[Lifestyle] Shape Run 2014 – What can be improved?

Shape Run 2014

Last Sunday, I took part in the Shape Run 2014ย in the Women’s Competitive 10km category. I was supposed to run with my buddy but she fell ill and hence couldn’t join me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

But I guess that’s alright because usually when I run during run events (I don’t call them marathons because technically, a marathon isย 42.195km), mostly with my bf, we run separately although there are times where he waited for me. Different people run at a different pace due to obvious differences such as stamina, gender and so forth. So I guess running alone is alright with me.

To be honest, this is the first time I am running without my bf who was kinda worried for me as he won’t be there to look after me should anything happen. Heh, so sweet eh. ๐Ÿ˜›

I slept at around 1.45am and sprung up to action at 5.20am when the bf woke me up as he was gonna turn in (he was mugging for exams till late). I usually don’t have sufficient rest the night before the run which is extremely not advisable, so please don’t do that. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

photo 1 photo 5

I gobbled a banana before the run and praying so hard that I wouldn’t face with stitches at my tummy, and thank god I didn’t! ๐Ÿ˜€

A word of advice, you should NEVER run on an empty stomach. I used to do that but I always felt sick ย after running on an empty stomach. Eating after the run doesn’t help either because all I felt was puking which I did once, quite badly. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

You should always have something light 1 to 1.5h before running and a banana would suffice.

Unsurprisingly, I reached the event a little late and started off 4mins after the official timing. I guess for all run events, especially when there is a massive crowd, the gun time will never be the same as your real commencement timing because it is just too crowded and so, you will find yourself walking first before you can really start running.

Here is some of my feedback and thoughts on the Shape Run 2014 event in summary,ย which many other runners concur as well (I know this because I saw many others complaining of the same on Shape Singapore’s Facebook)

  • Lack of manpower – at water points and booths giving out finisher tee and medals
  • Runners using USED cups due to insufficient cups
  • Runners drinking FROM THE huge bottles and PASSING IT around to other runners. I really find this unhygienic but I guess this is based on individual’s perspective. But whatever it is, this should NEVER occur and has NEVER occurred in all the run events I have been to (I have completed over 10 run events to date).
  • Because of the long waiting time and everyone was rushing and pushing, with disgusting sticky bodies rubbing against yours (MAJOR YUCKS), I was so fed up that I gave up and forgo the chance (what chance?) to hydrate myself.
  • After completing the race, there was NO direction as to where runners could receive their medals and prizes. There was no systematic method of organising this event. It was so bad that I actually thought perhaps there was no medals given out because some run events actually do only hand out finisher tees. But Shape Run 2014 does give out BOTH medal and finisher tee however, there was no sign to direct runners after completing the run. I was quite lost and eventually, I found the booth giving out the finisher tee and medal.
  • The queue, unsurprisingly was damnnnnn long. The amount of crowd was madness but thank god, the ‘XS’ size category was the shortest and because I opted for ‘XS’ for my running vest as well, I reckon I should be able to fit the ‘XS’ finisher tee as well.ย photo 2
  • However, upon reaching the booth after queuing like for 10mins (poor others had to queue even longer for other sizes), I realised that the volunteers were not giving out the medals and finisher tees, it was DRINKS. I was like, huh? but took it anyway and it was only the booth after this drink booth, were the volunteers handing out the medals and finisher tees.
  • The event took place at Nicholl Highway and they had booked the huge grass field to fill their tents with, which was quite a distance from one booth to another, but I guess this is only a minor issue.
  • There were long queues at the photo booths and freebies booth which I guess it’s pretty common
  • During the run, there was a junction where both 10km runners and 5km runners faced an intersection (which means prone to clashing into one another). I think this is pretty silly because I thought the organisers could actually route it properly to avoid this? I don’t know but this as well, has never occurred in other run events I have participated, especially at the same route.
  • Not as many road marshals stationed at the routes but I guess this doesn’t really bother me that much

This pretty sums up the consequences of poor organisation of the event. I am rather awed and taken aback because Shape Run as compared to other run events held by Community Centres or small organisers, is considered as a major event. I guess it can pretty much be on par with Standard Chartered Marathon?

