[Media Event] Love & Co. – Proposal Rings and Wedding Bands!

Recently, the bf and I were cordially invited by Love&Co. to an exclusive bloggers-only media event and were showcased to their LVCaqueen collection.





We were greeted by warm and friendly staff of Love&Co. 🙂





We were asked to fill up a ‘Couple Personality Test’ which tests each partner’s knowledge on their other half.


DSC_0035 DSC_0039






Apart from that, this event provided us a valuable insight as to the price and information on proposal rings and wedding bands, which would be forthcoming in the near future.

I guess this should answer most of your queries. 😉

IMG_6929 IMG_6924 IMG_6937

Truth be told, I was telling the bf and the sales assistant that I actually prefer a simple looking proposal ring, with no diamonds on the side. Also, because my fingers are quite slim, a hugeass carat is really not required.

I am really not difficult to please, materialistically.

Photo 29-9-14 10 04 55 pm

Photo 29-9-14 10 05 18 pm

To be honest, I don’t even think spending an exorbitant sum of money on such stuffs is anywhere near logical and practical. Even spending 5k on a chanel is seems ridiculous to me.

I would prefer to invest such sum on something more investable.  I don’t know about you but I guess may some people are just too rich and have no idea where to spend the rest of their moolahs on, and that is taken into consideration that they have donated a huge sum off to those in need.

Anyhoo, we had our caricature done….in a M18 humour!

Photo 30-9-14 10 17 33 pm


We enjoyed ourselves so much that night 🙂

IMG_6934 IMG_6935

And last but not least…



Singapore Blog Awards + Contest Results!!!


The wait is over and today all invited guests and fellow bloggers, including the finalists attended the Singapore Blog Awards held at *SCAPE Ground Theatre Auditorium!

SBA 2014 Awards Ceremony Invite

The theme was derby-fashion or anything inspired by horses and here is my #OOTD for the event!

Photo 16-8-14 2 34 08 pm

Photo 16-8-14 2 42 04 pm




And yes, I came in as 1st Runner-up!

Photo 16-8-14 2 42 24 pm

We had some performance and a light refreshments for those hungry souls…like me. Heh.


Photo 16-8-14 1 01 07 pm

Some of the prizes and freebies :

Photo 16-8-14 2 41 51 pm

And at almost every event, what do you see nowadays?


And we had our fair-share of fun too! 😀

Photo 16-8-14 2 56 52 pm

And the bf…playing around with the props…

Photo 16-8-14 3 04 32 pm Photo 16-8-14 3 04 53 pm

You know.. I actually start to think that he has some secret aspiration……

And a group photo of all the winners!

Photo 16-8-14 3 05 20 pm

And our super grainy selfie.

Photo 16-8-14 3 04 14 pm

Now some post-event and contest thoughts…

Despite having won the Voting Contest which only contributes 30% to the final results, I knew I couldn’t emerge as the Winner because there were just so many strong competitors and these other contestants did an awesome job as well! In fact, I was honestly struggling with the hair stylers and I know NUTS about vlogs. We were not required to do vlogs but I thought that videos are way better for beauty tutorials compared to photos and words only. That was something I learnt in my experience in this Blog award. I know some of you guys are gonna laugh at me, saying that I’m silly, because shouldn’t that be a known fact?

Hmm, but I guess one wouldn’t really understand the difference and importance until one really experienced it for him/herself right? ;P

Anyhoo, judging on their blog posts, one can easily see how much time and effort every finalist blogger has put in for this Singapore Blog Awards Contest.

It was really no easy feat but I’m glad I didn’t allow the difficulties and tall orders to get the better of me, and that I persevered and didn’t give up! All thanks to everyone’s support and encouragement as well 🙂

This Singapore Blog Award contest has taught me several valuable skills which I have documented here. Perhaps fellow bloggers may also find these useful.

1. As mentioned, tutorials (be it beauty or not) are really easier to view by readers via videos as compared to photos and words. This is especially so if you need to teach them how to use a certain beauty tool or how to draw your eyeliners/apply eye shadows. It is sometimes difficult to put everything down in words and videos would do the trick 😉

2. This voting contest allowed me to understand better of my ‘true’ friends. Of course, this may come across as superficial and it doesn’t completely mean that those who voted (say maybe once/twice) are my ‘truest’ friends who will place me as priority before themselves…of course I am exaggerating. But you know what I mean right? What I am saying is that those who made real effort to rally for votes such as my bf, my sister and my family who conscientiously voted for me even when they were away overseas. They never stopped thinking of me. And of course to friends and even virtual ‘friends’ who did not mind me spamming them with thick-skinned messages to rally for votes. Those who have done so were those I am shocked of who they are, as in, we are not super duper close but I am really very touched that they would go the extra mile to remember to vote for me, on their own accord that is.

On the contrary, there were some friends whom I thought would well, vote for me almost every day (because making it a daily affair may seem oh-so-very-demanding…), actually did not…but I can’t tell for sure because I know there are some who voted but without telling me or replying to my messages.

