10 Halloween-related articles to be bookmarked!

Ooooh, scary…. Are you a fan of Halloween or anything Halloween-related?

Do you celebrate this festival religiously?

Then you must read these Halloween-related articles!

  1. Halloween Costume Ideas 2013: Ridiculous Outfits That Will Make You Shake Your Head
  2. Paris Fashion Week: How To Get Some Of The Runway’s Top Makeup Looks for Halloween Tips
  3. Dare To Be Different! 2013 Top 10 Sexiest Halloween Costumes
  4. The Miley Cyrus Costume: This Halloween, It May Come With A Reputation
  5. Real Or Fake? Famous Mysterious Ghost Pictures Investigated
  6. Celebrate Halloween In A Harry-Potter-Hogwarts-like Irish Castle
  7. Is Vampire Filler, Selphyl, a Ghoulish Beauty Treatment?
  8. Halloween Ghost Riders’ Night at Caffé B
  9. Halloween Candy For Your Feet
  10.  “Deadly Ever After” Halloween Horror Trail


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Valentine’s Day Celebration!

Phew! It has been quite a busy week for me with all the CNY and Valetine’s Day celebrations. So much so that my dark circles are getting the better of me. In actual fact, they are taking over my life. 😦

On a cheery note, let me recap on what’s in for me on V Day 4 days ago! 🙂

Bf reserved a table for two at Beach Cabana (location stated in the menu below) early this Feb during  1 of his friend’s bday celebration.

I would say it’s quite value for money! 🙂

Here’s the menu :

Bf took the steak while I had the fish. 2 reasons for my choice was because firstly, I’m more of a fish over steak person and secondly, I can’t chew well with my braces.

The food tasted acceptably well and satisfactory.

Ambience-wise, it was ok. Located at East Coast Park, you can expect sea breeze and dining in an outdoor experience. Only thing was, it was raining. I mean almost the whole of Feb was pouring and still continuing to do so! It’s really a hassle when you intend to head out during this CNY period as well. And worse is, CABS ARE ALMOST NON-EXISTENT!!!

Back to topic, we witnessed a toad hopping around the cafe, but it was alright because it seemed harmless and it was about 1m away from us.

We were welcomed with a bouquet of roses at the table.

Bf didn’t get me any flowers because not all girls expect them on Vday, you know? Moreover, he did present me a bouquet of blue roses for our V day last year 🙂

We think that it’s such a waste of money because they don’t last and usually, keep dried flowers attract icky insects and eventually they would have to be thrown away. Totally not worth it.

In addition, we merely had this simple V Day dinner together and agreed not to buy any gifts for each other. We would rather spend it on our upcoming 5th Anniversary! 🙂

Guess that’s more private, personal and special to us than the commercialised day on 14th Feb 🙂

I had champagne while bf had white wine. Not really a fan of wine. The white wine tasted like a mixture of beer and liquor together. But since bf said wines are beneficial to health, I took some several sips. Haha!

We were first served with our appetizers. Scallops and cream of mushroom soup! You may refer to the menu above for the actual full name.

Both tasted good. Was satisfied 🙂

Close-up view of the scallops!

The only thing that annoyed me a little was that the shell was broken and a piece of its remnant was hidden with the sauce and scallop meat and I had chewed on it. Other than that, they were fine, though too little in quantity, haha!

And before our mains arrived, we toasted and cheered for our everlasting love! 🙂

Here comes bf’s steak with pepper sauce. The beady balls are pepper. I preferred his mushroom than mine.

The beef was quite chewy and was served as well-done as requested. But I had a little difficulty in chewing it completely before swallowing it down.

Portion was alright but don’t expect those thick slab ones.

And this is my main dish.

It was rather small in portion. The asparagus were alright, not too hard in my opinion. My mushrooms were a tad too little for one’s consumption and they were sauteed and dried, instead of those served with bf’s main.

This was the dessert – named Coffee Panna Cotta. This was the main disappointment I faced. It was quite small, though I didn’t manage to finish it. It tasted like mousse cake sort of texture and softness. The brown seed was a coffee seed. I wasn’t very satisfied by ending my dinner with this.

