Sponsored Beauty Review – Secret Key Snow White Princess Cream

A continuation of Secret Key products left off from my exploration of the White Pearl Illuminating series yesterday, today I’d tried Secret Key’s Snow White Princess Cream sponsored by Secret Key seller in Gmarket/Qoo10 🙂

I am more satisfied with this princess cream and I think it’s an awesome idea with regards to its product name. Kinda paints a beautiful and dainty picture of achieving snow white skin – fair, smooth and supple, and transforming yourself into a princessy look! 🙂









  1. It does help to whiten
  2. Affordable price
  3. Does not leave any white residue – that is if you don’t apply too much and have to blend carefully and properly, especially if you are using this as a make up base/primer. For me, I will just stick to using it as a cream/moisturiser.
  4. Non sticky (I used the Secret Key White Pearl Illuminating Essence before I applied the cream)
  5. Skin feels soft and supple
  6. Smells great – powdery fragrance
  7. Can be applied on neck and body parts as well, if you’d like
  8. Pretty packaging and product name!


  1. As always, I prefer bottled creams with nozzle sprays as it’s less messy and more convenient’
  2. Comes with spatula, can be advantageous to those who utilise it but I don’t. Prefer using my fingers.
  3. Must blend and apply evenly to prevent white residue.

Overall rating :


For those of you looking to achieving snow white fair and radiant skin, visit Secret Key at Qoo10 today!

Do check out the other Secret Key products if you are a fan! They are sold at affordable prices and shipping is really prompt and efficient! 🙂