Beauty Review – Fancl Whitening Mask

Hello all beauty junkies! I am back with another set of beauty reviews! And this post that I’m writing will be on a NON-sponsored product – Fancl Whitening Mask!

Photo 04-06-2013 10 07 17 PM Photo 04-06-2013 10 09 03 PM Photo 04-06-2013 10 11 07 PM Photo 04-06-2013 10 12 33 PM

I’ve always been a fan of Fancl, although I must warn you that their pills (Calorie Limit & Perfect Slim Alpha) were of no effect for me when I took them many years back.

Other than that, I have tried their whitening products (FANCL’s limited edition Perfect Whitening Kit) and I liked their Whitening Clear Mask.

I’m not too sure if they still sell them because they have launched a new range of whitening series.

Fancl Whitening Mask

Pros :

  • Immediate whitening effect – Similar to the Whitening Clear Mask
  • Lightened 1 of my pimple scar which was recent on my left cheek (Sorry no pics for comparison but trust me on this)
  • Even has flaps for the eyelids

Cons :

  • Pungent alcohol smell!
  • There weren’t much remaining essence left in the pack compared to other masks

Overall rating :

4 stars




On an another note, y skin’s condition seems to be worsening recently and I’m not too sure of the reason. It has its ‘dry periods’ whereby the skin on my nose will peel for no apparent reason. Thus, the only logical reason I could think of was due to hormones. Yeah, blame everything on the hormones, lol.

Other than that, my chin and mouth areas seem to be clogged with dirt, hence producing white heads. And when these white heads are provoke, i.e. me trying to squeeze them out or by merely poking them, I would break out the next day. This causes acne, which is extremely embarrassing.

I don’t usually break out for no reason because my skin condition is quite good, relatively.

I’m not sure if it’s caused by the skinbotics which I’d blogged about here, or the SK II stem cell cream I’d used for a few days, excessive consumption of coffee or the lack of sleep/late nights? Maybe it’s the lack of exercise.

No idea man, but whatever it is, I’m always breaking out at my chin areas. See pictures here.

Understand more of your acne areas here via face mapping method.


Zone 12 (Chin) : Stomach problems — Consider a detox or adding more fiber to your diet to help with digestion.

Extracted from that post :

Chin and Jaw
  • Reduce the habit of eating before bed
  • Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Get more rest
  • Get your hormones checked for imbalances
  • Get 20 minutes of exercise each day
  • Sleep early and wake up early, getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night
  • Reduce stress as much as possible (yoga, meditating, listening to music, writing in a journal, etc.)
  • Massage your body for relaxation, particularly the abdomen
  • Practice proper hygiene
  • Check toothpaste, mouthwash, and chapsticks
  • Drink spearmint tea
  • Take omega-3s to help regulate hormones

So what did I say? It could seem that most of the factors I’ve listed down to be the culprits.

Here’s a poor reso selfie on good skin days… SIGH.

And yes, that’s a hello kitty plushie behind wearing SIA uniform LOL :p

Photo 01-06-2013 08 18 54 PM

Beauty Review – Hada Labo Whitening Lotion New Nano Formula

Hada Labo was very kind to sponsor me their new product – Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion with Nano Formula and I received it 2 days after receiving their email! Very efficient and prompt service :)

Of course, I’ve heard so many raves on Hada Labo’s products and because I couldn’t contain my excitement further, I tried it on asap on the same day of receipt! :)

Photo 29-05-2013 05 52 55 PM (1) Photo 29-05-2013 05 53 03 PM (1)


  1. I love how it feels so light on my skin!
  2. Definitely non-sticky
  3. Bottle is made of plastic, so less accident-prone.
  4. Free of fragrances (bad thing? but might be good in the sense that lesser chemicals are added), mineral oil, alcohol and colourant


  1. Personally prefer to apply using cotton pads than hands/fingers (just a personal preference!)

Other than that, this Hada Labo Whitening Lotion with Nano Formula is great!

Overall rating :

Want yours too?

Redeem a FREE 20ml travel size bottle of Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion & Cleansing Oil samples at Hada Labo(sg) Facebook page (*.

DIY Honey Mask

Aloha! Yes I am back and alive!