Anyway, thank god for another friend who ran 5km and waited for me to finish my 10km.

photo 4

photo 3

Hate my fat arms ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

photo 3 (3)

I know my timing is shit.

photo 2 (1)

Finisher tee and medal!

Upon completion of the Shape Run 2014, I still have 3 other upcoming run events – Yellow Ribbon, Tampines Run and Great Eastern Women’s Run. Still thinking if I should participate in the Standard Chartered Marathon this year…

On a side note, I really hope to improve my speed and stamina but my knees are getting tighter and tighter… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Any advice or tips from fellow runners? ๐Ÿ™‚

Edited with results :

TIME: 1:27:21 (gun) / 1:22:40 (net)

My first trail run – Lion Dash 2014 @ Tampines Bike Park

I thought since I’ve been into fitness and diet myself, why not share with other girls who are keen?

Let’s start with sharing my experience in a very recent run event – Lion Dash 2014. As this was our first trail run, we opted for ‘Fun Run’ instead of the other 2 categories. It was also because I didn’t want to get all muddy and dirty which we eventually did covered ourselves with even for the ‘Fun Run’.

Don’t let its name mislead you, it was definitely not fun at all. Or perhaps, challenging would be a more appropriate word.

We have been participating in other run events (I don’t use the word ‘marathon’ because that would technically mean 42.195km) since 2013.

These are the medals I have achieved thus far, excluding a Nike Run which didn’t give out any medal but just a finisher tee -_-” (Nike u so rich , y u no give medal?!)

Photo 12-6-14 9 15 02 pm

The bf started joining such events with his friends first and later, I got roped in and from then on, my interest grew. Of course, I had another agenda which is to lose weight!!! Consequently, I run on my own on certain evenings after work as well.

At the start of the race.

Photo 8-6-14 9 55 38 am

The Lion Dash as mentioned was the most challenging run ever I have experienced. Apart from the puddles of mud which some could be intentionally avoided, there were deep pools of muddy water as ย well. It was knee-level and because the water was muddy, we could not see how deep or shallow it was. Hence, we took some time to cross over the long stretch of the pool of muddy water and because the ground was so soft due to mud, we nearly fell.

I read from other runners’ experience that some of them suffered some cuts and abrasions as well.

In addition, as with all trail runs, the incline is definitely not a flat-level one. Running up-slope was very exhausting and I was very much not prepared for that since most of my runs were on flat-grounds. Running down-slope was also a tricky one because some were so steep that I was so afraid of falling or roll downhill…LOL!

We did not bring our phones along and kept it at the baggage corner for safekeeping since we were afraid that our phones might get dirty or drop into the mud, so there are no pictures from my camera.

These are some pictures which I got off from their official Facebook account.ย 

I guess the deep pool of muddy water wasn’t captured because the photographers were afraid too.

You may view the rest of the pictures here via Running Shots’ Facebook.

These were the only 3 pictures of us.

I know right, that serious look that I’m wearing on my face….I dont know why the bf is looking so chirpy…?!

I don’t know how long I took but I think it was approx 1h30min for 8km? Usually I’ll take about 1h20min for 10km so you can imagine the reasons for the delay.

And even though our race category did not include obstacles, apart from the above-mentioned ones, we needed to climb over huge logs and branches. There was one that was so high that I had difficulty climbing over because my legs are just too short -_-”

The huge ass log was placed in the muddy water and I couldn’t balance myself and decided to just tramp on the muddy waters instead.

On top of that, we also had to climb over a mountain of huge tyres…

Yeah, see that mountain of tyres behind?

We didn’t had to roll or carry the tyres because it wasn’t in our race category.

You know, I actually feel kinda cheated because we still had to encounter some obstacles, argh!

Anyhoo, we still managed to find some energy to snap pics after the run.

Photo 8-6-14 10 58 24 am

Photo 8-6-14 10 46 08 am

Photo 8-6-14 9 58 20 am

Photo 8-6-14 10 46 03 am

Photo 8-6-14 10 45 01 am

Photo 8-6-14 9 56 22 am

Photo 8-6-14 10 34 53 am

I’m keen to join Shape Run and Great Eastern Women’s race (thinking of whether to try out 1/2 marathon – 21km) since I’ve not tried before…Looking for kakis to join me! ๐Ÿ˜€

If you are gonna join too, maybe you will see me there too? ๐Ÿ˜›

5 Healthy snacks you can have while trying to lose weight

As you guys know how health-conscious I have been recently, I have been paying extra attention and caution to my food and drink intakes.

