Beauty Review – Sexylook Hello Kitty Moisturizing and Brightening Hyaluronic Mask

*This is NOT an advertorial and products were purchased with my own financial means.

All hail the updates on Beauty reviews! ūüôā

I bought these cute Hello Kitty mask from Sunnanz quite some time back and only managed to use them now, due to my overwhelming collection of masks. Threw away a handful of masks which I have been keeping for quite some time. Quite heart pain actually to see these lovely masks and $$$ gone.

Aren’t they cute?

I had to choose the one which best suited my skin condition at that time, so I chose Sexylook Hello Kitty Moisturizing and Brightening Hyaluronic Mask, because I felt my skin was losing radiance and getting duller as days go by. I have occasional dry skin at my nose areas too.

Sorry, forgot to snap a picture of the mask on my face because I was actually masking while packing my luggage for my bday cruise trip last week!

I know, multi-tasker. :p

Pros :

  1. Mask was filled with lots of thick essence
  2. There were remaining essence to further massage and lather onto skin and neck areas
  3. Instant brightening of the skin
  4. Shape and alignment was acceptable

Cons :

  1. Essence too drippy
  2. Had this weird smell, similar to cinnamon or something. Ugh.

Overall rating :


Skin & Lab Pore Tightening Bubble Powder Mask & Cleanser

Beauty Review

*Disclaimer : This is NOT  an advertorial neither was I sponsored with the items. I bought them at Qoo10 from this seller, which is the official seller for Skin&Lab products.

With all the hype about Korea, it’s K-Pop celebrities and their beauty industry, I reckon why not in trying them out.

A brief info about Skin&Lab :


To lead Korean beauty trend worldwide, we want to make customers experience as our first priority and introduce the best products at the most affordable price!


Skin&Lab is created based on the results of experiments with dermatologists in Korea. It consists of hypoallergenic materials passed with strict skin test, approved by KDA (Korea) and received the Product Notification from HSA(Singapore). 

The products use all natural vitamins to supply its effectiveness to your skin directly.

Dr. Jongmin, Park is an authorized dermatologist in Korea.

He contributes his dermatological knowledge to Skin&Lab by giving the advice on the product development and developing the formulation and ingredients of the vitamin cream.

He currently held positions at the following department

– Korean board of Dermatology

 РUS medical board(USMLE)

 РMassachusetts General Hospital, Cosmetic laser center, fellow

 РWellman Center for Photomedicine Harvard Medical School, Research fellow

 РAmerican board of antiaging medicine(A4M)

 РReviewer of dermatologic surgery journal

 РDept of Dermatology, Hanyang University Medical Center, Clinical professor

 РDirector of ZELL dermatology and cosmetic laser center 

Dr. Jong Min Park is the Director of ZELL dermatology and cosmetic laser & surgery center, Clinical professor of Dermatology at the University of Hanyang and one of the Asian’s leading laser surgeon. He has given lectures on a variety of lasers at many world-class laser meetings including ASLMS(American society for lasers in medicine and surgery), IMCAS(International master course on aging skin), KDA(Korean dermatological association) and Chinese society of cosmetic surgery and antiaging medicine etc as an invited speaker. He is also working with top-level laser companies from USA, Israel and south Korea as a luminary.

He specializes in the treatment of recalcitrant acne/acne scar and aging signs including sagging skin, wrinkles, sunken cheeks and pigmentary disorders(melasma, lentigines, freckles, etc). Dr. Park has also trained hundreds of physicians in the proper use and application of lasers in medicine.

Dr Park will be every step with you to the perfect and flawless skin and appearance you have always wished.


I bought their Vitamin Creams as well – A, E and K – which I would leave it for reviews another day ūüôā So stay tuned!

As you can see, only the Bubble Powder Mask & Cleanser is available hence the purchase. This item is also used as the 1st step to the Pore Tightening 3-Step Programme. As I was looking for a clay mask instead of sheet masks, I decided to get this despite not having the other 2 items available. It didn’t matter to me.

It comes with a mixing bowl and brush. At first I was skeptical as to the quality of the brush, especially when it’s made in China, but it proves its worth. It’s really worth and easy to apply on your face. The mixing bowl is also made of rubber plastic instead of glass so there is no risk of breaking it.

A close-up :

And its functions :

Step 1 : Pour an appropriate amt into the bowl

Step 2 : Drip some water onto the powder – need to have a good estimation. Previously in my 1st attempt, I added too much water and the mask became extremely watery and drippy, and I couldn’t use it as a cleanser because I’ve ¬†already cleansed my face before. So it’s not wise to re-cleanse because it would strip off any natural moisture and oil from your skin.

