[Food Review] Dolce Tokyo x Paris Baguette @ Bugis

Last Monday during the Public Holiday, the bf and I met up with my bestie and her bf for a double-date to celebrate her bday!

I got the bday girl to choose the venue for dinner and boy, I am glad she made the right choice!

These were what we ordered :

Photo 28-7-14 7 25 47 pm

The bestie’s pancakes with eggs benny!

Photo 28-7-14 7 32 40 pm

Her bf’s chicken creamy pasta



Photo 28-7-14 7 26 43 pm

My very yummy smoked salmon with roe in spicy aglio olio flavour!


Photo 28-7-14 7 27 05 pm

The bf’s baked seafood rice



Photo 28-7-14 7 38 11 pm

We ordered a large pizza to share and by topping up $2.50 more, you get to enjoy 2 flavours!

I can’t describe how much I LOOVVVEEEEEEEEE my smoked salmon so much s0 that even my bf loves it because he kept eating mine!!! >=[

Anyway, I thought the food at Dolce Tokyo was great but their drinks were…

I ordered Cold Azuki and it wasn’t that nice because too much milk was added, and the bf ordered a cuppa Hot Macha which was rich in its green tea flavour but not to our liking. And I forgot to snap pics of the drinks because I was busy savouring my yummy pasta…heh.

Because we were intending to drop by Haji Lane to try out rainbow cake but couldn’t due to the Public Holiday, I felt that something was still kinda missing even after dinner.

So to satisfy my craving for cakesssss, we settled at Paris Baguette at Bugis Junction.

Photo 28-7-14 8 32 48 pm

Cheesecake, Haha cake (It’s really called as that!) and Crepe cake. Sorry I can’t remember all their names 😦

Photo 28-7-14 8 32 10 pm

Look at the yummy sides!


Photo 28-7-14 8 46 05 pm

The coffee-addict bf’s hot mocha which the staff at PB forgot about until we reminded them…

The cakes were quite delicious, save for the cheesecake because I’m not a cheesecake fan! The hot mocha was quite rich in flavour too! 🙂

What is a bday celeb without peektures!

Photo 28-7-14 11 49 53 pm

13 years of friendship and counting! ❤

Photo 28-7-14 11 50 08 pm

Photo 28-7-14 11 50 11 pm

I love this photo of us! 🙂

And my casual OOTD for that evening :

Photo 28-7-14 9 27 23 pm



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Food Review – Le Chocolat Cafe + Updates

Last Sunday saw me snacking and chillax-ing with the bf  at Le Chocolat Cafe at Ann Siang Road. Before that, we were around the corner at Keong Saik Road for food tasting at Moojaa, Mookata Thai  BBQ Steamboat. I was very honored to be invited for food tasting (my first!) and many more to come (pending plans). Will be blogging about it soon, once I retrieve the pictures from my Canon G1x – woes of wanting high quality reso pictures but attached with the hassle of extracting it from an external source – unlike instant uploading, posting and transferring into my exploding dropbox folder via iPhone. Heh.

Bf is the adventurous sort and he has been wanting to explore Ann Siang Hill/Road for the longest time. We have plans to explore other areas too! Because Singapore is too boring, exploring is fun! For me, I am the boring old fart who prefers consistency and totally not adventurous. I don’t like trying out new things. Take for example my food choices. I can eat and drink almost the same thing over and over again and not wanting to climb out of my comfort zone. Whereas for bf, he likes trying new things so in a way, we complement each other! 🙂 They say opposites attract, anyway don’t they?

Not wanting to spoil the mood, I “trekked” Ann Siang Hill. Okay, fine, it’s just some small slightly elevated relief area. But thank god I was in flats, if not !@#$%

We toured around quite a while, snapping pictures and all before deciding to settle down at a cozy cafe – Le Chocolat Cafe 🙂

Photo 23-06-2013 08 20 43 PM


Didn’t manage to snap pictures of the whole cafe. Was too embarrassed to do so in public…And that’s bf’s half face lol =x

Photo 23-06-2013 08 27 25 PM


Latte, Rainbow Cake with Choco Fudge and Mocha Frappe

Photo 23-06-2013 08 39 29 PM

I squealed at the sight of the rainbow cake! I saw many people posting pictures on it because and others who even baked them own (I can’t cook for nuts! Well, except maggie mee :D)

But but but, I think it’s quite over-rated! I went ahead for it even though its quite pricey – $7.90 per piece, because I wanted to try! Bf’s adventurous disease passed on to me, lol =p

I tried a few mouthfuls, and then told bf, “feels like eating the colouring leh…” which he agreed.