And because voters are required to fill in their identification numbers, I guess that scared the shit outta some people…which I found it quite ridiculous. I mean, isn’t this the same as lucky draws? The purpose of the requirement of identification card number is not to invade your privacy although technically, it is..But apart from that far-fetched notion, it is actually for authentication and verification purpose as well as eh, to identify the winners for the lucky draw…?

There was actually an ex-classmate whom I wasn’t very close to but we have never stepped on each others’ tails (at least based on my perspective) and whose response totally shock me.

I know the prizes aren’t fantastic to some of you but I thought it’s all about helping a friend? Or at least, I thought I’m one.

Apart from having difficulty to vote, which was actually quite a simple procedure, she eventually told me “I’m not keen in the prizes.” This was after I explained to her the purpose of the requirement of the IC number..

Sigh, oh wells. Totally lost for words.

3. To be honest, I hesistated to hold giveaways to rally for votes as well as ‘likes’ for my page because it seems kinda unethical? Some may even view it to be the same as ‘buying votes’? But because I thought, since the sponsor is also giving away prizes which is very common in most lucky draw contests, I went ahead with it.

The response I must say is quite good, but that fantastic though and it did deliver some results…however, I have to make things clear that the votes of these giveaway participants were of the minority. I still relied on my family and friends for the votes.

I hesitated initially for the fear of wagging-tongues and true enough, another fellow blogger did bring a few incidents to my attention because she was gotten involved as well.

We were said to ‘buy votes’ using freebies which made us seem very despicable and unethical…and after complaining that on the social media platform, the very same person who complained also started her own giveaway to rally for votes.

Sigh, I really don’t know what to say about this…seriously.

What I learnt from this is to be careful with every action you take, especially if you are under the scrutiny of the public’s eyes…of course, it’s not that I have zero knowledge about this prior to this incident, but just that I feel the impact now after experiencing it personally.

Also, why don’t people practise what they preach?

4. Family and true friends are always the best. Need I say more?

5. Never give up. As cliche as it may sound but it is really true. I’m the kind of likes taking on challenges and truth be told, I was so frustrated with the hair styler and for a 7-min video, I took around 5h to edit it. The editing process is much worse than photo editing I must say. You will need to ensure that there are no glitch in the whole video and that it plays on smoothly throughout. Not forgetting the narration portion. I know you can actually speak to the video recorder during the video but for those who can’t multi-task especially when your hands are full and you need to concentrate on whatever you are doing (e.g. not burning yourself with the hair styler) or for those who are afraid of stuttering in front of a video camera, you can actually narrate separately and insert the voice records at any time of the video as you prefer.

For those who don’t know, I started off blogging to share with like-minded ladies who, like me, prefer reading reviews before purchasing stuffs, in particular, beauty stuffs. So I’d thought, why not share my own personal reviews with everyone else?

One thing led to another, and very soon I found myself blogging about lifestyle topics, food reviews and even sharing tips on keeping fit and losing/maintaining weight, although I am no health and fitness guru. Neither am I any professional in beauty stuffs compared to many other fabulous beauty bloggers are out there, whose passion is really applauding

Once again, thank you everyone for your generous and kind support for conscientiously voting and rooting for me! I really really appreciate it.

And I know this blogging journey has only just begun with even more exciting activities lined up ahead!  😀

[Exclusive Media Event] Frank by OCBC’s 3rd Birthday Bash at Orchard Gateway!

Exclusive Private Media Event

I know some of you guys may have read about this event in some other blogs and that I’m really late in posting this mainly because it occurred during one of the most busiest period of my life jugging between 4 consecutive exam papers including 2 on a same day as well as settling down with my new job.

It’s better now though so I have to be a responsible blogger and clear up all my backlogs…ahem!

Have you been to the new mall that everyone has been talking about? It’s literally talk of the town because it’s located at Orchard!

It’s none other than Orchard Gateway!

And Frank by OCBC has set up a branch there 🙂


Photo 8-5-14 8 14 26 pm (1)

Photo 8-5-14 9 33 04 pm

There was also a set up of refreshments which was superb and thoughtful for those who rushed down after work to grace the event 🙂

Photo 3-6-14 1 57 20 pm

Photo 3-6-14 1 56 57 pm Photo 3-6-14 1 56 53 pm

Photo 3-6-14 1 57 13 pm

Photo 8-5-14 7 30 01 pm

Photo 3-6-14 1 57 04 pm

And there was also a fun photobooth!

Photo 8-5-14 7 34 04 pm

Photo 8-5-14 7 33 55 pm

And here’s ours! 🙂

Photo 4-6-14 10 52 24 pm

OCBC’s Chief Marketing personnel greeted us and gave a speech on the making and marketing of Frank by OCBC.

Photo 8-5-14 8 15 25 pm

There were a few presentations by a few inspiring speakers at the event and one of them was none other than…

Joanne Soo

Photo 8-5-14 8 20 35 pm

This fine lady is one of the few people in the world who have scaled and conquered Mount Everest. She is part of The Singapore Women’s Everest Team (SWET) – first all-female team from Singapore, which comprises of 6 young women who are attempting to summit the world’s highest mountain in 2009.