Asked me how did my exams go? I would say I aced 2 papers, did so-so for 1 and screwed the other 1  badly. I had 4 papers this time round. But results aren’t out yet and they always surprise me – in a good way! But the screwed up paper was really bad because *ahem*, honestly, I have been spotting topics and the topic I had studied didn’t appear! So you can imagine, how devastating the whole exam duration was. I nearly blew myself into pieces.

Before you jump into any conclusion, I am only spotting topics because I can. My masters course allows me to do so and I only study ONE topic for each module. It’s just how the whole exam system works. 2 questions, choose 1. And mind you, of course I did analyse properly through past year’s exam questions as well as to read through the examiners’ reports which were most of the time, unhelpful, like how the study guides are.

I have no lessons, lecturers, classmates to guide me so yes, I am doing everything myself. From registration matters to applying for courses via UOL’s website to applying for exams (except for the coordination of the exam centre – RELC), to studying, understanding memorising (okay fine, nobody can help you with this), crafting model essays (most lecturers don’t advise this only because examiners complain of parroted essays – but who can I parrot if I draft them on my own right? Not as if I copied from my classmates/lecturers’ ideas – they were actually a consolidation of my research and online essays :))

Yes, been doing this for the past 10 modules myself and 6 more to go, provided I pass this time round’s session. I am in a huge dilemma because I have no idea if  UOL would allow a referral should one passes a paper but didn’t score well. Yes, UOL allows referrals for law courses. And this time round, if I’m not wrong, a candidate can only refer once and must pass that referral paper, for if not, he/she would not be allowed to continue with the whole course.

Okay, enough of ranting about studies. Back to my beauty review! 🙂


So I was suffering from few breakouts here and there, especially on my chin areas and was really desperate to find a solution! You know how unsightly acne are and when I left home bare-faced, I almost dug my head into a ground when people could view my complexion at close proximity.

I wasn’t sure if it was due to the experiment on new beauty products (because usually I don’t have sensitive skin, but everything has its first right?) or was I purely just stressed out?

My complexion went through a toll ever since I consumed Skinbotics (you may read my review here). I’ve tried on new products from Korea – Zymogen and SK II’s Stem Power Rich Cream. Maybe it was too ‘powerful’ for my skin. But a friend told me that stem cells help to regenerate your skin cells from within so breaking out is usually quite normal. It’s sort of purging and although it does benefit your skin long time, I wouldn’t want to take the chance, having to go around and live with a face filled with acne. Ugh.

Will also be updating on the Zymogen and SK II products soon 🙂

So yes, back to the honey mask. With my desperation skyrocketing, I HAD TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

I did some research (amidst my own research for exams =x) and found out that honey is actually a great ingredient for acne treatments! Just google and you’ll see it for yourself.

Due to the lack of ingredients, laziness and time-constraint, I didn’t mix the honey mixture to other recommendable ingredients such as lemon, tumeric, yogurt etc. I just applied manuka honey on my face, paying special attention to the problematic areas.



Photo 10-05-2013 08 48 35 PM Photo 10-05-2013 08 48 44 PM

Photo 10-05-2013 08 49 45 PM

So I just used whatever Manuka honey I had at home. Mum bought the UMF 5+ one and already cost 60bucks++! She bought a bigger bottle one as well which costs 100bucks++!!! That’s how expensive manuka honey is, so I had to scrimp on the amount to use before she notice that I’ve been using it as a mask. Okay, fine I’d used it only twice. And there were obvious effects!


You can see how red and angry there were. It was worse the previous day I’d tell you.

Photo 10-05-2013 08 53 26 PM

Photo 10-05-2013 08 53 43 PM

I applied on my whole face and previously I applied on the targeted areas only, hence I was telling you that the acne were in a ‘better’ state than they were the day before. But I haven’t been pampering my skin lately and so I’d decided to apply honey on my whole face.

Things to note when using honey masks.

UMF® in an acronym for ‘Unique Manuka Factor’ and is an antibacterial property which is present in ActiveManuka Honey. UMF® is a floral property that comes from the nectar of Manuka flowers and has been found to possess extraordinary healing powers. This antibacterial activity is not present in any other type of honey.