I didn’t quite like the ‘artificial’ colouring taste 😦

Photo 23-06-2013 08 36 44 PM

Photo 23-06-2013 08 23 12 PM

I think I look damn ugly in this picture, especially my nose. Ugh. Nose fillers, anyone? LOL.

Bf’s latte tasted not bad, my mocha frappe was okay too. Perhaps I should have requested for no whip cream. And I didn’t know mocha frappe could last me throughout the night, well almost, that I suffered from insomnia that night! UGH!

All in all, Le Chocolat Cafe is a good place to chill if you don’t mind spending that extra cash 🙂

Overall rating :

4 stars


Le Chocolat Cafe
28 Ann Siang Rd
6808 2188


OOTD and WIWT on Friday and Saturday. Wanted to be as casual and comfortable as I could. 🙂

Friday (caught Monsters University !!! + dinner) :

Photo 22-06-2013 03 28 24 AM

Photo 22-06-2013 03 29 40 AM

Coordinates. Received compliments on my cute moustache shoes!

All clothes : Online

Bag : Miu Miu Large Coffer


Saturday (Dinner with bf and friends at Tom Yum KungFu – Boat Quay and went to FML pub at Parklane – the one beside Life of Liquor (LOL)) :

Photo 23-06-2013 12 15 47 PM


All clothes : Online

Bag : Miu Miu Large Coffer

Trying my best to suck my tummy in….HAHAHA.

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That could also be the reason why the number of products sponsored are lesser than other bloggers’. On top of these products, I am also given the (all not in picture) X cream (to remove acne marks – due to my acne breakout caused by stress/skin biotics/SK II products) as well as a strong lightener (for my birthmarks) and eczema ointment (complained about my cold sore problem and guess what, after applying the ointment, my cold sore hasn’t been ‘activated’ ever since!!! Damn happy abt it because this means less embarrassing moments of having sausages lips! Google cold sore but don’t judge me on this. Had this cold sore problem since sec sch days. Most prolly transmitted through bacteria via saliva.)

My main purpose of dropping by DRx Clinic was actually to remove my birthmarks. I have 3 in total – left elbow which is the size of a 50c coin, 1 HUGEASS one on my left inner thigh which is heart-shaped – yes I kid you not and another lighter, in fact, the lightest on my right thigh – also the size of a 50c coin).

The first consultation was to assess whether my type of birthmarks can be removed – pls note that not all birthmarks can be removed and laser treatments require alot of patience because they require a long-term follow up and ALOT OF TOLERANCE for painnn….

Will blog about this again when I’ve more results to review. As for now, I can only say that the Comedone Formula (CF) works very effectively for many others and within 1-2 days, I could already see promising results!!! I cannot rave more 🙂

Photo 23-06-2013 10 57 52 PM

Alrightys, till then! 🙂

Be back for more reviews on food and beauty! :p


5th Anniversary @ Moonstone The Jewel Box

Despite having faced disruptions to our initial plans, our moods were not very much affected in light of our celebration for our long awaited 5th anniversary!

Our initial plan was to head down to RWS Sea Aquarium and then proceed to Mt Faber for our dinner via cable car, which at the same time, we can enjoy the scenic view as well.

But bf was informed beforehand that he might have silent recall on the 9th/10th. We were hoping that it would actually take place on the 10th instead of the 9th on our anniversary.

But life’s like that and is never fair.

He had to head down for his mobilization during some weirdass timing at 4pm. So we could only make do with our romantic dinner.

We wanted to postpone the RWS event to the 10th but both of us were feeling kinda lazy on a Sunday (actually it’s just me).

So here goes with the pictures! 🙂

Sorry for the grainy poor reso picture taken at night with a self-shot camera of iPhone5. 😦

Lighting wasn’t ideal for photography as well.

Sapporo Premium!

Asahi Orion!

This Garlic Fried Rice is a MUST-TRY!

But be prepared for small portion to be served. It was too little for us and we had to order another bowl.

It costs 5bucks. Quite pricey for the portion served 😦

My Wakame Udon.

I’m seriously a udon lover. It’s a must-have dish for me at every Jap cuisine.

But this Wakame – Noodles with seaweed costs 8bucks!

It’s considered expensive for such plain noodles. Other places sell them like 5bucks only! 😦

These yakitori sticks are on the average 4bucks per stick which is quite expensive considering the fact they are so small and shriveled. 😦

The most expensive stick is the 2 pathetic scallops which costs 8bucks! I could have had another bowl of Udon!

Bf said that we might as well get those frozen stuffs from supermarkets and grill ourselves.

Plus, the sauce tasted somewhat like terriyaki sauce can be bought off shelves too.