Step 3 : Mix the powder and water together using the brush until it becomes a thick liquid

Step 4 : Apply and spread evenly on your face using the brush provided. Avoid areas around the lips (which I didn’t!) and eye areas.

Step 5 : Wash it off with water thoroughly after that.

So far, I’ve been using it as a mask and this is my 2nd attempt.

Pros :

  1. Helped clarified and removed some gunk I had on my cheeks and especially on my chin but not totally.
  2. Face looked instantly brighter and fairer
  3. Skin feels softer and smoother
  4. Mask hardens quite quickly but it also depends on how much water you use to mix
  5. Skin feels extremely tightened after that – but left me feeling rather dry too. Can’t decide which is which.

Cons :

  1. Still left with some stubborn gunk on my face
  2. Need to have a good estimation of the qty of powder to be used as well as how much water is required to create a tacky clay mask
  3. A tad difficult to wash off as there were some residue left even after washing

Overall rating :


I hope this review if of some help to you or potentially as one in the future ūüôā

On a cheery note, it’s TGIF today! But without bf who is away at Bangkok for 5D4N! ūüė¶ Miss you dear ‚̧

Can’t wait for next week because it’s gonna be an awesome happening one!!! ūüėÄ

Thanks for reading! ūüôā



Beauty Review – Sexylook Extra Brightening Duo Lifting Mask

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Received a package from  a few days back, together with the cute My Melody masks from Lovemore, which I had posted a review previously.

Introducing…¬†Sexylook Extra Brightening Duo Lifting Mask!

Raves :

  1. Instant brightening of the skin
  2. Awesome whitening effects
  3. Not oily, woke up to a less oily skin the next morning
  4. Mask sheet is thick, not flimsy Рmade of high quality!
  5. Ear hooks are perfect to prevent masks from slipping off
Rants :
  1. Strong chlorine smell ūüė¶

Overall rating :

Sexylook masks can be found at Watsons stores around Singapore and

Unleash your beauty with today! Your one stop beauty shop where you can pamper your skin with goodness! :) Besides Lovemore masks, sells other top popular Taiwan beauty brands as well!And don’t forget to check out their Facebook fan page for more updates as well as beauty reviews by other users! :)

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Beauty Review – Lovemore My Melody Oil Free 3D mask

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Few days ago, I received a cute parcel from which definitely got me weak in my knees!

How cute is that?!

Lovemore and Sexylook masks to pamper my skin with!!! ūüėÄ

Tried the Lovemore My Melody Oil Free 3D mask in pink for whitening last night!

My Melody Oil Free Whitening 3D Fitting Mask is enriched with Vitamin C and Buddleja, provides protection against environmental stressors.

Jiro Wang – New endorser for Lovemore!

Soaked in essence of goodness! ūüėÄ

This mask is in 3D form which supposedly gives you a better fit for your face shape. But knowing that I have a sharp and small face, it was too big for my face. I extended the below to my neck as well. And I know this picture is somewhat disturbing.

Raves :

  1. Instant brightening of the skin
  2. Awesome whitening effects
  3. Helps to adequately moisturise the skin
  4. Not oily, woke up to a less oily skin the next morning
  5. Mask sheet is thick, not flimsy Рmade of high quality!
  6. Smells great! Sweet-smelling strawberry-like fragrance!
Rants :
  1. 3D form didn’t suit me well
  2. And I tore it accidentally along the dotted lines

Overall rating :

LoveMore My Melody 3D Masks retail at SGD$3.90/pc at all Watsons stores around Singapore and

Unleash your beauty with today! Your one stop beauty shop where you can pamper your skin with goodness! :) Besides Lovemore masks, sells other top popular Taiwan beauty brands as well!And don’t forget to check out their Facebook fan page for more updates as well as beauty reviews by other users! :)

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Fair porcelain skin can be yours!

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Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

You need not paint your face white nor soak yourself in bleach to achieve fair porcelain skin!

With the help of Secret Key’s Milk Brightening Cream, achieving fair skin is no longer impossible!

Secret Key was very kind to sponsor me several different types of skin care products, including¬†Secret Key Snail + EGF Skin care serieswhich consist of snail extracts to help repair and rejuvenate your skin,¬†Secret Key Snow White Princess Cream¬†which is also another whitening cream which I really adore and lastly,¬†Secret Key White Pearl Illuminating Series¬†which is selling like hot cakes on Gmarket! You may read the past reviews and see the effects for yourself! ūüôā

Tried¬†Secret Key’s Milk Brightening Cream¬†a few days back and I really liked it!


Cream-based but very light texture

And now, for the magical effects………….








Look at the stark contrast!