Photo 8-5-14 8 22 03 pm

Joanne feeding us with information about the world’s highest mountain


Photo 8-5-14 8 36 37 pm

Joanne highlighting one of the risks that mountaineers take while scaling mountains – frost bites.

I have always been an advocate of feminism (which I took some time and effort to collaborate with AWARE (Association of Women for Action and Research) Singapore in a few research projects) and I totally salute The Singapore Women’s Everest Team (SWET). They are one good example and illustration of how motivation can help one to push their boundaries as well as how their potent belief and faith has helped them achieve their goals. A goal that not many of us in this world is able to reach.

Ahmad Hidayat 

Photo 8-5-14 8 43 12 pm

Former co-owner of Kith Cafe, Ahmad Hidayat who is one of less than 10 internationally qualified baristas in Singapore and is currently now the founder of Dutch Colony Coffee Co. You can read more here. Ahmad and his boys also treated us with complimentary coffee after the event was over.

Coffee, coffee or coffee?


Photo 8-5-14 9 29 30 pm

Photo 3-6-14 1 57 22 pm

Photo 8-5-14 9 27 41 pm (1)

Ahmad’s story is very different from Joanne’s and this awesome guy gave an inspiring side of his story as well.

Photo 8-5-14 8 50 47 pm

Ahmad started off sharing his work experience as an entrepreneur which we all know is not easy.

Photo 8-5-14 8 53 09 pm

Ahmad also shared on the important of wealth management and growth in the world of entrepreneurship.

Apart from these entertaining and inspiring speeches and yummy food, the main highlight of this event was to educate and emphasise the importance of good and proper wealth management in order to live your dreams. Proper strategy in planning your finance is always a must for almost every aspect in life, be it to travel to your dream destination, get your hands on your favourite branded bag, own your first car or perhaps even to settle down and start a family.

With the high standards of living, prices usually only increase. Just think of tuition fees, when have they ever decrease as the years go by?


FRANK has done their market research and advocates these 4 principles in order to help their customers achieve their goals.



SAVE: I save before I spend.
INVEST: I amplify my wealth.
PROTECT: I use protection
SPEND: I enjoy small indulgences
Photo 9-5-14 8 47 00 am
This is the simplest principle that one should be prudent in following. Do you make it compulsory to save whatever you earn from work or receive from your parents (assuming you are not financially independent yet)?
I guess the best incentive when saving your hard-earned moolah with banks is the returns you would receive. FRANK offers a higher interest of 0.2 – 0.4% per annum.
FRANK also offers a fuss-free and convenient method of saving your moolah via online banking which helps you to keep track of your expenditure. FRANK’S  Money Flow feature automatically tracks how much you have spent as well as allow you to view your spending by month or by category (i.e. shopping, dining, travel, etc.). In addition, if you are not discipline enough, let FRANK do the work for you. With this online feature, it allows you to set up sub-accounts which provides for an automated savings transaction. This means the preferred amount you want to save would automatically be transferred into this sub-account. In this way, you will have a clearer picture of how much your have spend thus far, be it on ‘wants’ or ‘needs’ as well as how far away are you from your desired goal.
One of the most common way, other than gaining returns from interest rates from banks which may be relatively much lesser compared to investments.
If you are age between 18-29 and studying in local tertiary education (Polytechnics, Junior Colleges & Universities), you may consider on the The Young Investor Programme which is specially designed to guide you. Through this programme, you will get access to exclusive educational workshops, real-live stock trading across 14 global markets and to a line-up of useful tools.
Alternatively, FRANK also provides a channel for the account holders to invest in blue chip shares, which you can buy in smaller numbers and not the standard lot of 1000 shares. All this at a low investment of $100 a month.

3. I use protection

Cheeky as the picture above may seem, this is definitely referring to another type of protection for yourself. Yes, I’m referring to insurances. We have all heard about the importance of insurance and how they can help to benefit us should anything arise. Life is unpredictable and anything can happen, anytime. FRANK covers health and travel insurance as well as endowment plans.

So as you can see, FRANK does not only cover financial matters but health issues as well, which is more important than the figures in your bank account.

4. I enjoy small indulgences

It is important to note that credit cards may and can lead to overspending and incurring debts which anyone should be mindful. You should only spend within your means to and spend it wisely. That also brings back back to the 1st principle of ‘I save before I spend’. I always make it a point to clear whatever credit card payments I own before the deadline so that I would not be charged with late payment penalty and interests.

With FRANK, you can choose from myriads of designs :

Photo 8-5-14 9 08 35 pm

Photo 3-6-14 1 57 11 pm




frankbyocbc9I’m sure there ought to be one that catches your eye!

What’s more is that FRANK Credit Card allow you to use the NETS FlashPay on the FRANK Credit Card for MRT and bus rides, or movie tickets, quick bites and more!

