Lifestyle – Speak Up! – Cab drivers in Singapore earning up to $7k/month

If you have been active on social media as well as reading the newspapers, you would be familiar with this ‘hot’ topic right now in our sunny island.

$7k a month? Yes, that’s right and your eyes ain’t playing any tricks on you.

This juicy piece of news sparked up interests, filling in the public’s curiosity and even, virtual commentators as usual.

It all started when The Straits Time published this article “Ex-manager earns $7,000 a month as cabby” and in came the usual uproar, spamming social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and what not.

You know, the usual popularisation of such eye-catching news, just like the Amy Cheong incident, the late Dr Richard Teo who pours out touching stories and sharing his memorable thoughts as a cancer victim or another similar story like how Sakae Sushi is offering a $3k salary to dishwashers… Well, you get the drift.

How are such stories an eyesore to the public, in particular, jobs we consider as ‘lowly-paid’ ones that are allowing such employees to earn such an amount considering the lower job requirements? Those slogging their asses off are definitely cursing and swearing but should this be the case?

Back to them main story of this post, the public is certainly awed with such a fact – $7k/mth and questions its credibility as well as truthfulness.

Well, it is understandable that the public is believing what they have read, half-heartedly because such successful stories are considered to be a one-off kind of thing.

Try reading this article and you would understand why.

Cab drivers, similar to sales executives, are driven by the profits they make.

Driving for 12 to 15 hours a day is really no joke and personally, I have experienced several bad encounters as a cab passenger. You can’t blame me for complaining when the cab driver is repeatedly dozing off whilst driving and the car is swaying left and right! Can you imagine how dangerous it was – for both the cab driver as well as myself?

I understand that they want to earn as much as possible, but the stark difference between cab drivers and other sales executive – running on their feet, hungry for $$, is that the former faces much more danger and higher risk to his/her life in their job when they are worn out. They are maneuvering a vehicle for goodness sake and accidents do happen!

Apart from that, such one-off successful story shouldn’t be made a sweeping statement, “Let’s all quit our full-time job and be a cab driver la! Can earn $7k leh!”

Unless you are prepared to face fluctuating income (same as commission-based earners), sit (I feel you, desk-bound ppl!) and drive for 12 to 15 hours, 5 to 6 days a week, risk your own life as well as others’, face ugly customers/ppl (can’t be helped, applies everywhere…) etc, let us all try to appreciate our current job a little more, shall we? 😉

Plus, as the case has always been, we should always read whatever news with a pinch of salt.

Happy mid-week people!

P.S. I know I havent been posting up Food reviews recently.. Maybe I’ve been missing out on all the good food… 😦 But will be posting up the next review very soon! So stay tuned! 😀