Many of you have approached me with questions on tips to lose weight.

Here are some of the snacks I would recommend that you guys to consider if you are looking for healthier alternatives, i.e. less fat, sodium, sugar, carbs…

1. Fruits

You can never go wrong with fruits. Have them before your meal or 2 hrs after a meal would be ideal so that these simple sugars won’t turn into excess fat.

Can fruits make you fat since they are made of sugar?

Answer is, simple sugars are much easier to digest compared to complex sugars such as pasta.

Moreover, whether they result in an increase in fat % depends on few factors :

a. the amount consume – at the most, I would take 2 types of fruits for snacks. I doubt one can stuff so many fruits at one go or a day to result to the ‘fattening’ state.

b. whether you burn off these sugars which would convert to glucose for energy or stored as fats (excess). I would have a piece of banana before my evening run, say about 1.5h before, to fuel my energy and 1.5h to 2h is a good timing for digestion so you won’t get stitches or stomach cramps. It’s also 1 of runners’ top favourite energy food before their marathons ๐Ÿ™‚

2. High fibre foods

Chew on veggie sticks or munch on a piece of bread that contains low-glycemic index.

Glycemic indexย (GI) is one of several metrics used to quantify short-term changes in blood glucose levels in humans following the ingestion of carbohydrate-containing foods.Glucoseย is the body’s source of energy; it is the fuel used by the brain, muscles, and other organs. Glucose is set at 100, and all foods are indexed against that number. Therefore, foods that are quickly digested have a high G.I., and foods that are digested more slowly have a lower G.I.

Simply put, choose food with low GI would allow you to feel fuller for a longer time as they are digested more slowly.

Wholemeal/multi-grain bread/Quaker oats (packet) or snacks like SoyJoy is good.

3. Salads

Further to point 2 above, salads make great snacks or meal replacements too! You need not only add veggies, you can play around with the ingredients yourself. I prefer preparing my own salads as I know what my own preferences are. Meat is not fattening if you eat them moderately and choose the right meat and parts to eat.

For salads, throw in strips/chunks of chicken breast or smoked salmon. I assure you they are very yummy! ๐Ÿ™‚

I have mine with only lemon juice as dressing or no dressing at all.

4. Cereals/Muesli

Consider having packet of instant cereals that are yummy and yet contain little calories!

Either that, pack a box of cereals or museli (or muesli bar?). You can have them with or without milk.

Cereals/cornflakes can be said to be fattening due to high carbs and some contain sugar as well.

Choose wisely. I like plain cereals or either that those with dried fruits such as Banana Nut Crunch – that’s my all name favourite.

Of course comparing cereals and veggies, the latter is less fattening. But this is just my suggestion if you find salads boring or tasteless. At least cereals are less fattening that chocolate cakes and stuffs.

5. Yoghurt

It’s not one of my favourite food but it’s definitely one of the healthy foods recommended to consume.

Get plain yoghurt and combine with your own choice of fruits. This is healthier and less fattening than those fruit yoghurt. You may also consider adding fruits to your plain cereals/oats ๐Ÿ™‚

Drinking water alone will not keep you full for a long time and it’s a hassle to keep having to relieve yourself.

If your stomach is growling for hunger, listen to it. Listen to your body.

Feed it right and exercise.

You will lose weight gradually in no time.

I hope this helps you girls who are trying to lose some weight.

Disclaimer : I am not a nutritionist (although I’m very keen in studying that…) nor a personal fitness trainer nor a qualified doctor, but just a health-conscious person who have tried and tested the above as healthier alternatives. I’ve done some of the homework for you guys (out of my own interest) so I thought it would be good to share it on my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for reading and yay to healthier lifestyle! ๐Ÿ™‚

Tips on losing weight Part 2 – How to eat and still lose weight?