Raves :

  1. Instant brightening of the skin
  2. Awesome whitening effects
  3. Helps to adequately moisturise the skin
  4. Not oily, woke up to a less oily skin the next morning
  5. Not too rich although cream-based but light texture
Rants :
  1. Only comes in 50g
  2. Prefer bottle-like with nozzle spray (but this is my personal preference)

Overall rating :

With such awesome effects coupled with the fact that it costs ONLY $9.90 for a 50g filled with goodness, I can’t see any not to buy it!

Hurry get yours today!!! Visit Secret Key at Qoo10 today!  Secret Key do carry other series such as the White Pearl Illuminating series, NEW Stem cell Multi Triple BB Cream,  Nutrition Cream and  Pore Brush as well! Selling myriads of Secret Key’s products which you would definitely be spoilt for choice! :)

Happy shopping at Qoo10 with Secret Key today! :D

Sunplay SKIN Aqua UV Moisture Milk SPF50 PA+++

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Snow white porcelain skin is what every woman wants to achieve and sunblock lotions are definitely a must-have!

For those who are 1st timers and guilt-strickened like me, here’s why sunblock lotions are important!

Sunblock should be used to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun. Ultraviolet (UV) rays provide humans some benefits including the induction of vitamin D production in the skin, but these rays can also be harmful. Too much exposure to UV rays can result in sunburn and even sun poisoning. Repeated excessive exposure can lead to skin cancer. Those who spend time in the sun are encouraged to use sunblock products in order to avoid skin damage.

Skin Aqua has recently launched its nice product!

Introducing New Sunplay SKIN Aqua UV Moisture Milk SPF50 PA+++

Yes, SPF 50 PA++ !!! It’s double the amount of the previous products!

What is SPF? 

The sun protection factor (SPF) of a sunscreen is a laboratory measure of the effectiveness of sunscreen ‚ÄĒ the higher the SPF, the more protection a sunscreen offers against UV-B (the ultraviolet radiation that causes¬†sunburn).

Tired of greasy, strong-smelling sunscreen? Skin Aqua is ultra light with its Japanese watery liquid texture. The lotion is comfy and absorbs quickly without giving a white cast. It is non-greasy with a matt powdery finish for the perfect make-up primer. Non-sticky no matter how many times you re-apply.

Skin Aqua is fragrance, color, alcohol and oil free, and is suitable for all skin types.

Skin Aqua has Solarex-3, a revolutionary formula with 3 comprehensive levels of UV defense. It protects skin from surface to deep within for long hours. Super hydrating too!

The New Generation Solarex-3 (3-in-1 Sun Protection) 
1) Long Lasting, Superior UV Protection: Advanced photo-stability with the highest UVA & UVB protection for long periods of safe sun exposure. UV rays are reflected away like from a mirror.
2) UV Anti-Aging Protection: Two powerful anti-aging ingredients, RonaCare Exotin and French Golden Algae, help to prevent pigmentation and wrinkles from surface to deep within.
3) Intense Hydration (Dryness Protection): Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen & Vitamin E intensely hydrate and lock-in moisture for long hours, so skin stays refreshingly moist.

As you can see from the above picture, this new product is definitely NOT greasy at all! I applied on my face and body before heading out to Gardens by the Bay last Sunday! Did not experience any greasiness nor sun burnt on my skin and am very satisfied with¬†Sunplay SKIN Aqua UV Moisture Milk SPF50 PA+++! ūüôā

The SUNPLAY Skin Aqua range is available at Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, Unity and other major department stores.

Start protecting your skin now!!! ūüôā

Beauty Review – Beauty Clinic Mediheal I.P.I Lightmax Ampoule Mask

Aloha! I am back with beauty reviews, in particular, for this mask I’d tried last night!

I.P.I Lightmax Ampoule Mask by Beauty Clinic Mediheal ! ūüôā

I’ve been using skincare targetting repairing of skin problems by Secret Key¬†which I¬†absolutely¬†adore, so I’ve decided to swing back to my whitening skincare regime with a whitening mask this time round!

I’ve always loved Beauty Clinic/Leaders InSolution masks because their mask sheets are made of awesome quality! Its sheet is thick and does not tear easily. Honestly, so far, I’ve not tore any of their sheet masks unlike other brands ūüė¶

Raves :

  1. Mask made of high quality
  2. Essence doesn’t drip and is of thick and viscous liquid
  3. Instant brightening/whitening effect
  4. Skin was more soft and supple
  5. Noticed radiance on my skin after removing mask!

Rants :

  1. Face a little oily, might be because I’d applied too much essence from the remaining in the packet, could have used it on other body areas such as the neck.

Overall rating :