Birthday Cruise Trip

18th Jan was my bday and I’d decided to celebrate it with my family and bf onboard Super Star Virgo. It wasn’t our first time experiencing cruise trips. Family and I used to patronise every single week in the past when we were younger. Until sis and I turned teens, we sort of lost interest in the arcade and we couldn’t qualify to enter the casino. If I’m not wrong, the min. age requirement is 18.

Now, whenever I stroll in the casino, I’m quite upset that it’s such an easy breeze because it only mean 1 thing…


😦 😦 😦

We used to stay in the arcade almost 24/7 during the whole trip and the amount we spent was horrendous, not forgetting the tonnes and tonnes of arcade ticket coupons we won…

Nevertheless, this time round… bf and I decided to be a little more adventurous. We went arcade, casino, played the high swimming slides for adults, relaxed on the sun deck and in the Jacuzzi pool and went to the gym.

Anyway, that silly boy surprised me with 12 cupcakes! Something which I’ve been longing for and didn’t have the chance to eat it!

I finished FIVE out of TWELVE. I know, it’s really crazy and needless to say, super duper SINFUL AND FATTENING.

I lost 257cal hitting the gym but am sure it didn’t even help reduce the guilt of gobbling down 5 cupcakes. Of course not at once. I might choke, gag and die.

The staff at Super Star Virgo were very thoughtful and provides awesome customer service.

I know my recent smiles are freaking awkward and ugly due to the braces. I do have a problem smiling now compared to the past.

Food :

Sorry for the blur pics.

It was overall an enjoyable trip, despite having flu throughout the whole getaway because everywhere was air-conditioned and my annoying nose cannot adapt to it. It activated its sensitivity as well as sinus problem. I recall having the same problem in my last trip as well. But thankfully, it wasn’t that bad this time round, I could still manage, though it gets blocked at times during sleep.

I don’t sleep with air-con even at home, and switch it on only when required at certain times when I’m in my own room. It’s not encouraged to stay with the air-con on, especially throughout the night. Even if I do switch it on to sleep, I would shiver awhile later and turn it off.

I get cold easily…

Plus, it’s bad for your skin too. Hur hur.

To you : Thank you for spending my bday with me for the 5th year without fail and special thanks for the 12 cupcakes surprise and iphone5 gift. I am truly touched and blessed to be showered with your love and thoughtfulness. I can never thank you enough for walking this far with me. I love you 🙂