It was really expensive. I tried googling for more info on Moonstone on its reviews and prices, but nothing much came up. I’d thought 4bucks per stick was alright until I saw the portions. 😦


Maxi dress : JE551

Belt : Bugis Street

Sandals : Rubi

Bag : Miu Miu Coffer

I look nose-less.


Food : Taste so-so, nothing special, but garlic fried rice is a must try! Oh yes, and there were loads of dishes NOT AVAILABLE!!! I was quite pissed because it was on a Saturday and unavailability of dishes shouldn’t be the case.

Price : Not pocket-friendly at all! But I guess you’re paying for the location, rental and most importantly, the ambience.

However, we were quite lucky because they were having some promotions for the ladies in conjunction with International Women’s Day last Friday on the 8th March! This was only eligible for ladies who dined with 1 full-paying male and was only valid from 8th to 9-10th March (couldn’t remember)! So yes, free dining for the ladies who come with a male companion. So we ended up paying only HALF the price!

I was quite delighted because I was initially upset over the price for the small portions served.

And because of that, we decided to order another garlic fried rice. Haha!

Money ain’t easy to earn and it’s not that we are that poor/miser/cheapskate la, just that we’ve to save up for our future 🙂 ❤

If it’s not for any special occasion, I would have preferred a plate of satisfying chicken rice, over expensive cuisines which do not even fill up my tummy for the price paid. Am not a fussy eater actually, as long I fill up my tummy 🙂

Ambience : Not bad a view but the buildings, sentosa etc were all quite tiny as there was quite a distance. Other than that, not much wind either.

Customer Service : Alright, until 1 of them actually showed some ‘attitude’ when I misheard 50% as 15% and she gave that ‘Are you freaking deaf and we are not so cheapskate’ kind of look when she clarified it as ‘50%’. Whatever.

But another waitress was friendly when requested to snap a picture of us a few times using digi cam and polaroid.

Accessibility : Places such as Mt Faber/Dempsey Hill are inaccessible if you don’t drive/cab.

We wanted to walk down to Henderson Wave but in the midst of doing so, the remote dark roads filled with lots of trees sent shivers down our spines. It looked quite scary. So we detoured back.

Overall rating :

Moonstone Yakitori Sake Bar

109 Mount Faber Road

The Jewel Box

Tel: 62760609


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Thank you for everything my love. You’re irreplaceable.

Happy Anniversary my man 🙂 ❤



Weekend Updates!

Monday blues… Oh bother!

I hear you and feel you too!

Nevertheless, I trust that your weekend was gooood!

Some updates on my life over the weekend.

Drank some beers, a freaking whole lot of 26 large bottles consisting of Carlsberg and Tiger on Friday with bf and friends. I didn’t drink much because I was feeling bloated after dinner.

And come Saturday, bf and I went clubbing over at Butter Factory. Booked a table and ordered 1 bottle of Hennessy, 1 Vodka and 1 tower of Asahi! Eh and yes, I merlion-ed but I wasn’t dead drunk! I could still remove my contacts, cleanse them, remove my make up, wash my face, apply toner and moisturise. Heh, and yes I was well-prepared, all thanks to bf for advising and reminding me to bring along a plastic bag. Really came in useful.

Anyway, pictures! 😀


Saturday afternoon snacks from love! ❤

With Ning, my ex-classmate from JC, outside ButterFact.


And that’s my face looking somewhat weird and awkward..

With the girls~

Us 🙂


Belvedere Vodka

Asahi tower

Funky nerd!

Ms Fat pig’s smart idea to snap a self-pic inside the club…LOL

My handsome ❤

Hangover Sunday but still made the effort to head down to meet my friends to celebrate 1 of girls belated bday.

Cakes! Bday girl 🙂

OOTD for Sunday :

We specially headed down to Loysel’s Toy for brunch but stupid them had to had their kitchen closed!

What angered me was that after choosing for a good whole 5 to 10mins while standing infront of the cashier because the cakes were there, only then the cashier decided to inform us that their kitchen’s closed (and their online menu is not up yet!). I was a starving cat because the day before on Saturday, I had only a home-made slice of pancake because I had heavy snacks before that (see 1st pic). So my meals became a little irregular, ugh.

I thought I could have the whole Big L’s Breakfast to myself but no!

So we had some cakes and drinks, and headed to 126 Dim Sum, which I didn’t eat much either. Headed to town after that to walk and chill, and hungry me cried for food again! Had some creamy chicken pasta at Far East Pasta Mania but silly me couldn’t finish the whole meal and ate only 1/2?


Anyhows, hope your weekend was great and many more awesomeness to come! 😀

Here’s me camwhoring with my sponsored beauty item – Hello Kitty Sleeping Mask which I will be reviewing soon! So stay tuned! 🙂