So the higher the UMF, the more beneficial and effective it would be in treating acne. So no point using those ‘fake’ honeys with no UMF. The price would indicate its authenticity. Because raw honey is difficult to attain and process, hence the hefty price. Those fake ones are just simply sugars.

Honey has many skin benefits. Honey fights inflammation and bacteria on skin. It has healing property which heals wounds and infection on skin. It has moisturizing properties, which help to retain moisture for a long time. Honey alone can be used as face mask. To avoid sticking, wet your fingers before you apply the honey face mask. Apply and leave it on for approx 20 mins.

There are other types of honey masks mixed with other ingredients which you may wish to try out, provided you are not allergic to these ingredients. Some of the awesome websites I’ve found.

acne 2


Here’s a comparison on the before and after.

acne 3

With the help of honey and tea tree oil pimple cream (I’m using Mentholatum), you can see a reduction in redness as well as the drying up of the acne. When acne dries up, it means that it is recovering. For me, they usually dry out and itchy hands me would peel them off. I strongly urge you to refrain from peeling the scabs off, although I know how unsightly and ‘bumpy’ they look when covered and concealed with make up.

I must say that I am rather pleased with the results of using Manuka honey to treat pimples and acne.

You may want to try it too, someday perhaps? 🙂

Hope this helped you in a way or another!

Thanks for reading!



Special skin care tips during ‘that time of the month’

20130420-043742 AM.jpg

20130420-043514 AM.jpg

Came across a very useful article which I found very interesting at the same time, and I would like to share it with you girls today.

For your easy reference, here’s the whole article.

Did you know that there are some special skin care tips for your period that you should keep in mind? You’ve probably noticed that your skin goes through some changes whenever that times of the months rolls around, right? Well, there are some things we can do to help make that time easier on our skin. Keep reading below for seven easy skin care tips for you period!


Before we get into these skin care tips for your period, I just wanted to add that these tips probably won’t apply to you if you’re on birth control. Birth control has been known to help calm or, in some cases, eradicate acne by reducing sebum, so it’s very likely that you won’t experience the same symptoms as those who don’t take birth control. According to the Mayo Clinic, birth control is considered as an acne treatment when other treatments and prescriptions fail to work.

A great skin care tip for when you’re on your period and really anytime is to keep your skin well hydrated with a good moisturizer. Experts say that your skin is more sensitive and tends to be drier when you’re PMSing and when you’re on your period, so it needs oil-free or comedogenic moisturizers to keep skin balanced during this stressful time.

Another way to pamper your skin during your period is to use a moisturizing or exfoliating mask to moisturize dull and dry skin or get rid of flaky skin and balance it out. Not only will a mask improve the look and feel of your skin, it’s a fab way to relax and treat yourself to something nice while you’re going through something not so nice!


Another skin care tip to remember while you’re on your period is to use gentle skin care products. Your skin is more sensitive and can appear splotchy, puffy or washed out. Use calming skin care products with anti-inflammatory effects to soothe your skin and even things out. Look for skin care products with ingredients like chamomile or green tea.

During this time you might also feel like your skin looks extra dull. But who says you can’t fake a healthy glow?! Low estrogen and prostaglandins are responsible for making skin appear dull and have a pallor to it. Combat the effects of prostaglandins and estrogen by using a skin care or beauty product with light reflecting particles in it to give your skin a healthy but faux glow.

I know the term acid can sound intimidating when it comes to skin care products but it’s actually a friend to our skin! Using products containing salicylic acid can help gently remove excess skin, help prevent pores from clogging and help in the treatment of rosacea and acne, namely blackheads. Look for products like cleansers, astringents and serums that contain salicylic acid.

Another way to combat the maddening effects of your period on your skin is to be consistent with your skin care regimen all month long. Be proactive with your skin care and not reactive so you can nip any impending skin issues in the bud. You’ve probably noticed that your skin changes during certain times of the month, not just during your period, so be consistent!

Many times it seems like the condition is totally out of our control during our period but there are some things we can do to improve the situation. I hope these simple skin care tips make skin care during your period a little bit easier. If you have persistent skin care problems despite taking good care of your skin, be sure to consult a healthcare professional. Do you have any skin care tips for when you’re on your period?


As ladies, our skin condition and complexion is definitely one of the most important aspect of our appearance that we pay utmost attention to.

