How to use the Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool and Final Verdict on it

So we have come to an end of reviewing this beauty device by Hitachi which is Japan’s TOP selling beauty gadget!


Unsurprisingly, this ionising device certainly deserves to be ranked the MOST popular and sellable product because of all the amazing effects it can offer!

As we have seen previously on my review on how Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool has helped to minimise and tighten my pores as well as to remove a substantial amount of blackheads on my nose and cheek areas!



Besides these visible results, what I have noticed after using Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool is that my skin feels much softer, smoother and more supple! Applying make-up is now an easy feat with smooth glides over my face. My skin feels cleaner and less oily on the T-zone areas too as I have combination skin type (Oily T-zone and slight dryness on other areas)

I guess it didn’t earned its name for nothing! 😉

To ensure that you achieve the best and optimal results that this little godlike device is able to pamper your skin with, here’s a tutorial video on how to use the Hitachi HadaCRiE Cool the proper and right way!

Psst, it’s also my first ever video I’ve done, so pardon the unprofessional-ism. :p

Stay hello to a more radiant glowy skin today with HadaCRiE Cool! :)

HadaCRiE Cool is sold at Gain City Marina Square & Changi City Point and Parisilk 46 East Coast Road #01-01 East Gate, retailing at $499! :)

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Hitachi HadaCRiE – Cleansing Mode Review

2 weeks ago, I’ve reviewed on the moisturising mode that Hitachi HadaCRiE has to offer and now I’m back with my review on its cleansing mode!

Photo 19-03-2013 08 24 18 PM

Photo 19-03-2013 08 27 26 PM

Following the same steps as before, choose the ‘Cleansing’ mode and start gently massaging your skin right away!


Here are the results 2 weeks into using this wonderful beauty gadget! For cleansing and removing of dirt and impurities, I’ve used Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion.



I belong to the combination skin type, with oily T-zone and occasional dry-skin around my nose area. Sometimes I peel for no apparent reason. 😦

Also, due to the Singapore’s climate and food culture, open pores and black heads are often common problems of the ladies here and I am not that lucky to be excluded.

But I’m considered to have a thoroughly cleansed skin after removing my make up and washing my face as compared to other users because the dirt extracted are very minute! I don’t think it’s any issues that lie with the beauty gadget, but perhaps the make-up remover and cleanser I’ve  been using is really effective! Since Hitachi HadaCRiE works for the rest, logically it should work for me too right? 😉

But one pleasant effect is that my pores have been minimised tremendously, leaving a few open pores and blackheads. For a 2 week usage, I think Hitachi HadaCRiE has proved to be awesome so far! I can safely vouch that it does work towards achieving that flawless skin every girl can dream of!

Photo 04-04-2013 09 54 14 PM


If you are looking at just a ‘cleansing’ beauty device, Hitachi also offers FaceCRiE (NC-5610 and NC-5510(S)).



Comes in 4 pretty colours! 🙂

Hitachi FaceCRiE Ion Cleansing Machine is used to enhance your daily toner as a deep pore cleansing skincare product. With its ionized and conductive rubber, you just simply need a facial cotton and toner, then turn on the machine to massage on the skin lightly, dirt stay in the pores can be easily pull out and wash off. And leaving you a total-fresh skin which are ready to absorb the skincare lotion and moisturizing cream more effectively.

Hitachi FaceCRiE Ion Cleansing Machine: provides 4 instensity mode to be choose by switching the power LED level has auto off function after 3 minutes (it is suggested to use for 3 minutes per treatment) operated by 2 AAA alkaline batteries.