Those who have been following me on myย Facebook pageย would know that I have been trying hard to eat healthily only because…


Here are some of the food that I’ve been having…

You will see that they are very easy to prepare or sometimes, require no effort and time at all… Unless you’re saying that opening the fridge door, washing the fruits and opening cans/packets is a tedious job…

And only because, yours truly has absolutely close to zero culinary skills and knowledge!


But but but, I will make an effort to brush up my non-existent culinary skills… so gimme a chance lah, heh.

Heh, so anyway here are some snap shots of what I’ve been eating recently…

Kellogg’s Mueslix!!!

This is my new found healthy food ๐Ÿ™‚

photo 2

The thing about cereals is that you have substitute your meals with them or just snack on them. Very convenient yet healthy too ๐Ÿ™‚

For this ‘dry’ version, I added plain low-fat yoghurt with blueberries!

It’s time to stock up on those berries – blueberries, strawberries, raspberries….

Read here to find out why berries are good for you!

photo 5


Then here comes the ‘wet’ version, wet sounds wrong but I can’t technically call it ‘soup’ version like mee pok dry and mee pok soup right?

photo 1 (2)

And when I have mixed veg rice…without the rice. Ahem. You can actually substitute plain white rice with other healthier carbs such as brown rice (if possible but dont think its possible when you’re eating out and brown rice tastes yucky!) or bananas (high carb but at least it’s healthier than plain white rice).

photo 1 (3)

And then I went to get these health food after my evening run.

Nuts are fattening yes but I plain to add them into salads…So give and take ๐Ÿ™‚

Multi-grain bread with loads of wholesome grains and low GI simply stands for lowย Glycemicย index. Low GI actually helps you to feel fuller for a longer time, so as to prevent you from snacking on other food again. Read here to find out more on the benefits on consuming low GI food! ๐Ÿ™‚

photo 1 (4)

One of my DIY salads…

I prefer to DIY my own salad because, firstly you get to customise it to suit your own preference (there are some veggies which I don’t take such as capsicums, celery, pickles, cucumbers…) ย and they cost so much cheaper than cafes and restaurants! In addition, you can opt for a healthier dressing such as lemon juice, vinegar or even olive oil! And of course lastly, you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction after preparing your own food ๐Ÿ™‚

Ingredients used :

  1. Iceberg lettuce
  2. Tomatoes
  3. Picnic ham
  4. Raisins
  5. Low-fat cheese

photo 2 (2)

And another one of my own salads…

Ingredients used :

  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Boiled broccoli
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Tomatoes
  • Tuna mayo (supposed to use tuna chunks instead but silly me opened the wrong can tin)

photo 3 (2)


Was pressed for time so I’d used a the multi-grain bread, the remaining tuna mayo and tomatoes!


photo 3 (3)


One of the pre-made salad I got off-shelf from Cold Storage…doesnt really taste that good because of the lack of dressing…and am not a fan of carrots, which were quite hard.

photo 4 (2)


And in the pre-made pack, it contains wild roquette too, which is quite bitter compared to other veggies but here’s why you should try them out!

You may consider reducing its bitterness using those dressings I’ve mentioned above.

photo 3


I bought 2 packets so I had to finish up the other one before it expires.

Decided to improvise for better taste so I’d added raisins and tuna chunks! These tuna chunks came in olive oil so I just added a little into the salad as its dressing! How convenient right? ๐Ÿ™‚



And besides veggie salads, you can have fruits salad too.

I think it should be alright to add fruits and veggies together as a mixed salad… ๐Ÿ™‚


photo 4 (3)

Of course, if you’ve read my previous post on tips on losing weight, you would know that in order to lose weight, you’ve to reduce your calorie intake and increase your calorie output….by exercising!

So you need to starve yourself, just reduce the serving portion or choose healthier alternatives that contain less carbs, sugar, fats!

Exercising regularly perhaps twice to thrice a week would expedite your weight loss target too! I’m still kinda lacking in this because weekdays are a little tough to have my evening run… Remember to do your cardio AND strength training to tone up those flabs ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope this helps you in staying healthy and/or losing weight!

