Life as a blogger


Being a blogger is such an easy feat nowadays.

By just owning and blogging, you’re termed ‘blogger’.

Sure, anybody can be one but does it take to be a real, committed, hardworking and responsible one?

I started blogging on off when I was still a full-time student and only 2 years ago did I really take the plunge and be more diligent in blogging. The only motivation for me then was to share reviews of beauty products with like-minded ladies which also helps me in a way to pen down my thoughts.

Like online blogshops, the blogosphere for bloggers is a very saturated one. Everyone tries to outdo the rest and it’s just one of the sub mini rat race on its own too.

A negative vibe that is attached to bloggers nowadays is the greed that everyone thinks we bloggers possess.

Yes, we do receive sponsorship, media invitations, freebies and what not…but at what price?

For me, I am not a full-time blogger as I have a day-time job as a Legal Counsel. Still, I have deadlines for advertorials and assignments which I try to meet whenever I have the time (and mood and not forgetting inspiration…).

And it’s not just posting up shabby work, copying and pasting from sources or other bloggers’ work (which I had bad experience before with bloggers copying my work – not naming who – and because of that my efforts went to waste when I wasn’t prized).

I have actually blogged about my introspective thoughts after crossing the 1 year mark.

You know, it is very simple to differentiate a work piece that is authentic and has substance over some sketchy blog post, and this reflects a lot on the blogger himself/herself.

Regardless of whether the clients request for draft posts or not, I will always make it a point to provide quality work and revert them with my url link once completed.

The great sense of achievement after receiving compliments from them is priceless. You know your effort and time taken are worth it.

Apart from responsibilities and perks, blogging has also offered many opportunities such as :

  • Marketing skills – when you’re advertising for clients, you will need a trick or two to effectively relay the message – I didn’t study marketing or communication, so I picked up such skills on my own – on-the-job training, research and common sense
  • Raising my English standards – not that my standard is that bad to begin with but blogging on a public domain ‘forces’ you to check up the spelling of a particular word or see if the sentence seems awkward, grammar and vocab skills all comes into play. On the same note, I really loathe reading blogs that have poor English and I get very annoyed by them. If you’re gonna blog, please ensure you make the effort to brush up your English. Well, at least, I do.
  • Expanding social circle – not that I am a natural social butterfly – I am quite the opposite. But blogging has allowed me to widen my social circle a little and improved my social skills (with the help of my bf who is a natural). I am still trying to improve on this though.
  • Widen knowledge – apart from the beauty articles I write for MyFatPocket, we bloggers have monthly assignments too and whenever I encounter something unfamiliar, google will be my first point of contact for assistance. Say for example, the male escort industry, tips to improve your life,meanings of your mole positions etc… Mama used to told me that reading widens your knowledge, which is true.

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Look younger with Sculptra treatment!

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If you have been following me on my facebook page or have been reading my blog, or through my pictures, you would know that my face shape is not very ideal. My cheeks are quite sunken in due to the weight lost from puberty and my recent weight loss as well.

This was how I looked like pre-puberty. I know, it doesn’t look like me at all and looks as if I’ve undergone the knife, but no I didn’t. I just lost weight and learnt the beauty of make-up that’s all. HAHA!

I have lost about 3kg recently which is not really a big deal, but it shows on my face.

As you may have already known, not everyone loses weight the same way as others. For myself, I lose my fats on my cheeks relatively quicker than the rest of my body parts, as well as my tummy. But it is a common problem that most ladies find it difficult to target spot areas on arms and thighs.

The truth is, you can’t.

After losing weight, you may have already lost fats and muscle mass, which in result causes flabs.

That is why you see flabs on your arms, thighs and stomach.

Hence, both cardio (lose fats) and toning (muscles strengthening) are equally important and should work simultaneously.

After wearing braces for about 6 months, my protruding jaw has been pushed back, though I would not say it is 100% successful. However, this could also be due to my skeletal structure and shape.

As I have sunken cheeks, naturally the mouth and jaw area would seem to protrude.

You can that my front view profile :

Photo 16-12-2012 11 18 18 AMPhoto 12-07-2013 02 57 56 PM


And it looks worse when I don’t smile :

Photo 13-07-2013 05 17 08 PM

My side profile is worse, especially with the protruding jaw. The sunkenness is more obvious when viewed from the side.

Photo 12-08-2013 11 03 52 AM

However, as a resident blogger at My Fat Pocket, I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to try out Sculptra treatment with Dr Dylan Chau, who is a Sculptra trainer for other doctors, from Celevenus Wellness & Aesthetics Clinic.

What is this treatment about?

To summarize, it is a type of filler, injected with  l-poly-lactic acid to help stimulate and encourage facial growth via natural collagen production. By ‘natural’, it means that the collagen formed comes from your own tissue. Besides being able to achieve facial volume, Sculptra is also able to target other common areas due to loss of facial volume and ageing problems such as wrinkles, folds and skin laxity.

Extracted from Celevenus Wellness & Aesthetics Clinic, these are the common problems that Sculptra can help treat.