Keep yourself updated with FRANK’s Social Media platforms :

FRANK Facebook page

FRANK Twitter page

Lots of Love,

Jean 🙂

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Food Tasting at Orchard Hotel for Straits Chinese Cuisine (Baba Theatre Kitchen) by Executive Chef Paul

Media Event

I was recently invited to try out Orchard Hotel’s newly themed Straits Chinese Cuisine – Baba Theatre Kitchen by Executive Chef Paul at Orchard Cafe, Level 1.

A little brief history on Baba Nyonya :

Baba Nyonya (Peranakan, the term used popularly for descendants of early Chinese immigrants to the Nusantara region, including both the British Straits Settlements of Singapore, Malacca and Penang, and the Dutch controlled island of Java among other areas, who have partially adopted Malay customs in an effort to be assimilated into the local communities.

The word of Peranakan, is also used commonly to describe Indonesia Chinese. In both BM & Bahasa Indonesia, Peranakan” means descendant. Baba refer to the male descendants and Nyonya the female. Most Peranakanare of Hokkein ancestry, although a fair denomination of them are of the Teocheww or Cantonese descent. The language of the Peranakan, Baba Malay (Bahasa Melayu Baba), is a dialect of the Malay Language which contains many Hokkein works.

The Nyonya Baba were partially assimilated into the Malay culture, especially in food, dress and language used, while retaining some of the Chinese traditions and culture, like religion, name, folk medicine and festival celebrations, thereby creating a new kind of mixed culture of their country of origin with local, among those, like “Nyonya cuisine “ has developed the spices of Malay cuisine. 

Regardless of the history and origins of Nyonya food, making Nyonya food is no simple affair. The unique and highly flavorful cuisine requires abundant amount of time, patience, and skills. A true Nyonya would spend hours and hours pounding her rempah (spices) with batu giling (a flat slab of stone to grind the spices) to cook up authentic Nyonya dishes such as Perut Ikan(pickled fish stomach with vegetables stew), Salted Fish Pineapple Curry(Gulai Kiam Hu Kut in Hokkien), and other scrumptious Nyonya concoctions.

In recent years, there has been an increased interest and urgency to preserve the unique Nyonya culture and Nyonya cuisine as the population decreases. 

I felt privileged and am thankful for this opportunity to try out the Baba Nyonya cuisine which I do not often frequent.

Moreover, these delicious food were whipped up by Chef Paul himself!

A little more on Chef Paul :

Pursuing his dreams from the age of 14, Chef Paul brings with him over 30 years of hotel kitchen management and F&B operations experience. His professional accolades include being an integral part of a two Michelin star Hong Kong restaurant, on the panel of Chef consultants of First and Business Class for Cathay Pacific Airlines, and recognized as part of the 19 Great Chefs in Hong Kong by Heep Hong Society in 2010. Not forgetting that Chef Paul is the creator of the popular Durian Pengat that we have grown to love!

Courage, Passion, Confidence and Determination, Chef Paul has it all. Take a trip down to discover his Long Table full of Straits Chinese delights straight from his Baba Kitchen today! “I am a Peranakan and as such, Straits-Chinese cooking is part of my heritage. I love the rich, unique Asian flavours and am especially proud to introduce authentic dishes to both local and overseas guests.” said Chef Paul

So, in conjunction with the ‘Baba’ theme in mind, the setting was decorated the Baba style, embossed with colour-coordinated prints and style as well as china and utensils used by Baba-Nyonya too 🙂




Now, time for food pictures! 🙂

Of course, we were served with traditional Baba Nyonya food, which comprises of both Malay and Chinese culture and flavours.



I was very impressed with the creativity the management has put in to create a different style and look altogether, using an empty pineapple body as a ‘holder’ for the satays.

The chicken satay was tender and flavourful, unlike the usual ones filled mostly with fats, and was also accompanied by the unforgettable curry sauce, onion pieces, cucumber and ketupat (Malay rice dumpling) cubes.



Moving on to the next section was the Kueh Pie Tee dish which is often seen amongst the Baba Cuisine.

How can anyone give this delicious dish a miss?



The fun in eating the Kueh Pie Tee is that you can customse your own!

The essential ingredients in a Kueh Pie Tie dish consist of :

1. Prawn bits

2. Sweet sauce

3. Peanut grains

4. Chopped hard boiled egg bits

5. Chilli

6. Parsley

7. Shredded turnip with mushroom and carrot bits




There were also rice dishes for those who need to have rice in their meals.



Those who love spicy food shouldn’t miss this dish below.

Assam Promfret.

Atlantic Pomfret and Brinjal with Tumeric and Peppercorn Gravy

Close-up :Alantic Pomfret and Brinjal with Tumeric and Peppercorn Gravy

In whipping up a good dish, other than its taste and appearance, another important factor would be the quality of the fish in relation to the thickness of the slabs/pieces.

We were served thick slabs of fresh promfret fish which allowed me to appreciate the sincerity of the Chefs and the management of the hotel, who genuinely want us to enjoy our food in the best context.

That is not all!

