick. Chewable.

Fried dumplings were the least favourite but I personally thought they tasted alright. They were very crispy and the skin were rather thin too.

Overall rating :

Quite satisfied with the food and service there, although there was this 1 waitress who bumped into me twice without first excusing herself while serving nor did she apologise. Ugh.

Also, do take note that you are given approx 1.5h for dine-in, but they didn’t chase us away anyway.

Do take a trip down and satisfy your tummy with these delicious dim sum! I guarantee you that it would be a trip worthwhile! 😀