Remember that the saying “NO PAIN NO GAIN” is really true! ๐Ÿ˜€

Tips on losing weight Part 1

I have had like gazillion people telling me how skinny I am right now… From people who sees me almost everyday, like from my colleagues, my bf, my mom…and then I’ll have others like my friends, my hairstylist (Charles from Headlines Hairdressing), my bf’s grandma and uncle…

And many others who assure me again and again or chided me saying that I’m mad whenever I say I’m on a diet.

I guess once you’ve started, it’s difficult to stop especially when you’ve seen results (and receive compliments or rather purely remarks that you’ve lost weight) and this just gets you even more motivated.

Honestly, I’m getting a little annoyed because I’ve been receiving the same remarks on being skinny/lost weight too often recently. Especially when they comment how skinny/sunken/sharp my face is, I mean my face shape is like that and I hate it. And I know that my face fats would be the first to go and show once I lose weight. Followed by my tummy area and my arms and thighs would be the last.

Everyone has their own set of differences. Some people have got their fats off their limbs first and although their body is slim, their fat cheeks remain. I think face is extremely important because that’s where most people pay attention first to. Even if you’re a guy and curves like boobs, butts and sexy pair of legs catch your attention first, I’m sure many of us, be it girl or guy would pay first attention to the face. Who would pay attention to your tummy or the flabs of your arms first?

Hardly anyone I guess.

Unless you’re saying that you arms/butt or whatever are out of proportion… then well, maybe.

So it’s like my body is not super skinny like all bones no meat, it’s just that people tend to look at faces first and mine is very skinny. Yes I admit that my face is skinny and so people keeps on harping that I’m so skinny….

My body may be slim but not skinny, okay?

So anyway, I guess what sparked off this motivation was when I started seeing results after my Lipocryo treatments which you can read it here and here ๐Ÿ™‚

I did not really control much of my diet and still continued to eat normally and my exercise was I guess abt once a week? And I saw results! I was really impressed.

I decided to push myself a little further by always bearing in mind of the calories in<calories out formula. The calories you don’t need or don’t use up will eventually be converted to fats.

And judging from my fat analysis, my fat % had exceeded (25.1%) the normal range (17%-24%). (So I’m not wrong when I say that I’m fat, right?! LOL)

Don’t tell me that it only exceeded by a little because it makes alot of difference to girls, okay? LOL!

Losing weight I guess is like one of the perpetual ‘to-do’ things on a girl’s checklist which is also perpetually left unchecked. HAHAHA!

I was hovering between 46.5-48.5kg previously before I started to control my diet and exercise more regularly. You can say I’m slim, but you can’t lie and say I’m skinny. There is a huge difference. And I might weigh less than 50kg but I don’t look toned and have flabs here and there.

My weight for some reason does fluctuate and especially after I eat, I can weight heavier by 1-2kg! So for the most accurate weight, weigh yourself first thing in the morning. With or without clothes on, it’s your choice. I guess having no clothes on would be the most accurate one.

The last time I weighed myself was this morning and the scale dipped to 43.8kg – my lowest so far.

Psst, I am standing at 160cm by the way, short I know! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Here’s a little comparison I’d tried to showcase the differences so far :

20130924-105610-AM.jpg 20130924-105642-AM.jpg

20130924-110147-AM.jpgย 20130924-110127-AM.jpg

And here’s the most recent pics of me, taken after pampering my tresses at Headlines Hairdressing salon! ๐Ÿ™‚

20130924-110138-AM.jpg 20130924-110134-AM.jpg


Actually, I don’t really see a great difference…what do you think? :p

And anyway like you, googling on tips is often what I would do and based on my own experience and research, these are some of the tips I would like to share with you girls.

Will start of with the notion of calories/fats intake, or if you prefer, your food intake/diet in general.

1. Counting your calories

I tried to pen down the food I consume, counting calories and all, but I just couldn’t la.

It’s quite anal and depressing to keep having to count each and every time you put something into your mouth, except plain water.

I thought that counting them seems to show one’s obsessive compulsive disorder, otherwise known as OCD. I mean if you want to be OCD, don’t show it.

For me, it’s obvious what’s fattening and what’s not. So food like fried stuffs, chicken rice, macs, chocolates, sweet and soft drinks etc would be what I would cut down.