Personally, I would experience pimples and aches when my period is nearing. This is mainly due to hormonal changes in our bodies, which is perfectly normal. I’ve not tried any oral medication to curb these hormonal changes because it’s just part and parcel of being a woman. Furthermore, taking such pills that mess around with your hormones is definitely not beneficial at all. It might even backfire.

The acne-prone areas would be my T-zone areas where most sebum are produced. Usually, when I’m lucky, small pimples would pop out here and there, though either 1 or 2, they usually clear up quite fast, with the help of pimple cream of course. I’m using Mentholatum Tea Tree oil. Oxy pimple creams are too strong for me and they easily dry out the acne areas. This produces not only scrabs but dry skin that peels off and flakes. Now, this is really annoying especially when you have to apply make up because foundation powder and concealers cannot hide these dried out blemishes. Plus, logically the make up around these areas would wear out more easily right? Clogging them with make up makes things worse too.

Other than pimples, I noticed that my skin will be oilier than usual and the need to touch up my make up becomes more often. I totally can’t stand oily reflective shiny skin and touching up with more powder becomes inevitable. Notice that I’m not a fan of slapping lots of make up on? That’s because cosmetics aren’t even beneficial for your skin in the first place. I don’t use liquid foundation because it’s too thick and troublesome for me. So compact powders are good enough.

You may want to blot your skin but usually I don’t. However, if it works for you, then stick to that.

I think those tips offered in the article is quite logical and seems beneficial. I’ll just try to accommodate them into my skin care regime during nearing ‘that time of the month’ as well as during that period. Hopefully it would do my skin some good that it deserves.

Hope you girls enjoyed the article and found it useful too! 🙂

Cheers to being a woman ❤

Article :

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Contest ends on 24 April 2013.

Good Luck!

Beauty Reviews – Sasatine Aloe & Olive Mask and SkinBiotics

Photo 29-03-2013 01 59 57 PM


Remember I blogged about trying out Skinbotics just about a week or so ago?

10 days into trying it out, I have to say that I am utterly disappointed in it.

Despite the ravings which you would come across by googling, I might just be the first to rant about it.

I wouldn’t say that Reactiv 01 doesn’t prove itself to be effective in terms of lightening your skin and to promote better skin complexion and radiance, but ever since I’ve been consuming it, I have had breakouts.

Why am I 99.9999% sure that the breakouts were/are caused by Skinbotics?

  1. I know I have done up an entry post about face mapping with regards to the acne locations on your face and its meaning, and I have experienced breakouts at zone 2 (in between my brows), zone 9 (on my right cheek) and zone 12 (on my chin) and not really zone 7 (nose – but inside my nostrils!). 
  2. I may be blessed with quite a good skin complexion and with the understanding of my own skin, I do know that I don’t breakout except when it’s nearing that time of the month due to hormonal changes.
  3. I have not used ‘new’ products which might attribute to this cause.
  4. I do not have sensitive skin or any known skin allergy, so I don’t usually breakout when experimenting with new products.
  5. I have been breaking out ever since the consumption of Skinbotics.
  6. It might due to stress, I will not rule out this factor since my exams are just next month and I’m cramping for it. But usually, I do not breakout consistently even when under stress.
  7. I will try and see if it’s really the cause by stopping my consumption for the time being. But it might not be 100% accurate because the time of the month is nearing (P*Log reminded me) and I’m still quite stressed out by exams. This also explains that I am only 99.9999% certain that the breakouts were caused by Skinbotics Reactiv 01.


Because I was breaking out and still am, I’ve decided to cast aside my laziness and slap a mask on it. Because Aloe Vera has soothing and calming properties on red skin, I decided to slap on any Aloe vera mask I could find at home. This also served as a reminder that I should stock up other brands of aloe vera mask should this current mask from Sasatine not work, because I’ve never trusted house brands.

Photo 09-04-2013 11 55 15 PM Photo 09-04-2013 11 55 27 PM Photo 09-04-2013 11 57 00 PM Photo 10-04-2013 12 03 03 AM

Photo 10-04-2013 12 03 08 AMPhoto 10-04-2013 12 03 49 AM Photo 10-04-2013 12 18 56 AM

Pros :

  • Skin looked brighter instantly
  • Quite well-hydrated
  • Didn’t cause extra oiliness the next morning (I usually wake up to a slightly oily skin the next day)
  • Contained lots of essence to lather and massage on your face and neck after mask removal
  • Might have helped to calm down 1 of my breakouts – but might be due to the pimple cream I applied (I’m using Mentholatum).

