Personal musings

Apart from all those reviews and advertorials, I like to think that I own this little blogosphere of mine too and that my ardent readers would like to get to know me a little more…ahem. So here’s a personal blog post for y’all!

What I want to touch upon today will be a topic on most’s lips at the moment… VALENTINE’S DAY!

Yes, V-day is just around the corner, like what, 2 days later?

And if anyone of you would like to know what plans I have in mind?

The answer is NO, I don’t.

The same goes for bf.

We don’t have any idea what to do or eat or to give each other for V-day.

But I honestly don’t mind because it’s the next month that we are both looking forward to!

We are reaching 6 next month and every anniversary, be it a monthsary, couple anniversary, wedding anniversary, bitrhdays (well, it’s still kinda an anniversary since it commemorates one’s birth annually, isn’t it?) will always be special to the parties involved.

V-day is really just like any other day and somehow, the pressure to ‘celebrate’ V-day is often caused by peer pressure, social media influence and basically, overrated and commercialised.

Prices for dining places, gifts and flowers will skyrocket like nobody’s business.

But that aside, don’t say that I’m sucha spoil sport or a lousy gf, I do have something in mind that I wanna give my bf too. I’m leaving the choice of restaurant up to him though πŸ˜‰

I’m really looking forward to what’s welcoming us next month and our plans for our 6th! Totally can’t wait! ❀

Okay, lovey-dovey stuffs aside.

The next topic I wanna talk about yet keeping it kinda discreet is that…I will be venturing into a new adventure and environment soon. It will be another milestone for me to achieve and naturally, closes yet another chapter of my life. It would definitely play a major role in my life as I embark on this journey. I shall remain positive and embrace any inevitable difficulties encountered, and use them as a learning experience for me. I’m a person who loves challenges and am a motivated individual, so I’m really keeping my fingers crossed!

Till then, I will keep this as it is right now.

The last topic would be on health.

2012 was not exactly a fantastic year for my health. I fell sick quite often, recalling an incident where I suffered from high fever for 5 days during this same period of the year and every other day, I would be stuffing my nose away with loads of tissues.

2013 was a better year for my health. I still do fall sick but not as frequent and I recover faster than 2012.

However, it’s only been about 2.5 months since the new year started and I’ve been falling sick quite often.

I had bouts of runny nose, sore throat and currently am coughing my lungs out, and of course, I do know what’s the cause behind all these sickness – lack of sleep.

I haven’t been sleeping enough recently especially during the CNY period or either that, my brain chooses to be super active during the night which keeps me awake for few hours or either that auto awakes my body in the middle of the night.

Also, I have had stomach flu the day after my bday, after recovering from a terrible flu. I had to be on mc for 2 days and almost fainted at the clinic after I was jabbed to stop the nauseating moments. I never had such reaction before to injection and thank god for my bf, he rushed down to pick me up and send me home. If not, I would have most probably fainted if I went home by myself. The doctor saw that I was still sticking around the clinic even after the consultation and that I have already collected my prescribed medicine, and so he asked to check if I was okay. He scared the shit outta me when he told me if this continues, I would have to be placed on drip.

I have since replenished my vitamin c pills and hopefully, I will get back on track on a healthier lifestyle. I’ve stopped running for about a month now and each time I have the free time to do so, I can’t because I’m sick. It’s definitely not recommended to exercise if you’re sick. But thank god, I will be participating in the Safari Zoo Run – 12km this coming Sunday. It will be my furthest distance thus far and I guess the route is a little more hilly and difficult than the usual marathon runs.

I just hope that I would recover on time… 😦

My (Advance) Bday Present!

Yipeee! I’m so elated with my new gadget which my beloved bf bought it for my bday present in advance! My bday’s is just next week, while part of me looks forward to it (mainly due to the forthcoming presents and it’s a happy occasion), another part of me is dreading it as well for contradictory reasons – I’M GETTING OLD!

Mentioned before that it’s gonna be my quarter-life crisis and while I’m honest and courageous enough to reveal my age, though not explicitly, there’s something pulling me back all together as well. I think I’ve finally understood how other women feel when asked of their age. As you age, you are just not that ready to disclose your age anymore. Come the next year and the subsequent years to come, I’ll just keep my lips sealed tightly… unless you take note of the calculation from now. Haha!

Nevertheless, I had an enjoyable weekend last week, with Friday going to St James (impromptu decision), bought my present on Saturday and stay home on Sunday for movie marathons! πŸ˜€

Thank you love! πŸ™‚

Movie marathon with Starbucks Mocha Frappe Venti! πŸ˜€

We watchedΒ Cold War, FrankenweenieΒ and The Watch ! Honestly, I love stay home weekends like these. Quality time well-spent together, I must say. Plus, it helps us to save money too! Or more particularly, it’s because we are broke already… HAHA!

But yes, we are saving up for our own individual future as well as our future together πŸ™‚ ❀

Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself and by enjoying, I mean away from work, studies and basically stress. When you’re entrenched in a relaxed mood, weekends just fly by, every-single-time. I loathe that.

Recalling that bf is leaving for bkk soon for 5 days, I’ll be missing him then. A weekend without him seems a little meaningless. But on a brighter note, I’ll be going on a shopping spree with my bestie! πŸ˜€

And hopefully to get myself occupied on days like these and learn to be more independent, no? πŸ˜‰

Plus, am looking forward to my bday celebration with him and my family! And CNY! And V day! And our 5th anniversary come March!

Hopefully things will turn out perfectly fine for us this coming new year πŸ™‚

I love you ❀

I think this picture is sooo cute and true! πŸ˜€