The next dish below is the actually the highlight of the night amongst the whole Baba Nyonya cuisine. Everyone (other bloggers), bf (went as my +1) and myself were raving about how scrumptious this Rendang dish was!

The meat was extremely tender, containing no fats, flavoured in the perfect sauce.

I’m not exactly a beef fan but this dish kept me going back for more and I was savouring every bit of it despite the bursting tight dress I wore to a meeting before the dinner, so this Rendang is TO DIE FOR!!!

God.. I can just have this for Bfast, Lunch and Dinner! It’s really just so so good! 😀


Slow-cooked Australian Beef Cheek Rendang with Nonya Spices


Close up – Slow-cooked Australian Beef Cheek Rendang with Nonya Spices


Braised Pork Belly with Fermented Beans


Traditional Ayam Buah Keluak, Braised Chicken with Indonesian Black Nuts

Chap chai was also served as one of the traditional Baba Nyonya dish which I personally believe that it helps to mellow down the wild spices and strong flavours of the other dishes.


Laksa has been one of the common food dishes we have seen around in Singapore, but do you know that it originates from the Baba Nyonya culture?

Chef Paul has taken it up to further heights with his versatility and creativity through its very own customisation of the laksa dish, by adding fresh genuine crab meat and


Nonya Laksa with Boston Lobster &
Candlenut Pesto


Nonya Chicken Salad

I can’t live without soup, so when we were served with this Meatball soup, I knew I had to finish every drop, by just judging at the juicy meatballs at one look. It certainly didn’t disappoint me.


Braised Pork Dumpling Soup with Fresh Crabmeat, Bamboo Shoots and Mushrooms

There were other condiments that play a vital role in the Baba Nyonya cuisine such as the one below, Azar.


Apart from the main dishes, Baba Nyonya cuisine also carries delicious kuehs (cakes) that are not to be missed!


Chempedak Binchang Kueh


Close-up : Chempedak Binchang Kueh



Yuzu Apple Cheesecake




And here’s a picture of us (Karen and Melva) with Chef Paul who is extremely friendly and humorous, which made us felt very much at home.


Straits Chinese and Asian Buffet is served daily at Orchard Cafe:

Buffet Lunch 12:00pm – 02:30pm
Adult : $46.00, Child : $23.00
Buffet Dinner 06.00pm – 10:00pm
Adult : $64.00, Child : $32.00
Sunday Brunch 12:00pm – 3:30pm
Adult : $68.00, Child : $34.00
For reservations and information, please call 6739 6565 or email orchardcafe.ohs@
millenniumhotels.com. All prices are subject to service charge and prevailing government taxes.

Thank you Shaun and Orchard Hotel for the awesome food tasting session 🙂

Dance@Live World Cup 2013 @ Avalon Marina Bay Sands

Media Event

Photo 27-06-2013 10 02 54 AM (3)

I was invited to Dance@Live World Cup 2013 held at Avalon at Marina Bay Sands which I blogged about previously.

Bf came along as my +1 as we are both avid fans of dancing!

The performance was indeed spectacular with 3 different dance categories enrolled for the dance competition – Hiphop, Breakdance and Freestyle!

Pulses raced real hard when everyone was waiting for the judges’ verdict, especially when the fight was a tough one, between 2 awesome dancers. Nevertheless, I really do admire all the participants for braving their souls and following their dreams, and most of them even flew over the Sg just to participate in this dance competition as Dance@Live World Cup competes on an international basis!






Showcasing some of their sponsors…




The crowd and the DJ arena 🙂




Honestly, bf and I did felt somewhat out of place because the crowd comprises of much younger ppl! And they were already warming up and getting the feel before the competition started!

Some of STEEZ products by Pioneer as mentioned previously here 🙂




And then because we had our passes to access all areas, we headed to level 2 to have a better view of the whole event 🙂


It was definitely tiring!!! Imagine having to stand throughout from 4-8.30pm!!!

Judges sat behind them to have a full clear view of the dance movements.


Competition was fierce and the fight was tough, but participants were professional by keeping it on a friendly note.

This was the Hip-Hop style.



Most of the competition sessions were extremely entertaining, thrilling and humorous as participants taunt each other in a light-hearted way.

There also a few guest performances by Basic 5, Time Machine and  Beat Buddy Boi (No pictures, only managed to film a video)

Basic 5




 15 year old, Karina’s debut.



Time Machine

Besides the breathtaking moments by the participants, this was another highly impressive dance performance. Time Machine, they are really good at what they do best! Definitely a jaw-dropping sensation!


The picture below depicts the moment when the ‘surgeons’ points at a particular ‘patient’ and he/she would have to jump up not by using any support, but just by laying down flat on the surface ground.

Totally impressive! THUMBS UP! 😀


Semi-finals for Break dance.


It was difficult to capture a clear shot as they were moving really fast. That was also the reason for the videos below.


You could see how the judges were paying full attention to the dance movements and techniques, and when the competition was really stiff between 2 awesome dancers especially during the finals, it was really a tough time for them in making their decisions.