This brings me to my second point.

2. More protein and less carbs


You’ve heard about no carbs or low carbs diet and stock up on the protein to replace the carbs, because if the body requires energy fuel, it would get it from the protein as the next alternative if you don’t have enough carbs.

I think it’s important to note that LOW carbs doesn’t mean NO carbs.

For your body to operate functionally well, you would still need carbs.

Some people choose the healthier version of carbs such as oats, wholemeal bread, brown rice etc. If you’re alright with their taste, then good for you. These food are packed with other awesome vitamins and minerals.

I can’t do brown rice. I would die.

And our usual white rice is made of starch with no proper nutrients so…

What I do is to have everything at the back of my head throughout the day. So for example, if I had bread in the morning, I would reduce my carb intake for lunch or order mixed veg rice without rice, LOL.

Either that, fruits such as banana contain carbs and fruits, contain fructose (a sugar compound).

If you need carbs to satisfy your hunger for a longer time, try noodles instead. But do note on the amount of starch which would be converted to fats should they not be ultilised as well. Yellow noodles are the most fattening. My favourite would be bee hoon, or if not, you may opt for kuay teow as well.

I like soupy stuffs so dry noodles with chilli is not for me.

I always opt for soupy stuffs and I guess I’m lucky to have this as one of my favourites.

My food is often quite bland or very ‘light’ in the sense that it does not contain alot of flavour/sauces etc. I can do with a bowl of fishball beehoon soup or if I were to have yong tau foo, I would opt to forgo any noodles and just opt for soup. And I’ll still be fine.

I’m not a very much meat lover by nature as well, so I would stock up on loads of veggies if possible.

So you can either replace your carbs with healthier alternatives or either that, reduce your carb intake by reducing the portion. For example, if you are having a plate of fried rice. Halve the portion and offer it to someone else.

Of course, I’m not too sure how smaller meals would help in terms of increasing your metabolic rate, but I guess it does work since lots of people are claiming its success. I’d try to eat in between to prevent gastric as well.

3. Train your stomach

Because you’re consuming lesser than before, you’re inducing your stomach to consume lesser. You need time and patience. And after awhile, your stomach just shrinks by nature. That is what I believe because after awhile, the stomach just gets used to it.

During the initial stage, try snacking on fruits when you’re hungry and drink lots of water to sort of ‘bloat’ it up. I drink alot of water by nature and drinking before sleep doesn’t cause water retention for me. I guess my body is very much used to the fact that I am a water barrel since young.

Drinking lots of plain water is also beneficial for your health and beauty as well ๐Ÿ™‚

So another reason to load up on the water!

After slowly reducing your food intake or carbs, you would realise that your stomach is beginning to adapt and you would find yourself consuming lesser and not being able to finish your meals. Try not to waste money, so if you know you can’t or don’t wish to finish the meal you’ve ordered, offer to someone else first. This is also courtesy, rather than telling them, “eh I can’t finish, u want or not?” Pfft.

Hmm, I mean after digging and messing around your food, I doubt anyone would be comfortable to have your leftovers. Even if they are gian beng, I personally am not comfortable with that thought la of having someone else eating my leftovers since I don’t like to eat the leftovers of others as well.

4. Alternatives and options for eating lesser

What I usually do is to order less.

If you order less, you would consume less. Unless you know you’re still gonna snack on fattening stuffs or order more after realising that the food portion served is too little for you, then this tip won’t work.

My colleagues say I eat like a kitten/baby, which is quite true compared to others.

If you need to have macs (either in a bo bian situation or just cannot control your cravings – but this shouldn’t always be the case), have something with lesser calories and in smaller portions.

Don’t laugh, but nowadays I would opt for happy meals now.

I usually eat the full nugget meal so now I would opt for kids nuggets meal which has 2 nuggets lesser and smaller packet of fries. I would change the drink to iced lemon tea rather than consuming coke, but do note on the price difference. Or better still, opt for green tea or milk.

I would also try to see for example, during cafes/restaurants, if I can order the kids meals but am always disappointed when they impose age restrictions. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

So if you get, choose something healthier and less fattening. It’s the lesser of 2 evils you know.

