The ‘Everything-Korean’ Craze

From make-up, to skin care products, to famous aesthetics procedures to K-POP music and dance, celebrities, to fashion and not forgetting those Korean dramas you are obsessed with… K-O-R-E-A is definitely hitting the charts!

At MyFatPocket, July is the month whereby we are going to highlight everything about Korea.

In conjunction with this theme in mind, the MFP team has also flown to Korea to document plastic surgery and aesthetics procedures, gathering first-hand news and updates!

Don’t lag behind, keep yourself updated with the Korean trends with these articles :

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Is cosmetic surgery about more than just a pretty face? A TV show in South Korea argues that for some people, not only their looks but also their lives can be radically improved by going under the knife.

When’s the Best Time to Visit Korea? [Video]

How Korean Girls Like to Be Pretty (Korean Beauty Standards) [Video]

Indepth of Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery in Seoul, Korea by Key Opinion Leader, Professor Beom Joon Kim [Video]

Enjoy reading! 🙂