And during the night falls came the semi finals as well as finals for the different categories of dance.



Winners for each category :

Photo 30-06-2013 08 04 28 PM

Break: Morris from USA ( Winner for the Wild Card BBoy Battle on 29 June at Far East Square)

Photo 30-06-2013 07 45 04 PM

Hip Hop: Carlos from Italy

Photo 30-06-2013 07 53 20 PM

Freestyle: Ibuki from Japan

Photo 30-06-2013 08 02 46 PM

Do watch this video on Dance@Live by 987TV at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUuLip80hZM

And because pictures definitely don’t do justice to these awesome performances, I decided to just film them down (till my camera’s battery went flat -.-)

But I’m having some problems uploading them onto YouTube, argh.

I will keep you guys updated when they are done 🙂

Thanks for reading! 😀

Nana’s Green Tea Food Review

Media Event

Recently, I was invited to try out delicious food Nana’s Green at Plaza Singapura.

Bf and I have always wanted to try it out whenever we walked past and hence we were delighted to receive news on the invitation! 🙂

Shop entrance :



They also have a bakery shop where the kitchen is situated which is located just opposite of the restaurant :


Their menu :


We ordered a drink each :

My Roasted hojicha latte with cream and caramel sauce (left) and bf’s Matcha latte with cream and chocolate sauce (right) 🙂


When I saw this on the menu, I knew I had to order this –  Salmon Carpaccio


And this yummy Salmon Udon with Broccoli in cream sauce!  Highly popular and raved by many others too! 😀


While bf ordered the Ebi Curry Udon which tasted quite good too!


Hello! 😀


Us! 😀



The good at Nana’s Green Tea is really good! It’s definitely a MUST TRY!

Will certainly be back FOR MORE! 😀

Tian Po – Hearts On Fire Illa Collection Media Event

Media Event


With 13 outlets islandwide, TianPo should be familiar to most shoppers.

I was extremely privileged and elated to have been invited for Tian Po’s for their Illa Collection by Hearts on Fire! Tian Po is Hearts on Fire‘s exclusive retailer!

I don’t wish to bore you with the factual history of Tian Po and their Hearts on Fire collection, but it is worth-mentioning that the Hearts on Fire became the world’s first branded diamond, the only diamond in the entire world whose diamond is deemed perfectly cut every single time. Hearts On Fire diamonds have a brilliant difference that you can actually see, a perfection seen nowhere else in the world.

Want to find out what makes them tick in their uniqueness and perfection? Check out their video here to find out why they are always the best!

always the best

tp retail


Illa Collection at Tian Po retail shop at CentrePoint Orchard

Illa Collection at Tian Po retail shop at CentrePoint Orchard


As a renowned diamond collection, Hearts on Fire has reached the worldwide arena as well as been worn by many top celebrities!


Janie Bryant in Hearts on Fire

Sienna Miller in Heart's On Fire

Sienna Miller in Heart’s On Fire

Petra Nemcova in Heart’s On Fire
Marcia Cross in Hearts on Fire
Marcia Cross in Hearts on Fire


Elizabeth Banks in Hearts on Fire


Elizabeth Banks in Hearts on Fire
Liv Tyler in Hearts on Fire

Liv Tyler in Hearts on Fire

Together with other bloggers, we were invited to attend an informal friendly meet-the-session talk with none other than, Brian McHardy – Master Diamond Cutter at Hearts On Fire since 1999!

Brian McHardy has traveled worldwide to represent Hearts On Fire and demonstrate the art and science of cutting the world’s most perfectly cut diamond. He captivates audiences with his talent, knowledge and infectious charm.

Me feeling a little shy with Brian McHardy :p

Me feeling a little shy with Brian McHardy :p
And still being overly conscious about my smiles, esp with braces on 😦




IMG_5625 IMG_5632 IMG_5631 IMG_5630

IMG_5629 IMG_5626


I guess this must be one of the simpler types of diamond cutters due to the space constraints.


Here you can see the different process of diamond cutting which I have complied them for your easy reference.

diamond cutting process

We were also passed some samples of uncut diamonds.


Diamond cutting not only involve lots of workmanship, efforts and hard work, to be able to cut a diamond so precisely and perfectly is definitely no easy feat. It takes lots of determination and experience to be able to cut out perfect diamonds that do not even have the slightest flaw. What makes things more difficult and mundane for most laypersons like us, is the technical aspect of diamond cutting, which involves alot of mathematics, physics etc… The thoughts of these subjects bring back nightmarish memories from school days!

We were also very honoured to be able to dress and style ourselves with exquisite pieces from the Illa Collection and are also one of the very first few privileged wearers!


The inspiration for the Illa Collection dates back to Hearts On Fire designer Ilaria’s childhood in northern Italy and her love for the nighttime sky. Characterized by spectacular stars and constellation themed pieces, the Illa Collection is comprised of stunning, unique jewelry that is sure to turn heads. From the Illa Constellation bracelet, which has a whopping 537 diamonds, to the single diamond star Illa pendant necklace, this fashionable collection has a look perfect for everyone. Each piece pairs perfectly with casual daywear or formal evening attire, a convenience considering you’ll never want to take your Illa jewelry off. This whimsical collection is for anyone who has ever looked up and wished to capture a piece of the star sprinkled night sky for themselves. Each and every piece of the Illa Collection is guaranteed to leave you starry-eyed.