Realised we didn’t manage to snap a picture of V Day but decorated 1 of our CNY pics anyway 🙂

Thank you for the wonderful Valetine’s Day dinner as well as our quality time well-spent! 🙂

I hope your Valetine’s Day was as fabulous as mine!

For all those singles out there, fret not. Don’t rush into any relationships just because you are feeling lonely or left out.

Take your time to understand the other party before committing to prevent complications.

MyFatPocket – Sex & Love section offers a wide range of related topics in their articles which you may want to read.

Here are some of my picks.

Dont be a Victim of Date Rape Drugs

Is he Good Enough for you? Take the Tests to Find out!

10 Common Relationship Problems Couples Face

How to Survive Valentine’s Day after a Break up

When does a Man LOVE a Woman?

Celebrity Couples Who Stood The Test of Time

Never Say I Love You First

Should a Summer Fling Stay a Summer Fling?

How to Flirt with your Eyes and get his Full Attention

Realist vs Romantic: Dead End Relationships

Enjoy reading! 🙂



Ten Hot Things you might Miss Last year!

Just to share with you guys some of the hot things you might miss last year!

These are some awesome contributions of articles educating the public like you and me on the latest trends in Beauty, Fashion, Sex & Love and Lifestyle issues!

As you may or may not know, I am the Beauty writer for My Fat Pocket so I’ll be sharing of my articles as well, together with the rest 🙂

1. Korean Celebrities’ Most Wanted Facial Features

With all the hype about K-POP, who can resist such beauties from Korea?

Ulzzang  is a popular South Korean term literally meaning “best face” or “good-looking”. Originally used as a slang term, this word in the English lexicon has evolved into describing a person that follows specific style of fashion.

Plastic surgery is no longer a taboo in the modern era. With figures skyrocketing, countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Korea have been attracting both men and women in getting their aesthetic features fixed by plastic surgeons.

Korea has been named the top country with most plastic surgeries done and shopping with bandages is so common that the public will not bat their eyelids at.

K-pop craze has been on the rise and continues to heat up the fever in many countries. Both men and women who seek to fulfil their ideal look, more often than not, refer to Korean celebrities’ appearances. Here are some examples.

2. Beauty Blunders And How To Avoid Them

1 of the main NO-NOs in this article is the piling of make-up foundation on your face! I am personally against this and I cringe at girls who have different skin tone on their face from the rest of their bodies, especially in pictures taken with flash! Choosing the correct skin tone for your foundation is extremely important and don’t pile them unnecessarily. Use a concealer when required. Unless necessary touch-up is required, the more you pile, the more pores get clogged which would escalate the possibilities of pimples/acne popping out! And no, looking like Geisha is definitely not a good thing.

3. Party Hard with Funky & Dramatic False Eyelashes

“Party rock is in the house tonight. Everybody just have a good time. And we gonna make you lose your mind. Everybody just have a good time…”

I’m sure most of you would be familiar with these lyrics by Party Rock Anthem.

Who says partying is only reserved for festive seasons? If you’re a party animal, partying is a daily affair!

Check out these funky eyelashes in this article to have a feel of what is it like to be different and stand out from the crowd!

4. One In Five Online Shoppers Buy Fake Goods

And moving on to Fashion articles, this chosen one definitely caught my eye over at My Fat Pocket!

The study revealed that 20 per cent of people based in Europe and the US browsing for discounted designer products on the internet mistakenly end up purchasing from fraudulent websites.

The risk of online shopping is in existence but what is more painful is the amount you pay for authentic branded goods, only to receive fake ones which are usually made of poor workmanship. The lower ‘grades’ and qualities can be easily segregated from the authentic ones.

Even with online forums which provides a platform for sellers to sell their branded bags as second hand goods, there runs a risk of being deceived and cheated of.

Receipts and serial codes are no longer a true verification of the authenticity of the goods. With photoshop and what not, anything and everything is possible to replicate.

So be careful.

 5. Melissa Launches Spring Summer 2013 Collection

Are you a fan of Melissa shoes?

