Food Review : Eng’s Noodles House (Wanton Mee)

Hello guys! Hope your weekend was good and enjoyable 🙂

My sister, who blogs at and has a humble Facebook page at, recommended the family to this Noodles House! Read and follow her blog, especially for preggers mom because my little niece is due quite soon, so there would be sharing of info as well as tips for preggers mom or moms-to-be! 😀

Anyway, Eng’s Noodles House is located at Tanjong Katong (exact address to be specified later) where there are stretches of food outlets.

Together with my parents and my sis, we ordered 3 bowls of dry wanton mee and 1 bowl of soup wanton mee. On top of that we also ordered fried wanton and you cai.

I’m a ‘soupy’ person so this was my order :

20131001-120337 pm.jpg


The char siew tasted normally but special attention must be given to the noodles.

I believe Eng’s Wanton Mee differs from the rest of other wanton noodles in its noodles. It’s a little thicker and coarser, and perhaps a little more ‘flour-y’. It’s not exactly that QQ kind of noodles that most people prefer.

The soup was quite tasty as well.


And an example of dry wanton mee (which do come with a bowl of soup separately but not shown in picture) :

20131001-120343 pm.jpg


Fried wantons :

20131001-120348 pm.jpg


These fried wantons are really addictive and extremely crispy! I quite enjoyed crunching and munching on them, although am trying to stay away from fried food as much as possible, this really made me bend the rules. However, we felt that these fried wantons are a little too small. Wished they could come in bigger sizes 😦

You cai :

20131001-120353 pm.jpg


Okay, the english name for you cai is known as ‘Flowering edible rape’… WHAT??? I got this from this website but not sure how accurate and true it is… LOL.

So anyway, these you cai which were repeatedly raved by my dad as it was very soft and easy to chew. I think I am fine with both crunchy and soft veggies, but I thought that these you cai are those baby ones because they are so tiny as compared to those you have at chicken rice stalls. I believe they are both from the same species. Also, while veggies are beneficial, do take note that by adding oyster sauce, it depreciates its value due to the unhealthy MSG and what not. Heh, just thought that I’d included this 🙂

Overall, food were served quite quickly although it was almost full when we visited, save for the very last seat near the kitchen which we were allocated to. I guess Eng’s Noodles House is that famous huh! Oh yes, chilli comes in sliced green chilli as well as their very own self-made chilli sauce in a bottle in bright orange colour.

And it is known to be burning hot and you have been warned…. :

Credits to misstamchiak

Anyway, Mr Ng Ba Eng who is the owner and founder (2nd generation) of Eng’s Noodles House passed on recently 😦

Credits to ieat.ishoot.ipost.

If you’re a fan of wanton noodles and want to try something ‘different’ from the rest or if you are huge fan of chilli, Eng’s wanton noodles is  a MUST-TRY! 🙂

Overall rating :

4 stars

Eng’s Noodles House
287 Tanjong Katong Road 
Singapore 437070
11am to 9pm daily
Takeaway or Order Hotline 
86882727 (45 mins advance)