Illa Comet Pendant

Illa-Comet-Pendant-1 Illa-Comet-Pendant-3

Inspired by the beauty of brilliant stars in the night sky, this whimsical pendant is perfect worn from day to night. Depending upon the size you choose, this Hearts On Fire diamond pendant necklace includes a 16” light weight cable chain or an 18” heavy weight cable chain.
Approx. Total Carat Weight:



18K White Gold







Illa Constellation Bracelet


A show stopping, one of a kind diamond bracelet, you’ll not see this anywhere. Set with approximately 70 carats of perfectly cut Hearts On Fire diamonds in a statement design by Ilaria Lanzoni, this bracelet looks and feels fabulous beyond belief! 7” in length.

Approx. Total Carat Weight:



18K White Gold

This is the whooping $600k++ diamond bling bling bracelet!!! 







Can’t describe in words how extremely over the moon I was to be the 1st few to try on such an exquisite lavish piece!!!

Other lovely diamond jewellery from the Illa Collection!

The Illa Collection

Illa Right Hand Ring


Reminiscent of a shooting star this sparkling ring wraps around two fingers. You truly will stand out from the crowd in this Hearts On Fire diamond ring.


Approx. Total Carat Weight:



18K White Gold

Illa Asymmetrical Pendant Necklace


Who needs symmetry? A piece designed to sparkle with any look, this necklace set with Hearts On Fire diamonds, includes an 18” light weight cable chain.


Approx. Total Carat Weight:



18K White Gold

 Illa Cluster Stud Earrings


Update your wardrobe with these fanciful star earrings! These Hearts On Fire diamond stud earrings work well with any outfit.

Approx. Total Carat Weight:


This unique sparkling band is set with Hearts On Fire diamonds and is perfect alone or stacked with other bands.

Approx. Total Carat Weight:


18K White Gold


Besides the Illa Collection, Hearts on Fire brings you other collections as well such as The Copley Collection, Lace Collection, Beloved Collection and

The Copley Collection

Copley Single Diamond Drop Earrings



These timeless earrings are accentuated by a perfectly cut Hearts On Fire diamond sparkling in the center. Perfect for pairing with your favorite little black dress or your favorite pair of designer jeans!

Approx. Total Carat Weight:


Metal :

18K White Gold/Rose Gold/White Gold

 Copley Single Station Bracelet


Don’t be fooled by the delicateness of this bracelet; the seven Hearts On Fire diamonds encircled in a gold setting are guaranteed to be eye catching. Perfect for pairing with jeans and a t-shirt or a fun cocktail dress!


Approx. Total Carat Weight:


Metal :
18k White Gold/Rose Gold/Yellow Gold

Copley Triple Row HOF Engagement Ring


This solitaire ring is set apart with an intricate gallery that features the ever-popular Copley heart. Perfect for a woman who appreciates details, The Copley Solitaire Engagement Ring is simple, yet has beautiful features that make it a stand out piece. Complimented beautifully with a number of Hearts On Fire wedding bands.

Approx. Total Carat Weight:


Metal :
18k White Gold/Rose Gold/Yellow Gold/Platinum


The Beloved Collection

IMG_5677 IMG_5679

 The Lace Collection





Rings Collection

I’m wearing the Rosette Right Hand Ring 🙂

Rosette Right Hand Ring

A true showstopper. A ring that dazzles beyond belief. The Hearts On Fire Rosette Diamond Ring features a perfectly cut 6.59 carat center diamond surrounded by brilliant pave diamond petals, for a total of 9.5 carats in all.

Approx. Total Carat Weight:

9.20 (includes center diamond of 6.59)




Atlantico Collection 





Guys, if you are reading this, or even ladies, Hearts on Fire extends to couples looking out for engagement or wedding bands as well!

Here are some gorgeous looking blings that embrace the ultra elegance and sophistication!



Transcend Engagement Ring


A diamond halo perfectly frames The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond, creating the brilliant fantasy of a single stone.

Approx. Total Carat Weight:


Wondrous Dream Split Shank Engagement Ring


A romantic design with our exclusive, patented square Dream diamond set on a beautiful split shank diamond band is the perfect diamond solitaire engagement ring.

Approx. Total Carat Weight:




Enticement Channel Engagement Ring


A delicate band of diamonds set the perfect stage for The World’s Most Perfectly Cut diamond in this timeless design. This engagement ring pairs beautifully with the Enticement Channel Wedding Band.