Cons :

  • Sheet mask is made of poor quality. Tore it even were mere slight strength. TWICE.

Overall rating :

3 stars

I think it’s still acceptable and since I’m on tight budget (due to overspending on shopping =x) and I still have tons of other masks lying around, I’ll stick to this for the time being when I need to calm my skin down.

*This is not an advertorial.

Long weekend updates! (Food, Beauty & Fashion!) :)

Caught up with some friends of ours and had Ramen Ten at Far East Plaza.

Photo 30-03-2013 07 40 01 PM

I had the chicken ramen illustrated as the 1st pic. Was looking for seafood ramen that is not spicy but they only had tomyum  soup-based one and I didn’t bother asking them if I could change the soup-base to a non-spicy one, so don’t quote me. You can still try asking them. 🙂

But despite not taking any spicy food, I had a major pain in the ass (pun intended + literally) diarrhea that very same night. Thankfully it was after our movie – GI Joe! I wouldn’t be looking forward to running to and fro to the toilet and wasting my $$ away.

The soup was not bad and it’s the first thing I would test and try out first in almost every soupy dish! I am a HUGE fan of soupy stuffs 🙂

I had a sip of bf’s tom yum seafood ramen. It tasted okay but I doubt I would be able to handle it if I were to take a few more sips.

By the way, if you’re all in for action-packed thrillers, then GI Joe is MUST-WATCH for you! 🙂


Received loads of beauty stuffs from My Fat Pocket for my contribution as their Beauty Writer. Check out my beauty articles at their Beauty column 🙂

One of the beauty product received made me jump for joy! There were many stuffs that I’ve been wanting to try out but brushed aside because of the hefty price.

One of which is Skinbiotics – Skin lightening and Regeneration!

Photo 29-03-2013 01 59 57 PM

I’ve read many awesome and positive reviews about these pills and I can’t wait to see the results myself! Till date, it’s my 4th day on the pills now 🙂

By the way, the pills are quite big so those who have problems swallowing huge-ass pills, you may wish to take note before purchasing. It’s sold for $138-$148 at convenience stores. There are 3 different types of Skinbiotics pills.


Taken from Skinbiotics website :



And just for the benefit for my readers, here’s the summary info on the other 2 types.

REACTIV-03_chat_1 REACTIV-01_chat_1 (1)


I might just get another bottle to meet the 8-week requirement because 1 bottle contains only 50 soft gels and 2 gels a day means that a bottle would last for approx 25 days? Not even a month and it’s so expensive to get them! 😦

I will review on the results again in maybe 2 weeks into it but will definitely do so when I’ve completed 1 bottle of it. So stay tuned! 🙂


Attended a media event for Tian Po’s new launch of their Hearts On Fire ILLA collection:)

It’s also my FIRST media event invitation ever since I’ve started blogging. I’ve had few other media invitations but they either clash with my other appointments or they are held during office hours. 😦

Will be blogging about the Tian Po’s media event soon. Saw some other MFP bloggers there as well 🙂

Received some thank-you gifts from Tian Po as well.

One of which is :

Photo 31-03-2013 01 58 04 AM Photo 31-03-2013 01 54 46 AM


I know right, such a HUGE-ASS diamond ring!!!

It’s actually a key-ring holder la, but just thought it was quite hilarious that I can’t even close my fingers together :p


Ended our Sunday evening with sweet cravings at Mischief ❤ us!


Photo 31-03-2013 05 20 29 PM

Waffles – additional $3.

We chose Durian and Cocoa flavour. It was really rich in flavour but we felt that the price paid was a little pricey on its end – $11.60, especially at a heartland area.

But nevertheless, great place to chill with your loved ones on a slow relaxing weekend 🙂

Mischief ❤ US
Blk 827 #01-130
Tampines Street 81
Singapore 520827
9632 3845
9125 0053

*Psst, not sponsored/paid to blog about any of the food/products above. Just that sharing is caring 🙂