On top of that, if you are gonna pamper yourself just this once with oily food, drink hot water or tea after that because it helps to keep the fats in its liquid state which in turn helps to digest the fat faster and more effectively. This can help move the fats more quickly through the digestion process and eliminate the unneeded fat.

Cold water, on the other hand, may solidify fats. This can decrease the speed at which you digest fat. The problem with this is that your body has more time to absorb the fat rather than expel it. The results can include weight gain as well as a buildup of cholesterol and triglycerides.

Another trick is to drink water before your meals to limit the amount of fatty foods and other foods you eat. Drinking two glasses of water before you eat can fill you up. This will help you to be less hungry and eat less.

My personally-preferred trick which I find it quite useful is to consume coffee with milk about 30 to 45mins before your meals! Because I am a coffee-lover, I take it everyday. But do watch the caffeine intake. I think it’s because of the caffeine and milk, it helps to keep me full and my appetite for my meal would be restricted and reduced! You may also try milo, horlicks etc but watch the sugar intake too.

5. Sugar cravings

I know, some of us just love sweet stuffs by nature or attacked by the sudden craving for sugary stuffs. Or maybe, you have had a bad day so far and nothing seems to be going right for you and you want to pamper yourself with sweet stuffs.

Don’t go reaching for that bar of chocolate, instead choose an alternative!

Have sweet stuffs that are still healthy such as fruits! As mentioned, they contain fructose too and is a sugar compound too. I will not go into the debate of whether fruits can make you fat due to the natural sugars they contain, but you may want to read this useful article as well as this informative article for your pleasure reading ๐Ÿ™‚

PHOTO: Here are five reasons fruit isn't making you fat.

Again, taking the lesser of 2 evils, I guess I would rather you consume natural sugars that contain goodness of other nutrients as well contained in fruits than refined and processed sugars. On top of that, fruits containing fibre helps to keep you full. This also the reason why you should always consume fruits before your meals for effective absorption of the nutrients and if you feel full, you would reduce your consumption intake ๐Ÿ™‚

For fruits as a healthier alternative as to refined and processed sugars contained in sweets, chocolates, cakes and soft drinks etc, you may have them in sliced pieces or as a fruit juice to quench your thirst!

Alternatively, you may wish to consider honey instead as well.

Would honey make you fat since it’s sweet too?

This article would address your concern.

From that article, you can see that not only does honey contain other essential goodness of nutrients, just like fruits, honey has also been said to aid in losing weight!

Apart from other goodness, honey has been said to help burn off fats as well as a good source of energy to take before your workout!

Honey can also be mixed with other ingredients such as lemon and cinnamon which has been claimed to have effectively assist in losing weight!

But be sure to choose the authentic honey because fake honey are usually just sugar syrup which is extremely fattening!

Here’s how to distinguish between the two!



I hope these techniques would come in handy for you as they are tried and tested by me! I won’t go into details on other common issues relating to weight loss such as slimming pills, slimming wraps etc. Some work and some don’t.

Whether they are effective or not, there are a few issues you need to bear in mind.

  1. Understand that whatever you put into your body, there will always be risks. You need to conduct your own due diligence and decide for yourself. Like plastic surgery, consuming slimming pills is everyone’s choice and we all have the liberty and freedom to make choices of our own. That, I’ll leave it up to you.
  2. So okay, you may have lose some weight via healthy/unhealthy method (of course the former method is preferred), so how do you maintain it? You would still need to watch your calories intake and expenditure. It is a known fact that after reaching your ideal weight, it is always tough to maintain it. Fear of weight rebound is understandable. After going through all the hard work and torture, why would anyone want to go through the same torment again? I say torment because diet-wise, you can’t enjoy loads of sweet stuffs as compared to the past. You will need to think twice before reaching out for that chocolate bar or planning to get yourself a cup of bubble tea.

To maintain your weight, I believe in following the above 5 tips for dieting. You can still eat, not that you have to starve yourself completely.

The next post will be dealing with part 2 on tips on losing weight which involves exercise regimes and workouts, which also covers the ‘calories out/expenditure’ section.

Hope these tips are useful to you and good luck in your weight loss goal! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€