Approx. Total Carat Weight:


18k White Gold/Yellow Gold/Platinum

Fairy Tale Five-Stone Engagement Ring

A modern take on the traditional diamond solitaire, this striking diamond solitaire engagement ring features a perfectly cut Hearts On Fire diamond set on a four-stone diamond band to create a sophisticated, elegant look.
Approx. Total Carat Weight:

.65 (includes center diamond of .50)

18k White Gold/Platinum

Insignia Dream Solitaire Engagement Ring


This signature diamond solitaire engagement ring features four points of interest, drawing the eye to a stunning perfectly square Dream diamond, our exclusive patented cut.
Approx. Total Carat Weight:

1.00 (includes center diamond of 1.00)

18k White Gold/Yellow Gold/Platinum

Insignia Solitaire Engagement Ring


The perfectly cut Hearts On Fire diamond signature solitaire is a simple yet bold statement.
Approx. Total Carat Weight:


18k White Gold/Yellow Gold/Platinum

Multiplicity Engagement Ring

Perfectly cut Hearts On Fire diamonds are the hero in this dazzling engagement ring. Each diamond shares a single prong and creates a sparkle like no other.
Approx. Total Carat Weight:


18k White Gold/Yellow Gold/Platinum


If you are have already been mesmerised by the different collections Hearts on Fire offer, why not combine them together by mixing and matching for different outlooks for the occasions? 😉

Here are some suggestions on combining these exquisite jewellery pieces from the different collections!

Outfit 1:

tianpo look 1


Pair a simple magenta dress with Hearts on Fire‘s collection – Illa Collection and Insignia Collection! With the Illa Constellation bracelet on one hand and the ever chic Alexander McQueen Skull Clutch Bag in shimmery silver, you would be sure to turn heads! As the Illa Constellation bracelet is one chunky piece that consists of 597 diamonds, the fashion limelight should be shone upon it. Hence, I have chosen to pair it with ear studs as compared to long dangling ones.

If you find that your neck area is a little too ‘bare’, try matching it with a dress filled with embroidery lace around the collar area. Over-accessorising can backfire, and hence, be sure to target only a specific area and that is the Illa Constellation bracelet! A simple single solitaire ring suffices as well. To value-add your outlook with contemporary sophistication, pair it with glass heels for that sleek look!

Outfit 2 :

look 2

Received an invitation to a gala dinner or a hotel wedding banquet dinner recently? Hearts on Fire has always something in for you to suit every occasion! Teaming black and gold this time, there’s no way you wouldn’t appear as alluring as somewhat mysterious. You will never go wrong with Black and Gold. As the main focus is once again on the arms, the wrist in particular, I have chosen Copley Cuff from the Copley Collection to match the Copley Heart Pendant Necklace and ear studs from the  Illa Collection, Illa Diamond Stud Earrings! I didn’t choose a bolder necklace because as mentioned, the focus is on the chunky Copley Cuff that comprises both elegance as well as the edgy look. Secondly, as the dress is a toga dress, it may seem redundant to pair with a huge bold necklace since it would not be that obvious anyway. All hail the next queen-to-be, as I’ve said, you will NEVER go wrong with black and gold. Never ever.

Outfit 3 :


look 3

For all those sweetie-pies out there, you’re in for a treat with Hearts on Fire‘s collections as well! Be it a special occasion, say for example, an anniversary dinner celebration at a posh hotel or perhaps you’ve got to attend a lunch reception at a hotel, Hearts on Fire has everything you’ll need to accessorise yourself! Going for that sweet feminine look might seem to be simple but may not always be that case, especially if you were to combine colours that clash, too loud/bold or over-accessorising yourself too much with too many ‘flowery’ blings.

Pairing a tube chiffon dress gives the soft feminine look with a tease of sexiness. What’s more is that you don’t bare too much skin as well. Flowery accessories that dangles have always been men’s centre of attraction. Matching Copley Heart Pendant Necklace with Illa Asymmetrical Pendant Necklace lavishes the effeminate dainty look! Because you want to keep things sweet yet simple, Single Row Prong Set Diamond Bracelet is definitely the right choice. It is a bracelet of The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamonds, Hearts on Fire. Styled with a chiffon flower cut-outs heels and silk clutch, don’t be surprise if you attract some ‘bees’ home! 😉

I hope by mixing and matching the different collections from Hearts on Fire, you would see how easy it is to suit every different occasion! 🙂


We didn’t leave empty-handed as well. 🙂




Female bloggers were given a huge jewellery box! Just what I needed, to safe keep my overwhelming collection of accessories 😛






Yummy goodies to satisfy our sweet tooth! 😀




Exclusive vouchers and a huge-ass diamond ring key holder.




That’s not all! My readers will stand a chance to win Hearts on Fire‘s Illa Pendant Necklace worth $1,400 by simply voting for your favourite blogger! And that would be me right? Afterall, I’ve put in so much effort in this post! HAHA 😀
Here’s what you’ll have to do if you want to get your hands on that beautiful necklace :
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2.       A lucky voter from the winning blogger will be chosen based on lucky draw mechanics

TianPo will select the winner by 30th April and will announce the winner through TianPo’s facebook page. You will be contacted by TianPo directly on your winning.

Good luck! 🙂

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