Sculptra Treatment Areas

Sculptra is suitable for:

– Deep folds between the nose and the mouth (nasolabial folds) also called smile lines

– The lines framing your mouth (marionette lines)

– Sunken & droopy cheeks

– Sunken temples

– Eye bags & dark eye circles caused by sunken tear troughs

– Skin laxity

As for my case, due to loss of facial volume, my cheeks are not only sunken, I have nasolabial folds too which I suspect is a combination of not only loss of facial volume but also dehydration and ageing. Yes, sadly I have already reached the age where ageing has commenced. 😦

Having sunken cheeks is really unsightly because not only it makes you look haggard and older than you really are, you look tired as well. Also, my jaws a quite angular which Dr Dylan did comment that angular jaws result in a more masculine appearance. Femininity should include a more rounded apple cheeks. Just think about Fann Wong and her rosy high apple cheeks.

But please note that Sculptra may not achieve high cheeks like hers because it is dependent on many other factors such as your skeletal structure, your own tissue to produce collagen etc.

Similar to other filler treatments, injections and needles are involved and it is best to get someone to accompany you for reasons below.

  1. There will be some pain, blood, swelling involved and each individual’s body may response differently.
  2. You may need comfort and assurance from someone you can trust…by squeezing their hand. I think I’d almost broke my bf’s bones…LOL!
  3. Although there will be numbing cream applied prior to treatment, the filler itself contains some dosage of local anesthetic, so you will feel drowsy. That was also the reason why I looked so ‘sian’ in the pictures, half way throughout, I was very drowsy.  But the condition will subside shortly after the treatment and does not affect daily activities.

Firstly, if you’d applied makeup, they will help remove it and then apply numbing cream first. After letting it set for 30 to 60 mins, you will then be called in for the treatment.


During the waiting time for the numbing cream to take effect, you can actually wait at the small lounge or just wait outside at the reception. Don’t worry, there will be many others who will have creams on their faces as well, so in that context, you will still look ‘normal’.

Then the treatment would take place.

Was waiting for Dr Dylan’s arrival and chatting with MFP’s editor Bianca and my bf 🙂 And trying to stay calm…


Prior to the day of the treatment, I have consulted and cleared my doubts before agreeing to be treated. So do clarify every single doubt you have, especially since it involves needles and it’s your face we are talking!

And off we proceeded with the treatment!

During treatment :




Close-up :



There will be loads of injections poking here and there so do be warned. It is still bearable but still good to have someone’s warm hands to hold…and squeeze. They would also provide stress balls should you not have a hand to squeeze. But I prefer squeezing my bf’s hand… 😛


After one side of my face was done, the drowsy effect started to kick in.


In this picture, I was already done with my left side. Can you see the difference between the two sides? One sunken and the other more plumped up? Besides my plumped up cheeks, my laugh line and nasolabial line on the left are less obvious and prominent.

After treatment :


IMG_6637 IMG_6638

As the liquid substance is injected into your skin, you will need to constantly massage them as previously mentioned to prevent lumps from occurring.

There will be a massage session by their staff. Also you will be required to massage daily 5 times for 5 mins for the next 5 days.

The staff at Celevenus will advise on the correct method and motion of the massage.

Post-massage :

This is how I looked for the next few days 🙂




Yes, there will be little bumps because of the injection holes but I guess can be covered by makeup, so not to worry.

I wasn’t really getting used to the ‘new look’ as first because afterall, I’ve lost most of my cheeks since puberty…

It was weird seeing these ‘old friends’ of mine and best thing is, I can see my cheeks when I look down! LOL!

So, which do you think looks better?

Photo 13-07-2013 05 17 08 PM-horz

cheeks compare



After :


And of course, there will be bruises. My bruises were considered relatively better than other patients but they lasted for quite long. This also varies individually, especially if you are the type who bruises easily… I was advised to avoid taking omega-3 and aspirin as the latter thins the blood. In addition, using a heat pad or something warm to press against the bruises would help. I made a mistake by using ice on the bruise but ice should be used to cool and calm down angry swells and not bruises. You may also google on how to reduce the bruises. 🙂

But your temporary best bet would be makeup. Concealer and foundations would come in extremely handy to cover them up should there be a need to. If possible, perhaps taking a few days off from work would be good.

After 3 weeks post-treatment, this is my latest look :





Do not be alarm should you see a decrease in facial volume or if your face reverted back to its original form because one session is definitely not enough.

The facial volume might have been lost but my nasolabial folds around my mouth have reduced significantly. I am impressed with such effect despite only undergoing 1 session!

Depending on the desired result and severity of the conditions of each individual, it is recommendable to complete 2 to 4 sessions in order to achieve the optimum result that can last for more than 25 months!

As with other fillers, the substance is dissolvable and will be broken down via your own body’s metabolism. This is normal so don’t worry.

I will be going for my second session in December and hopefully I will look better and younger by Christmas (taking into account the recovery for bruises).

Yay to younger looking skin! 🙂

To watch the video of this procedure, go to

Celevenus Aesthetic & Wellness Clinic

391B Orchard Road #16-03/04 Ngee Ann City Tower B
Singapore 238874

Telephone: +65 6410 9621
Fax: +65 6410 9623

Information: Operating Hours:
Monday-Friday – 1030am to 7pm
Sat – 1030am to 3pm
Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

*Please call for appointment

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