Know for its cute owl logo, it won’t be long till it takes the girls’ hearts by storm!

They have recently launched their new collection filled with exciting and thrilling designs!

Part of the Spring Summer 2013 collection is also the Melissa classics where iconic Melissa shoes are given a splash of summer colours. Following the colour-blocking trend, the collection incorporates this design throughout the range of shoes. Featuring the colour-blocking design are Dance Hits, Aranha Hits, Prism and Gradient where two striking colours match to create an amazing summer look. The Dance Hits are also perfect for those long summer nights partying as they come foldable with an exclusive bag that you can bring along in your purse.

Shoes are 1 of the many which ladies can never get enough of.

6. Pant Suit: How to Own the Look & Look Desirably Feminine

Love wearing pants but daren’t because you’re afraid that you might turn off the guys with the masculine look?

Fear not!

This fashion article would help considerably.

Many are swapping the gowns for the androgynous pant suits, even on the red carpet. But which version will we look like – the Stiff-like corporate minions kind or the sex kitten Megan Fox version?

Sometimes, the women have got to show who wears THE PANTS. 😉

7. Is he Good Enough for you? Take the Tests to Find out!

In every adult relationship, there will come a point where you find yourself asking… is he a keeper or am I wasting my time? Do you decide based on a gut feel or are there glaringly obvious signs as to whether he’s a good man for you? Here are some tests which naturally crops up in every normal couple’s relationship. Pay attention to them when it happens and you will find your answers.

It is quite embarrassing to admit that in the recent years, more men are looking elsewhere for life-long partners instead in our own sunny island. This is definitely 1 of the many social problems in Singapore. With the increasing chances and almost near gender equality, women are currently in a much better financial position than before. This gives them a chance to empower over the men who feel helpless, meek and ego-busted.

Financial problems aside, with such differences in the current context, problems in other aspects of life replicate as well.

Read this useful article to find out if he’s worth keep and more importantly, your time.

8. Why Women & Men Think Differently

Apart from the obvious and inevitable biological differences, another stark contrast between the 2 sexes are their mentalities, which causes some couples to deviate from seeing things eye to eye.

1 of the many differences consolidated in this article is :

Being direct
Men are socialized to make direct requests, while women often just leave hints. When a man does not get things right, she will be pissed off that he did not read her mind.

Some men are rather insensitive when it comes to remarks but are they really to blame? They may just be honest about their thoughts and comments but often with low EQ and thus having to offend women.

While some women tries to play hard by being indirect, more often than not, they expect men to GET IT. Get the hint. But unfortunately, most men don’t. That is why women are better at playing mind games than men 😉

9. Celebrity Couples Who Stood The Test of Time

You have heard of the countless number of celebrities breaking up and patching back and the myriads of partners they have in their whole lives.

Now, wouldn’t you be interested to know which couples have long lasting relationships?
Aren’t they just looking sweet together?

10. The World’s 3 Best & Worst Men to Date

As much as more men are looking elsewhere for long-term commitments, the ladies are keeping up with the game as well.

It is difficult to shun away from the public’s eye if a Chinese Singaporean lady dates another nationality, especially the Caucasians. Sarong Party Girl is the term for them but if love knows no boundaries, why give a damn about what others say? 😉

Those interested to know which nationalities are the best to date should definitely bookmark this article.


There are many more interesting pieces for your pleasure reading and after reading these 10 articles, I’m quite sure you’re now addicted to My Fat Pocket! ;D

You’ve got a Xmas Message!

You’ve got a message from the crew at MyFatPocket!

MyFatPocket is humbled this year to grow in so many ways. 2012 has been a year of ups and ups.


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Thanks for the faith and support all these years.

From us with love and kisses,

MFP Crew

Don’t spend Christmas alone! Let Holly Jean and I be your Xmas Companions!

Guess who is in our forum this month? It is none other than our Sex & Love Editor-at-large, Holly Jean Aroozoo!

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Coolest / Most Romantic / Most Creative Proposals

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Favourite Ice Cream Flavour?

I love MFP!

See you there! xxoo

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